Mix lemon with mag water?


I read that if you mix lemon with mag water, it turns it into mag citrate. Does this also apply if I mix Remag with oj when I take it? Or does it need a certain amount of time to have that chemical reaction?

On a completely different note, hypothetically, if a person is supplementing calcium how much magnesium do they also need to supplement to offset calcium dominance? I read online it would need to be 3 parts mag to 1 part calcium. Is this correct? Or would that person need more magnesium than that? Again, a purely hypothetical question. I’m NOT supplementing calcium lol. I’d just like to have exact numbers

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  1. Only supplement calcium when blood tests and the HTMA indicate the need.

  2. Mj please re read my last sentence 🙂

  3. And I do understand not supplementing unless needed. I would not tell anybody to do that. Just a question I thought of, and didn't know who else would know

  4. Brandi Horst
    Qi Dai, MD at Vanderbilt has clinically demonstrated that Calcium in excess of Mg BLOCKS Mg absorption AND that Mg in excess of Ca GUARANTEES Ca absorption.

    Given that, isn't it fascinating that virtually ALL supps have EXCESS Ca to Maggie?… 😉

    Guy Abraham, MD, FACOG, when practicing at UCLA Med Ctr established that 2parts Mg to 1 part Ca enabled his patients' myriad symptoms to MELT AWAY…

    I would strongly advise getting Ca from Mg-rich foods — it properly balanced & supp w/ bioavailable Mg to deal w/ the relentless Mg Burn Rate called "Life!"

    Fast Oxidizers (~20% of population…) that have a metabolic need for Calcium. And anyone who thinks they need Calcium due to Bone issues doesn't understand Alkaline Phosphatase & Lysyl Oxidase enzymes that are Mg & Cu dependent, respectively… Calcium is the "dumb" front lineman of bone formation…

    Hope that helps!

  5. It does Morley! Thank you! I love your detailed responses.

  6. I yam, what I yam… 😉

  7. An exact figure would depend on tracking exact quanties of both calcium & mag from "your" diet and supplement regime. No one can give you an exact figure.

  8. Cheryl Shelton
    Fair enough…

    Here's a more vague, but precise answer:
    o Most folks need NO Calcium supplements…
    o Virtually ALL need Mo' Maggie to offset their Mg Burn Rate…


  9. I agree. I stopped taking calcium years ago, and just take lots of mag.

  10. I used to take a calcium, magnesium, and zinc supplement. I also supplemented with a lot of "D" and a multi, ascorbic acid. I was constantly getting tendonitis, sore back, tight sore shoulders, sore hip, planter facititis, etc. Since I dropped all that and supplement with Magnesium, boron, iodine, selenium, Cod liver oil, Vit C. Concentrace minerals, kefir, liver, etc. I am almost pain free. I feel so much better. I had no clue and thought I was doing good.

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