Morley Robbins, thank you for being this person!


Morley Robbins, thank you for being this person! while this is not directly about maggie or iron, I believe many of us are on this group because we’ve had enough… this is such an inspiring read! I’m Posting this to encourage those of you who are living and speaking against many “odds” & fighting for your health mother nature style. keep it up!

Being a Good Girl Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

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  1. This is wonderful!

  2. Thanks, Jane Martin

  3. Thanks, Jane Martin… It means a great deal when really smart people, who I respect, tip their hat my way!…

    A votre sante!

  4. I ALSO happen to think MTHR NATURE ROCKS!…


  5. I love this. I have some Drs who really don't like treating me and my family because I ask questions, make suggestions and offer advice on what I've learned.

  6. Folks, the OBJECT is NOT to find doctors who will listen or who will tolerate your questions…

    The object IS to become health independent & free yourself of the need for doctors…


  7. I want to LIKE this article a hundred times!

  8. This is really empowering. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Jane Martin, thanks for sharing. I've signed up for her newsletter.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing Jane Martin. I shared this to my wall with my manifesto to Big Pharma and the mess they put me in!

  11. Very good article! The first visit I had with my daughters endocrinologist he asked me if I was in the medical field. No, I'm just a mom who questions everything and my hobby is learning about health!

  12. Great read!! Love this. God is my rock and He gives me the courage to bring out my Wonder Woman

  13. BEST article! So true. Doctors have dropped me from their practice because I asked too many questions.

  14. Its so true!!! I also think its important to spread the word. I teach my teen nieces to always question authority (in a good way). Drs are not Gods, they dont know it all…only you know your body!!!

  15. Excellent article! Five years ago my husband was very ill. I was at the hospital for days at a time watching & questioning. Suddenly I took a step forward & began really questioning the doctors. I would be in his room before his 5 am morning rounds & got answers. One morning I told the Dr I wanted my husband transferred to a hospital I knew would help him. The new hospital saved my husband. This experience changed my thinking of drs & I will never again hesitate to speak up.

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