Morley said to take cod liver oil and bee pollen


Wondering why we all need to have this expensive testing done when almost the whole population is magnesium deficient. I have had live blood work showing I am very deficient. I am anemic. Hypothyroid. I don’t want to get more testing done. I just want to start a protocol but even after watching the video and reading I am still confused (severe brain fog) reading anything is challenging. My doctor (naturopath) doesn’t understand any of this because he is trying to make me take iron. I saw Morley said to take cod liver oil and bee pollen. How do you take bee pollen? Also he recommends Jigsaw magnesium. Has anyone tried this? Should I just jump in and get some cod liver oil, bee pollen and order from Jigsaw? Sorry for the long post…just still so confused

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  1. Seems like most people are maggy deficient, low CP, high iron, but testing gives you an indication of how far along you are (and if you're improving too!) I wouldn't jump in to the protocol unless you're really keen, a lot of people seem to start with the adrenal cocktail for a couple of weeks. Then add the magnesium and it's co-factors.

    Of course you could go ahead and order everything, it'd give you a few days to sort out what to take and when.

  2. Start with what you can easily do and keep building over time as you understand more and more. It is well worth the effort. The Adrenal cocktail, the Milk of Magnesium and club soda, cod liver oil, and bee pollen with a bit of local honey to get it down has made a huge difference for me. I keep following and learning and getting better.

  3. There is a real need to determine your iron status ….excess/toxic Iron is at the root cause of much illness….Iron eats magnesium for breakfast lunch and dinner, so your already depleted magnesium levels are further compromised……its about testing for your complete mineral status. Nothing works in isolation….all minerals work together and we all have different levels starting points from which to work….In the long term is is the best money I have invested in my health with and most of the cost of the recommended tests go to the lab and a small % to Morley for his expertise in interpreting and recommending your personalised plan.

  4. The HTMA has been very useful for me. It gives a complete picture of your mineral status and also heavy metals. I've been able to make adjustments to my mineral intake based on my HTMA– which I try to get every 3-4 months.

    And I love the Jigsaw magnesium malate with SRT.

  5. With more Magnesium my hyperthyroidism went away.. need to get rid of some iron next..

  6. First, relax… I was the same… do what you can. I advise to take out Gluten as it helps many with brain fog…. then start on the jigsaw magnesium and the adrenal cocktails. Then add other bits one by one….

  7. I am very hypothyroid myself and battle a multitude of problems because of it. That's how I found this group. I started with just the "starts and stops" and the adrenal cocktail for a week and then introduced the jigsaw, taurin, liver caps, cod liver oil and mag water in half doses of the protocol til my body adjusts a little. Right away I noticed a change ( more awake feeling) and can tell my body is detoxing/ flushing. Take it slow. Start easy and everything will fall into place and come together for you 🙂

  8. Thanks everyone. I know I need to take things slow but I'm so impatient at this point with trying everything and seeing a hundred doctors. Just want a quick fix but I know that really is impossible! Thanks

  9. I would try to get at least two blood tests done: Serum-Iron and Ferritin.
    I was to the doctor with my hubby- our new family doctor. And at the same time I nicely asked if he could give me those two blood tests. He refused the Copper and Ceruloplasmin (because those ones are only to look for "very specific type of unusuall illnesies"). But he gave me 2 of the irons and I did not ask for more.

  10. I take a heaping spoonful of bee pollen with a little manuka honey each day to minimize seasonal allergies. Two weeks ago I began taking Youth Factor and I've lost 5 pounds, I sleep better and don't experience that deep lull in energy later in the day. I posted about it within this forum, but the admin still hasn't approved the post since they are all "vetted". We've corresponded in email, but I still haven't received feedback. When I post in this forum it's to help others, and it occurred to me that this new product could make a positive impact for people struggling with magnesium deficiency, since Youth Factor contains magnesium, a ton of nutrients and it is soy free, gluten-free, dairy-free and non-gmo. Since I've been battling hypothyroidism using a holistic approach, this product has made the biggest impact so far. It works at the mitochondrial level. I come from a family of scientists, biochemists and pharmacists…so we are puritanical about what we put in and on our bodies…including alkaline, filtered water. I'm sharing this because I believe in it, wholeheartedly, and my own experience has been positive. Maybe it will help you, as well. You can navigate to this link and I'm happy to provide another link for the ingredients. . Never underestimate the importance of quality food and supplements…basic building blocks of wellness. Doctors aren't exposed to the value of nutrition in medical school. They are "taught" to give you "a pill for that". Your body is built to heal itself, but you have to feed it the right foods, supplement with nutrients and stop stressing. 🙂 x3C3

  11. Bee pollen should be taken by first starting with a few granuals at a time and working your way up to a full dose. Otherwise you can have an allergic reaction to it I guess…?

  12. Some do…many don't have a reaction…Bee Pollen is actually an anti-histamine….its a whole food rich in B vitamins.

  13. The testing is beneficial because many get individualized recommendations based on their tests (aka things that aren't often talked about on here.) Plus, it's good to know exactly where you stand on things.

  14. Question is what cause the deficiencies

  15. Easy answer… read Morleys extensive research and Dr Thompsons. view…

  16. I wouldn't approach my doctors about this protocol as I know it would be a waste of time, they are very set in their ways mostly. I did tell my pain management doctor that I was spraying magnesium oil onto my skin and she said that it wouldn't work so I said she should research it and yes the next appointment she admitted I was right about MAG oil. So a victory there! This was before I ever heard about this protocol.

  17. I have had tons of trouble with hypo and hyper thyroid, insomnia, panic attacks, low energy, heart palpitations, and more and I have been just trying to blast my body with nutrition-2 to 4 tablespoons bee pollen per day ( I worked up from a few granules) liver caps, make my own veggie juice, spinach smoothies, remag magnesium, himalayan pink salt in my daily water, cod liver oil, grass fed meat and cheese and kefir and yogurt, anything that has good nutrition. When your body is sick in any way, it needs nutrition, rest, exercise, water, common sense stuff. Doctors and blood tests haven't been much help, but nutrition blast has!

  18. Those of you taking bee pollen…Are you getting it locally? I would like to get some to help with my allergies but I am not sure who to contact or where to start looking.

  19. How about Bee pollen or raw honey near your zip code on Google

  20. Marisa Kriek

  21. Regarding the testing, I was told if I simply follow the Start/Stop sheet, it would get in balance. So I didn't get testing.

    I'll show you what I ordered to get started with the protocol. This, pretty much, covers the Start/Stop sheet. You can choose to use these brands or others. You can order from wherever you like. But this is a quick cheat sheet if you just don't want to think about it anymore. It's what I'm doing and I'm still alive. Lol!

    Fair warning about Ashwagandha. It's not officially part of the protocol but a lot of people here use it. HOWEVER…beware! I took it three days and it caused me to have fits of rage. That's the only way I know how to describe it. It was the most extreme irritability I've ever experienced! I didn't realize it was the Ashwagandha at first until I googled it and it apparently gives some people this reaction. You may not have this issue but just in case, I wanted to warn you.
    Also, the Trace Mineral Drops I've barely used.

    Lastly, I got some diaomataceous earth from a local healthfood store. I've only used it once because it gave me a days worth in constipation when I used it and I am afraid to go back to it. I suffered from constipation for a long time and it's just not something I'm gonna risk again. So you feel free to do it if you like. But I haven't had the courage to revisit it.

    Here goes:

    Magnesium Protocol Supply List

    Magnesium Glycinate (for relaxing)

    Magnesium Chloride (for metabolism)

    Magnesium Malate (for energy)

    Celtic Sea Salt (for adrenal cocktails)

    Cream of Tartar (for adrenal cocktails)

    Vitamin C (whole food)

    Trace Mineral Drops (add to water)

    Bee Pollen (for B vitamins)

    Rice Bran (for B vitamins)

    Cod Liver Oil Capsules


    Liver capsule (because I can't eat liver! Yuk!)

    Ashwagandha (for adrenal fatigue)

    Oranges (for adrenal cocktails)
    Brazil nuts (need 3 per day for selenium)
    Prunes (need 3 a day for boron)
    Kelp (seaweed, cranberries?)

    – 2 adrenal cocktails (1 hour away from food)
    – Eat 3 Brazil nuts
    – Eat 3-5 prunes
    – Take magnesium malate A.M.
    – Take magnesium glycinate P.M.
    – Use magnesium chloride P.M.
    – Take rice bran (away from food)
    – Take all other supplements listed in A.M.

  22. Thank you for all the info! I will be honest I am a little overwhelmed with all the supplements (I was thinking you could get magnesium in one cap). And…do we need to stay on this forever? Or do things balance out over time and you can slack off?

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