Most people with this recover and live fine right?


I am freaking out. Most people with this recover and live fine right? Like feeling miserable doesn’t last forever if you live strictly gluten free right? All these other problems I keep seeing, it’s not everyone right?

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  1. It is not the best diagnoses but once you have fully accepted it and give up on the idea of what you are missing out, it does it easier and YOU WILL GET BETTER! You’ll soon discover other forms of cooking and alternatives- makes you more creative. I cheated for years and it didn’t help my body; however, once I was obliged too then I slowly noticed a difference with my health, my mind, and overall functioning. \n\nFor me it is: 50 percent mentality/ perspective; 30 diet; and 20 physical exercise. \n\nI wish I would have had this support group in 2009.

  2. you will be fine just eat clean and healthy.

  3. Try not to focus on the negatives. There are a lot of alternatives available for us now so that we aren’t restricted to lettuce leaves when eating out like we used to be in years gone by. Just make sure you do some research and you’ll be fine. You will get used to it.

  4. Don’t worry. Remember that people in general are more likely to post the problems not the every day good things that happen. People post problems to get support, share info, discover solutions. But it isn’t ALL bad.

  5. I feel the same way. Been a year, and still struggling with crappy days. Its getting better, but really hoping to go back to when I could plan something ahead of time and not worry about a flare up.

  6. This is life…there is much worse than celiacs. Trust me. Get your diet and exercise together and boost that immune system…everything will be fine.


  8. We all feel better in my family.

  9. As was once said in the annals of “Dune,” “Fear is the mind killer!”

    You will hear and see a lot of different things that “can” happen with Celiac. However, if you look at the statistical percentages, they are very small for each ailment. You also hear about the worse cases on these boards. This is because people are looking for help, similar issues others may have had experience with, is this part/not part of Celiac, etc. It is good to hear/see these missives because they give you information that you may /may not know. An idea of possibilities without definites. So if you were to get an unusual symptom, you have tucked away in the back of your mind, that you saw this somewhere and maybe I should ask some questions. I don’t think anyone one this list or any other FB Gf group, want to scare people so bad that are afraid to do anything.

    I look at each ailment discussed as an individual symptom and pick the ones that concern me from family historical health, I then bring them to the attention of my daughter’s MDs, The Pedi, her GI, the Dentist, the Eye doctor. We discuss each concern on it’s own merits, why I am concerned about it, what do I have to keep an eye on, what are the chances of said ailment manifesting with my daughter., etc. We then set up a game plan for what to keep an eye on, when to get concerned, ongoing testing and diagnostics to monitor her health as she continues to age.

    The other stuff that I read on these boards I tuck away in the back of my mind, so that when something doesn’t seem right and Momma’s intuition is kicking in, I can pull from the mind’s file cabinet some of this information and evaluate if little girl has something going on that needs further investigation with the Drs.

  10. Be careful eating out it’s what gets me sick

  11. Do not let the fear consume you. You will get better if you stick to the GF diet and live a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is different and how long it will take depends on you and your body and no one else. And this is also true for to which degree or level of feeling better you and your body achieve., You will get there.

  12. You will feel better. If you want to make that happen faster eat just fresh meat, veggeis, and fruits for a few months. That allows your body to heal fast. Regardless, you will feel better.

  13. I was diagnosed about 10 yrs ago (so was my daughter). It was a blessing!! I finally had an answer to my issues!

    I have an awesome life. I feel GREAT 95% of the time. The other 5% is mostly old lady problems ?.

    I have almost NO symptoms of celiac anymore & haven’t for YEARS. Of course if gluten sneaks in accidentally, I am sick for about 3-4 days. Long enough to appreciate the fact that I don’t feel like that anymore!

    My daughter (she’s almost 16) and I live a very NORMAL life.

    Having said all of that – I think it’s important to say that we ONLY have celiac. Many people have illnesses in addition & it’s probably hard to tell which one is making them sick ??‍♀️.

    I’ve seen it written that gf diet “puts Celiac into remission” – and I think that’s a good way to put it.

    You’ll be fine ❤️. Keep your chin up & keep the negative thoughts to a minimum. We have a saying in our house – no pity parties allowed!

  14. It took me 5 years to heal. Stay postive

  15. My arthritis will never go away. But all other gluten related ailments are resolving as time goes on. All my gastro issues, migraines, brain fog, extreme exhaustion, anxiety, receding gums, night sweats (just to name a few) are vastly improved. Most days I don’t even think of them. As much as I sometimes would like a “real” pizza or to not have to plan every morsel I put in my mouth, I would not go back to willingly eating gluten.

  16. I just look at people I know who have lost limbs and eyesight and on dialysis from diabetes, others who have been hospitalised for years with serious mental illness and I thank God for the GF diet I’m on which has helped my symptoms and got my life back.

  17. I’m living a great life. 3.5 years GF

  18. There are plenty of people out there that develop cancer, lose organs, develop diabetes before they are diagnosed. Yes, we have a tough road each day, yes, we are allowed pity parties, but remember life goes on. We have to do the best we can. Everyone with Celiac is different. But we all have the same goal. It will get easier. I remember when I first found out I had Celiac and got that advice I didn’t believe them. How could something this complicated get easier. But sincerely it does.

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