My 17 years old niece suffers from migraines.


My 17 years old niece suffers from migraines. My sister has brought her to a specialist and they have her on prescription medication but nothing works. I’ve read here that magnesium helps with headache and migraines. Which magnesium and how much helps with migraines?

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  1. Invite your sister and niece to this group.
    And, search this page on migraines and read some of the earlier threads, too.

  2. nothing had helped my migraines. i have been trying to stop them for 40 years. does she keep records of when they happen, the weather & her diet?

  3. yeast overgrowth can also cause migraines and so many other problems as well-I recommend

  4. Daith piercing. …..just another option.

  5. Check into histamine intolerance for migraines.

  6. My migraines went away after I gave up grains and dairy.

  7. Tina Pelletier I sent you a message

  8. There are lots of different things that cause migraines (like food allergies, stress, hormone imbalance…..many other things). I'm sure magnesium will be beneficial for her but it might not address the root cause. She should look at other factors too (if she's on hormonal birth control she should definitely stop taking it). Prescription drugs definitely aren't the answer – they will just add to her problems.

  9. You may get more info from the migraine specific FB groups. There is also a Migraine clinic in London, lots of natural options suggested on their website, try googling it, believe you can self refer. So many possibilities with migraines, along with magnesium i am correcting Vit B12, D, folate, iron deficiencies, they all interlink. Hope this helps x

  10. If she is drinking any tap water stop!!!!! Change to mineral. Knew a young girl in hospital for sever migraines…it was the water causing it…might be worth trying x x

  11. It could be a hidden food allergy. I know someone who was allergic to pepper. As soon as she stopped using pepper, her migraines went away

  12. Thanks everyone for your replies. You all gave me a lot to think about. Iooks like I have some research to do.

  13. Magnesuim, riboflavin and CoQ10 can help migraines

  14. years ago my neurologist recommended mag ox for my headaches.

  15. Diet soda

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