My 4 year old has obstructive sleep apnea.


My 4 year old has obstructive sleep apnea. Can this be helped/cured by nutrition in any way?
ENT wants to remove tonsils and adenoids. I really really dont.
I’ll do anything…..I just don’t know *what* to do…

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  1. High potency kids vitamin with iodine. Vitamin code for kids is changed my son completely.

  2. Tonsils and adenoids are part of your immune system. They're first line of defense in trapping bugs and preventing them from spreading, not acting dissimilarly to lymph nodes in fact. They're fully active, useful and important after the age of 3, if they can be kept.
    Jessica, I really hope you feel you can come to an informed decision soon, you must feel exhausted with it all.

  3. Jessica Lynn Haller in-boxed. Might have gone to your others folder.

  4. I agree with PP, absolutely get your child checked out for tongue and lip ties as these are a huge contributor to all kinds of airway issues including sleep apnea. Best person to do that assessment may be an IBCLC even if you're not breastfeeding right now.

  5. And here's some about how that all works (tongue tie is not mentioned but is one big reason why the tongue is not reaching the roof of the mouth when swallowing):

  6. Remove all sources of dairy

  7. I would wait and further investigate this. Has his jaw been looked at with some good imaging? have they asked you about your labor with him or early signs of anything that can give us a clue? did you have a natural delivery? could be something with cranio bones that happens sometimes with natural delivery/labor maybe something in the jaw area is misaligned. have you thought of craniosacral work first with a pt?

  8. What is the child's Magnesium RBC value?
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  9. Omg…. im going through the EXACT same thing with my 4 year old son. We had an xray done last year because he was constantly having colds/congestions
    .and nothing seemed to work.. xray showed enlarged adenoids…His obstruction is not too severe but the ents hav gotten me worried with talks of eventual hearing loss if ledt untreated due to fluid build up in ears etc and many more things… now iv had my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy as a kid… but my tonsils were filled with pus and were irrecoverable…. My sons arent bad at all… But he does get a lot of congestion in the winters..and theres some mouth breathing.. but ents have been pushing for surgery… which id really like to avoid if possible.. I do hear people's concerns here.. with this leading to bigger problems in the long term….
    Recently met a homeopathic practitioner who said this is completely treatable via homeopathy… also discovered aloewood powder works wonders when given regularly with honey …. Am going to watch closely til the summer and try an alternative med approach till then.. If they are still not improving im afraid i might hav to do wht i dont want to…. 🙁

  10. Both my kids had the same thing they were so much better after they had an tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy; additionally I don't have to worry about strep throat because that tends to hang on to tonsils. Sleep apnea is a terrible thing!

  11. We also removed T and A. My daughters apnea is gone. We tried many things for five years before hand.

  12. If the doctor is recommending to remove T & A I would do it. The apnea over time causes the heart to overwork, and can cause long-term effects on the heart.

  13. Best thing we ever did was get my sons T and A removed. Has not been sick in 5 years

  14. A doctor can easily see if tonsils are too large and causing a problem. They know the difference between enlargement due to infection or inflammation and the just being oversized. There doesn't sound like there is a question here as to what is causing the apnea – it seems pretty clear. And I sure wouldn't allow apnea to continue because of a bunch of anti western medicine people on FB. JMO. This isn't the time to experiment with home remedies.

  15. I would remove T&A.

  16. What were your kids obvious symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea?

  17. Didn't read through but look into tongue and lip ties and the coorelation to enlarged tonsils and adnoids. Also see a CST to help.

  18. Consider Paleo

  19. Can you make an appointment with a functional dentist and Myofunctional therapist first? Make sure the jaw is developing properly and that there are no ties, etc

  20. I agree – start with a dentist – there are sleeping aids that you put in your mouth to open airways before resorting to a CPAP machine

  21. Getting tonsils and adenoids taken out was the best decision I've made for my daughter. She's had no breathing issues since and I used to have to constantly check her o2 levels while she slept

  22. Oh no! Please get a second opinion from an ND, func. doc or alternative MD. There are so many things to rule out first like allergies/sensitivities, heavy metal poisoning, autoimmune conditiins, mold toxicity, inflammatory syndrome outside of allergies/autoimmune (yeah, that's a thing now. Who knew!) Stealth bacteria and viruses. Probably other things as well. I wish you and your angel the best of luck.

  23. My daughter would stop breathing due to airway obstruction. I was so glad they were gone! She never had tonsillitis but they were always large. Best decision ever and they couldn't do it quick enough to save her life. Her allergies went away after that, too.

  24. Anti- western medicine seems a bit harsh. Everyone here has proof that western trained doctors have a limited view of the body, the means to healing and the tools to achieve that. They can't even get magnesium right. Alternative methods are simply the other side of the coin and I can't imagine a person would want to subject their child to possibly unnecessary surgery before exploring other avenues if that child's life isn't in immediate danger. Better to have ALL the information, imo.

  25. Apnea is immediate danger.

    And just as western med docs are far behind and need much more training – there are far too many alt med charlatans out there making thousands based on some pretty shady practices. If you talk to some of them – EVERYone has Lyme or EVERYone has mold toxicity. A lot of fear mongering for profit.

  26. Jessica, my daughter had the same thing when she was little and I was really reluctant to get the tonsils out ….but I did it anyway. I do regret it a little bit because now I know that I should have tried an elimination diet with her first. I think she had problems with wheat and if I had put her on a gluten free diet, maybe her swollen tonsils might have returned to normal size and we could have avoided the surgery. It didn't happen that way but I totally regret not trying. If you're interested in an elimination diet approach, you could try the Autoimmune Protocol for a few weeks to see if there is any improvement. The Whole 30 might work also. (Or just a paleo type diet)

  27. I'm going through the exact same thing. Ears alway have fluids and adenoids are huge. She doesn't snore though so I don't think there's apnea? Did you test your lo? Like a sleep study to find apnea? Btw my daughter is gf,df, had lip and tongue ties corrected at 3 months and still has this. We use an air purifier and no pets. She also takes magnesium! !!!

  28. Soy in any form, including lecithin and mixed tocopherols, can cause enlarged tonsils.

  29. Tonsillectomy as a child changed my life for the better. (I used to have sore throats and run fevers constantly.) I'm all for looking at alternatives, but I'm glad I had it done.

  30. Both my kids had this and both had the surgery– virtually overnight they were totally different kids. Having the surgery was life changing for them. They had chronic colds/ear infections etc. and since the surgery they've rarely gotten sick.

  31. Dr. L in Charleston says food allergies causes all sleep apnea so I would look into that.

  32. When I hear words like "all" or "never" or "always" – I automatically roll my eyes

  33. I had chronic sore throats and tonsillitis for many years, as a child. When my parents finally decided to get my tonsils out, the doctor said, NO, she needs her tonsils!!! So, I never had them removed, but things improved dramatically when I became a teenager. I think there was mold or other problems in the old house we lived in, and when we moved to a much newer house, the problems disappeared. I think unaddressed allergies are the issue. I would stay away from processed food and concentrate on boosting the immune system.

  34. My 6yo son sometimes seems to have apnea, but the biggest issue is mouth breathing for him. I am suspecting enlarged adenoids but I know that we can fix it through diet/herbs because there have times that it has been better and he breathed fine through his nose. I have not been able to find the connection yet though, and it's possible that environmental allergies are a big contributor for him. I think magnesium can certainly help bring balance to the body and I want to say that and herbal tea we were drinking was helping, I think it was lemon balm. Ultimately, lowering inflammation in the body *should* remedy it… It's a process.

  35. Perhaps introducing an humidifier into the room near the bed to increase humidity might be the simple solution

  36. THANK YOU to everyone.

    I see another ENT in a couple months, which was the earliest he had.
    Until then, I'm not sitting idly by. I'll be removing all grains, dairy and eggs. I'm calling my D.O.M.and a dentist to get their opinions.

    I'll try my best to correct this naturally because I strongly believe God gave people T and A for a reason.
    But if all this doesn't work by the time we see the ENT, I'll do surgery as last resort.

    Although he is rarely sick, and developmently on track (always 90th percentile for weight and height) and started Kindergarten as a 4 year old because he is sooooo smart, I will do surgery if I have to because there is no way I'm letting him live like this for the rest of his life.

    *we were warned that surgery doesn't ALWAYS stop apnea. Which is another reason it's it's a last resort. She said sometimes the children go through the surgery and they still have it after. :-/

  37. I agree that we have t 'n' a for a reason…the body detoxing is also why they remove them the body will not detox as efficientally which can be worse in the long run.


  39. I would try an elimination diet for a month because a hidden good sensitivity can cause swollen tonsils and adenoids. In my opinion I'd go that direction and try to get them to not be so big that way and would not get them removed. There could be other allergies but I'd start with food. If it does turn it to be a good sensitivity then I'd move on to looking into healing a leaky gut. Hope you can find out what the root is 🙂

  40. Want the obvious answer? Eliminate all factory farmed animal products, especially dairy. Problems go away. Sad that more people don't know this.

  41. GFCF and try chelating first

  42. for my husband eliminating soda stopped his almost immediately. He is the only one in our family that eats sugary stuff.

  43. I'd try giving her some kelp and see if it helps. Helped my allergies dramatically. They say 92% of US is iodine deficient- and kelp has other vitamins and minerals to keep her healthy. It's cheap, if it doesn't help you're not out much. Get Natures Way it is tested for Mercury – a lot of others are not.

  44. They told my mom to remove mine–I still have them today and I am 55.

  45. I'm sorry I haven't read through all the comments, but has anyone suggested looking for a tongue tie? Or trying CST(craniosacral therapy) with a chiropractor?

  46. My son had this and they only took out his adenoids. It was the best decision for him since he would stop breathing due to the adenoids several times an hour and his behavior and concentration suffered due to lack of sleep.

  47. Get rid of the tonsils and adenoids. If they are very large, this could be causing his sleep apnea due to the size blocking and closing his airway. The best thing you could ever do. Second, if the child is overweight, this can also be caused by the apnea. If the child is not over weight, either way, sleep apnea is very serious. I work in the field of sleep medicine and if your child had a sleep study which proved sleep apnea, I would have to agree with the ENT and go with surgery. As young as he is , he should have no problems. This is my opinion. Praying for you as you make the best decision for your child.

  48. I remembered the other day, I have a friend that was on the brink of surgery for her son, changed a few things in the diet, swelling/inflammation went completely down.

  49. Hi Jessica my 3.5 year old son suffers because of enlarged tonsils and adenoids. I am curious to know how your little one is and what helped him ? Please could you share ?


    Thanks for finally talking about > My 4 year old has obstructive sleep apnea.
    | Arlogi < Liked it!

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