Morley’s protocol and children with seizures?


Has anyone had experience with Morley’s protocol and children with seizures? My niece’s 9yr old daughter had a seizure at school today. This is her 3rd one in 2 years. They are scared and don’t know what to do. She is in the ER now and they are doing labs, CT, x-rays, etc. any advice from this wise group?

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  1. Strange question but did she just receive some vaccines?

  2. We successfully dealt with my late son's seizures with Epsom salt baths, plain MoM, and a good diet with lots of healthy fats. This goes back to 1971.

  3. BUT…. I would now recommend the testing here, both the blood tests and the HTMA. Doc can order the blood tests or you can.

  4. Good question! Not completely related my daughter (2.5) had a febrile seizure Sunday. When we got home from the hospital I've given her a few extra Epsom salt baths – she's felt
    so much better with them!

  5. also…
    1. invite the parents to join this group
    2. search this page and read some of the earlier threads on seizures, too.

  6. Use frankensince oil as well as coconut oil.

  7. Thank you all for the advice and wisdom! I have passed it along to my niece, encouraged her to join the group and to get the proper labs and HTMA done.

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