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Please add to this if you know for sure! The food sources I located for each nutrient I picked as a stand alone and I eliminated any major allergens. Some people cannot do multiples or complex things. For example, i chose not to add mineral supps because some people have high calcium. So the foods are basic foods just to cover that nutrient. Please double check your sources before adding! After its put together, we will ask MJ and Morley for final approval! Thank you in advance for your contribution to this group project that can benefit us all!

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  1. Everything is welcome to be added but it needs to be MJ & Morleys approved at the end…I do have some eggs on here but no shells at this time 🙂

  2. Broad Nutrient Support

    Eggs have long been recognized as a source of high-quality protein. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other public health authorities actually use eggs as their reference standard for evaluating the protein quality in all other foods. Egg protein is usually referred to as "HBV" protein, meaning protein with High Biological Value. Since eggs are used as the reference standard for food protein, they score 100% on the HBV chart. The high quality of egg protein is based on the mixture of amino acids it contains. (Amino acids are the building blocks for making proteins.) Eggs provide a complete range of amino acids, including branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine), sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine, cysteine), lysine, tryptophan, and all other essential amino acids. Their protein is sometimes referred to as a "complete protein" for this reason.

    All B vitamins are found in eggs, including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, choline, biotin, and folic acid. Choline is a standout among these B vitamins. In fact, eggs rank higher in choline than any of our other WHFoods. In the U.S., an average diet provides about 300 milligrams of choline per day – less than the recommended amount for an adult woman (425 milligrams) or an adult man (550 milligrams). Since one egg provides over 100 milligrams of choline and only 75-80 calories, it provides far more choline for far less calories than most other choline-rich foods.

  3. Eggs yes but eggshells?

  4. Yes eggshells you have to blend them into a powder some add it to smoothies.

  5. Morley recoends Nordic Naturals or Rosrita for cold liver oil

  6. Egg shells not only have calcium, but are virtually identical match to our own bone and teeth with collagen 1,3,4,5,10 for oral tolerance along with 27 other nutrient's/minerals in perfect proportions for blood to bone transport ! when I began I did not know why we released such strong acids after 90 day's I fully understood, when depleted this strong acid ph of 2.0-even 1.5 if drastically low, is released to maximize absorption of these minerals it took 90 days before I actually begin seeing any shell bits in my stool, about the same for wife !

  7. I added some. Trying to figure out to post the file

  8. I toss entire egg in blender with banana and ice, it pulverizes em up so small stomach acids do the rest with ease, ( actually now I often skip the mix and just crunch em up in mouth)

  9. For those wi th horrible digestion issues, avoid the egg shell, go with a collagen peptide powder.

  10. Collagen and/or protein powders are garbage can fillers, usually incomplete and boiled down in acids prior to cooking into powder, if you read you will note advertising vs nutrition + how do you get a powdered collagen ? collagen is 3d living ! you powder it and you don't have collagen any more

  11. I only recommend 2 brands that are a gold standard.

  12. still question is simple collagen is a 3d matrix, how can you powder it and it still be collagen – that is just bad advertizing

  13. the gold standard Is posted above, egg's are the #1 food item all others are compared to no broth, no powders can rank higher or they would be what is used

  14. And the best protein from new zeland.

  15. I would advise doing 30 years worth of manufacturing research on this powdered floor collagen wast garbage can filler before you eat it, (it's not a egg, and it's not a rib eye steak = that is for sure! ) trash

  16. Dan you use egg shells, I use what works for me simple.

  17. I personally did not get these results eating garbage.

  18. yep ! but little benefits are available from Denatured collagen or proteins – you don't even want to know what it is made from !

  19. I use un-denatured.

  20. if it is powdered it is denatured or you spending 17,000 bucks a kilo on it

  21. Go back to research 😉

  22. I have done this since 1978 – I know what they use and process

  23. Enough now, Dan Webb You've made you point on eggs ad nauseum yet again. I'm glad they have helped you.

  24. what if you're allergic to eggs, Dan Webb?

  25. Some people that can't eat chicken eggs can eat quail or duck eggs. When I'm drinking raw quail eggs I also eat one shell. Pop it in chew it up. Never read anything recommending this, just figured it was loaded with minerals.

  26. Alex Lex – (MJ Said Enough ! so this is last post for today) – I will answer your question, but here is link to my group so any further comments just send a invite and you can discuss and preview the years worth of research I have posted and still not 1/2 of it even up ( ) – 1st are you allergic to "Cooked egg's – about 1-3% of people are ! the proteins have been altered by the cooking heating process(you can see this happen in front of your eyes as they change !) , the cholesterol becomes oxidized thus worthless for the detox. Now to be specific using to exfoliate to abraid the underside of arm take a dab of the whites and yolks and cover each area with band aid see if you get any welting, itching, reactions (so far the 3 that are allergic has only been to the whites !) – but let's go one step further, – from gravies, to toppings, ice creams, pudding's, even mayonnaise and most of your white salad dressings they hide the "raw eggs" in so many products it literally is pages of information long – besides the obvious name "contains raw eggs" they use propitiatory names and clinical abbreviations such as "OVA or OVM" this is why I suggest for any foods even before you buy them take a min and look up what you do not know! (leave no doubts as to what your consuming !) Alex, and to anyone else you are welcome but I do not wish to offend anyone in this group as we are all looking to achieve the same goals which is to keep or regain our health !!! good luck and hope this helps !

  27. those with food allergies this wont really help for example i react to lugumes, eggs seafood of all kinds and eggs, nuts and seeds

  28. Stacy Green – do you know why ?

  29. i have gut issues i addressing and it alll started post radiation treatments

  30. yes i have gut issues that came about after radation

  31. Natto is best for K2!

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