My 4 yr old is having issues with constipation


My 4 yr old is having issues with constipation (I’ve posted before) we saw a gi and he said to give her mag citrate to clean her out. The first day we did 2.5 oz then 4 then 5oz. The second day she had loose stool but not a crazy amount, the last day she only had one softer poop! Why isn’t it clearing her out? She’s still complaining it won’t come out! I don’t understand why!

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  1. Katie Morris Shmuel, I would be very cautious giving something with 60 billion live organisms as a first probiotic. We started out with 5 billion and worked our way up, although she has already been on some from a health food store. But of course I'm not a healthcare practitioner. That is just what I've heard. I've been meaning to try Kefir as well. Do you do a dairy or a non-dairy? I guess we have done the coconut water kefir now that I think about it.

  2. have her Free T3 & Free T4 checked

  3. We do coconut water kefir z been on soil based ones for years but when added kefir my ds came on Leaps and bounds with comprehension and also constipation reduced but me and my daughter don't tolerate . Amines in it make us nuts but we already have lacto bacillus

  4. I agree that she is likely deficient and just needs a lot more and probably needs a lot daily as a maintenance dose to prevent the problem from reoccuring

  5. So frustrating she has never had any issues before this. She takes klaire labs and we just started custom probiotics. She eats kraut too

  6. Add probiotics

  7. I do probiotics

  8. I meant she just started a new one but she's been on since birth

  9. Adrienne Irwin I'm doing 1/2 tsp 2-3 x a day right now do you think that's enough of natural calm to get things moving?

  10. Please check age ranges for these helpers: Oxypowder, Triphala, Natural Calm, 1 may work if safe for youngsters. Definitely get her hydrated with water and more water.

  11. her mag level was 2.1 normal was 1.7-2.6 is hers terrible ?

  12. It doesn't matter what I do supplement wise if A isn't going to chiro at least 2x a week she won't go ..

  13. Jennifer. I believe it's o.k. for us adults to research and choose to use alternative or holistic remedies but when it comes to a child, i would always consult a physician. Having said that, if you disagree with what is prescribed, find a doctor that is willing to work with you. Mom's know their child better then any physician. Trust your instincts and if something doesn't feel right, question it.

  14. Yes I'm seeing naturopaths and mds

  15. Jennifer Natale Toscano I would aim for the top of that range. Morley likes to see 6.5 rbc but those are likely not rbc levels

  16. Maybe she is stressed? All this talk about getting a good pooh might upset her that we don't see or realize. Maybe u could start making kombucha. In the second fermenting she can choice her favorite fruit or juice to flavor it. It's a great probiotic. I've been making it for 2years. Take the stress off of pooh & replace it with a fun activity. Just a thought.

  17. She complains regularly of stomach pain and not being able to get her poop out

  18. Have you ruled out SIBO via Lactulose hydrogen breath test? Have a read on this link- it is the mist reliable source which combines studies, diet, treatment and Dr options.

    I would also have her food intolerances tested via blood through a lab like Cyrex. Gluten and cross reactants.

  19. Might just be gas. Get OAT it will show you more. They probably lack bile flow or its too thick. Peppermint tea works well and digestive enzyme with oxbile. Still addressing symptoms. If magesium does not work look at thyroid. With out knowing history I have seem children constipation result from imprinting from past trauma. If she is low serotonin or low gaba or acetylcholine bowel motility will be sluggish

  20. Probiotics may be the problem if there is a sibo.

  21. Magesium serum is a waste of a test.

  22. I put this in my kids juice

  23. Prune juice will definitely work .

  24. Jennifer does she drink milk or eat dairy? It could be from that

  25. Shawn Bean, she had a bad stomach bug in March which triggered all of this before that she had zero issues. We just got the OAT test from our nd. What will we be able to tell from that? We've tried peppermint drops but they didn't seem to help either. How do I know if mag citrate is right form of mag for her?

  26. She's df gf sf very low processed food all organic

  27. Adele Jiji she will not eat prunes or drink juice

  28. We also use digestive enzymes

  29. And her blood work showed her thyroid was fine

  30. Cut out dairy?

  31. That test replaces over a few thousand dollars of labs if interpret properly. Most miss vital information hidden or just hand you the interpretation guide

  32. Have her also drink very warm water (as warm as she can stand and as much as she can stand) and this will also help get things moving.

  33. Shawn Bean do you interpret the results?

  34. She is pooping every day she is just always complaining it won't all come out and she has stomach pain

  35. Vitamin c with magnesium tends to work well for flushing

  36. What brand vitamin c?

  37. what's the OAT test?

  38. Will she eat kiwifruit – or 'kiwi crush' if it is available near you

  39. Camu camu powder or alive powder

  40. Water! Don't let her get dehydrated!

  41. Can someone tag Kelly steffens? I can't for some reason

  42. She's doing decent sized poops every day sometimes more than once but she always says she feels there is more but it Wont come out. It's like her bowels aren't completely emptying but why? Shawn Bean

  43. I think she has a lot of stuck poop in there that needs to come out, it may take many days of good pooping to catch up. Also she could have an internal hemerroid, those make you feel like you didn't poop all the way, but they should have seen that if they scoped her

  44. She hasn't been scoped Adrienne Irwin

  45. I just told jen a few days ago I am convinced it is an internal hemorrhoid. The feeling she describes is totally that, and she had a stint of hard poop that could have caused on. HOw do you fix an internal hemorrhoid though?

  46. With out data and detailed history it would be impossible to say why.

  47. What if it's an internal hemmoroid what can I do?

  48. did you try salt flush?

  49. Oxy powder!

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