Multinodular goiter with Hashimoto’s


Does anyone have multinodular goiter along with Hashimoto’s? If so, what treatment was recommended?

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  1. Increasing the dose of thyroid hormones can sometimes shrink a goiter (singular) and surgery may also be an option if it gets too large. There is no treatment for nodules.

  2. I do. I have many but they are small so they just check it once a year and I take my meds… I haven’t had to have a biopsy or anything so far.

  3. Total thyroidectomy. Had it done June 1.

  4. i had half my thyroid removed due to goiter and nodules. other side has small nodules. i just take naturethroid.

  5. TT. However result was hypoparathyroidism

  6. Yes I do. :/ I am just doing ultrasounds & FNA’s for right now. Dx in 2012. Have been through 3 Endos

  7. I do just on levothyroxin have an ultrasound every 6 mths

  8. Mine got large snd spreaded. They want me to get them out

  9. thyroid armour and levothyroxin. I am having my liquid drained every 2 months and most likely will have a removal of the thyroid.

  10. Thank you all very much for sharing your experience and treatment!

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