Mirena-IUD and Hashimotos/Fibro or sudden diseases?


Anyone have Mirena-IUD for years, then suddenly get Hashimotos/Fibro or sudden diseases? I need to know if there is a “link” between this Autoimmune disease and Mirena-IUD birth control. I am debating on removing this from my body as I have had it for 8 years!! I just got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s/Fibro over a year ago, and wish I had a “culprit” something to pin-point, I know the IUD didn’t cause this disease, but maybe causes a false reading for hashi’s? I just want to know if anyone got the DX of Hashimotos after getting on a IUD… Strange question, just curious.

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  1. Not suddenly…. I had the mirena for 3 years, had another baby then went with paragard for 4 years. Was diagnosed while I had the paragard. Do I believe it caused my Hashimotos? No. Do I believe there is a link? Quite possibly. Genetically predisposed, plus leaky gut, severe stress and a foreign object can all cause issues. I had them all.

  2. Not linked – but my body did not like it

  3. Not linked.

  4. I thought the same thing, i had the iud mirena for many years! I wonder if it contributed to my Hashimotos

  5. Oh my gosh YES!!!!

  6. Birth control does in no way change your genetic make up …

  7. Had Hashimoto’s way before Mirena

  8. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s while I had Mirena but I think giving birth was my trigger. I had my Mirena for 4.5 years and had it removed almost 2 months ago. So far, the only change I’ve noticed is I no longer have migraines all the time or extremely tender breasts 2 weeks straight before my period. I’m still working on fixing my health and figuring out how to get better.

  9. I love my Mirena.

  10. Victoria, I’m 50 years young and I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 8 years ago. I had Mirena inserted 3 weeks ago, reason being , to reduce heavy period bleeding. So not sure if it’s related or just one of those things that happens any way and in no particular order.

  11. Diagnosed 30 years before I started using the Mirena. No connection for me and I’m not aware of any mechanism that could make the IUD cause autoimmune conditions. It’s just a synthetic progestin.

  12. I just had mine inserted this morning. My MD has seen great results in her practice with her Hashimotos and reduced menstrual bleeding. I have been getting my periods several times a month for months on end. No PCOS but seeing similar symptoms. Giving it a whirl, fingers crossed.

  13. I had the mirena for a year and hated it

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