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I might have asked this before but….. how many of you had Mononucleosis or EBV (Epstein Bar Virus) as a teenager or young adult?
I had mono when I was 15 and the EBV at 31 and 38.
Also, what other (if any) auto-immune diseases do you have? I have fibromyalgia.

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  1. I had glandular fever at 14 which i believe is ebv?

  2. I tested positive for EBV recently,as a past virus I had no clue I ever had.

  3. Never had mono or ebv, however, I do have celiac and suspected RA. Not to be that person, nor devaluing your pain, but fibromyalgia isn’t a auto immune disease from what I understand.

  4. That’s correct. Fibromyalgia is not an autoimmune disease in itself but may be linked to autoimmune conditions.

  5. I had EBV at around 22 and was diagnosed with Hashi’s a couple years later.

  6. Mono here at 5

  7. didnt know i have had it in the past until dr did some bloods and told me i have…

  8. Mono at 17.

  9. Mono at 17 yrs old.

  10. You get mono FROM the Epstein Barr Virus.

  11. I had a mild case of mono in college.

  12. I had mono in 3rd grade

  13. The reason I posted this question: I have a friend who’s a surgical RN who also has Hashimotos. She was reading an article about the possibility of mono/EBV being a \

  14. Mono at 12

  15. I’ve never has either. I also have Sjogren’s.

  16. I’ve had it twice as a teenager and once as an adult. How do you tell if you have EBV?

  17. i have had the EBV and i have fibromyalgia

  18. No I have not. I’m 61.. knock on wood. Lots of ezcema in our family though. I think they are thinking that might be an autoimmune. I think my thyroid has always been wacky though since I was a teen. I think I’ve had a couple of thyroid storms.. maybe not since I was just super sick and super thin.. but I’m alive??

  19. I had mono when i was 15 for a year before they figured out what it was. Stupid family Dr had my dad take me to a shrink saying it was all in my head.\nI was never diagnosed with ebv because other damn Dr didn’t believe in it.\nI’M now 64 and have been dealing with this for 4 year’s and it sucks.

  20. All my friends at school had mono. My mom wouldn’t take me to the DR for blood work but I was so sick with something. At least I know I was exposed to it.

  21. the truth is nobody really knows what the trigger for autoimmune diseases are…its likely a combination of issues like bacterial and viral infections, immune system issues, gut health, food allergies etc do flip the switch…the best thing i have found to help me is finding what is making it worse. In my case, it is definitely exacerbated by food allergies and gut disbyosis… studying human anatomy and cell biology can give you clues to choosing the right supplements to get you back on track does help. I am gluten and grain free, alcohol free and trying to heal my gut and adrenal hpa issues…

  22. Suspected triggers are listed here – excess iodine, certain drugs, infections, chemicals:

  23. My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hashi’s about 2 years ago now. A few years before that, around the age of 10 or 11, she had a series of boils that turned out to be MRSA (golden staph). Bloods at the time revealed she had had Epstein Barr Virus. We weren’t able to pin down when, but I believe there is a strong correlation between the 2.

  24. Mono with a relapse a few months later when I was 13/14. I probably also have Sjogren’s. I have a family history of Sjogren’s, RA, and Raynaud’s.

  25. If you had mono you have EBV….
    I didn’t know I had it (even though it told my parents I was tired, etc.; family doctor never ran tests just said I was anemic) until a doctor ran some additional blood work 15+ years later.
    If this hasn’t been mentioned yet, RBV lives the endocrine system and it may seem like it’s dormant all the whole wrapping itself through the endocrine system until it basically destroys it.

  26. Mono at 17 or 18 years old…

  27. I had mono in my twenties.

  28. It’s funny that you post this. Today at my doctor’s office they decided to test me for Epstein-Barr

  29. I got infected with a HPV virus 25 years ago. Have fibromyalgia, Hashimoto and my doctor has now sent me to see a neurologist to establish whether or not I have Multiple Sclerosis. Anyone here who has that along with Hashimoto?

  30. I had mono when I was 18

  31. Raises hand. I had it when i was 15!!

  32. I’ve never been diagnosed with having EBV.

  33. I’ve also read that Lyme disease can mimic auto immune diseases, candida overgrowth can cause issues and exposure to black mold can cause all kinds of problems.

  34. I also have an RN friend who says the same thing about this possible link. I had mono at 19, a head injury that took 11 years to heal from-extreme pain during that time, fibromyalgia in my late 20’s and Shingles at 33-after eacaping a very abusive relationship. Much stress and pain in my adult life. I believe that the above set me up for Hashimotos. Also, no known family or ancestors have had Hashimotos.

  35. I got my results back today. It is positive for a past EBV infection. I dont ever remember being sick, but maybe I just thought I had the flu or something? Interesting though

  36. Both mono n ebv peripheral neuropathy etc.

  37. I have Hashimoto’s and was just diagnosed with Achalacia, whice is being classed as an autoimmune or related to an autoimmune. Never had mono or ebv.

  38. I’ve had hashimoto’s for a few years now and recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. Plus I get horrible migraines since I was a teenager but never had anything else.

  39. I had mono in 2014 and have been so fatigued since. I have had fiber for about 10 yrs. They found Hashimoto’s in 2015 in me.

  40. At 18 years of age I had mono. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos when I was 35. At the age of 59 I have to manage my energy very carefully and I continue to gain weight. The only way to slow it down is to diet 3 or more months of the year. My brain fog is scary sometime. My kids know not to ask me anything after 6 because I’m too tired to even think.

  41. Mono, EBV in my early 20’s. Dad had MS.

  42. I had mono as a teenager. I currently only have Hashimoto’s. But my mother has Hashimoto’s too and her mother had Lupus.. so unfortunately the autoimmune crap runs strong in our family.

  43. I had Mono at 16! I also have Lyme Disease and obviously Hashi’s

  44. I have Hashimotos, Osteoarthritis, DDD/DSHE Fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and am currently being tested for MS.

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