My 6 year old is presenting signs of social anxiety


My 6 year old is presenting signs of social anxiety, OCD (fear of germs/hand washing), sensory integration issues/overwhelm from loud noises, and hoarding. It’s been developing for the past few years and we thought she might grow out of it, but it’s gotten worse since starting Kindergarten in August. We met with her teacher to discuss coping strategies for the classroom and hope to get my child an IEP (Individualized Education Program) w/ cognitive behavioral support & occupational therapy at school. However, I realized yesterday that the cause might be magnesium deficiency! Can anyone please suggest child-friendly ways to increase my kiddo’s mag levels? This group has been an incredible resource for so many of us – I appreciate any and all ideas. Thank you!! [Note: she has an identical twin sister who does not have these issues.]

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  1. ( Have you ruled out PANDAS and PANS ? )

  2. Maybe getting her magnesium RBC level checked might tell you something. Also, magnesium baths are great for getting in some magnesium.

  3. Diet: paleo type/wahls protocol; lots of good fat for brain/nervous tissue (primerose oil, salmon oil, coconut oil, avacado); no sugar, wheat, crap.

    May be tough but u will amazed at the difference.

    Oh and add some NAC

  4. Sounds like Sensory Processing Disorder. It is a Neurological Disorder that you don't outgrow. I know because I am a 56 year adult with this condition.

  5. Those symptoms are all signs of Iron Toxicity which can cause high unbound Copper.
    Get the recommended testing done. Then you will have a tailored plan for this child.

  6. Hopefully you don't vaccinate.

  7. Make sure there's no mold in your home or the school. It causes extreme anxiety and other neuro issues. I also agree. Do not vaccinate this child!

  8. I'd be researching PANDAS as well.

  9. My 11 year old son went vegan and continues to take Epsom salt baths, he's doing so much better. He's letting go of his compulsive ways… Mine also had the germ/excessive hand washing, aggravated by loud noises, and having other sensory issues.

  10. Child friendly way to get magnesium in, I would suggest the baths (Epsom salts, baking soda and borax) cod liver oil, my daughter will take the flavoured by the spoon (1/4 tsp) and chased with water. I've made magnesium lotion, but magnesium oil will do, and rub on her feet before bed. Mineral drops in water also is easy. My daughter loves the bee pollen also.

  11. My daughter is newly 16. Found out our water has double reverse osmosis filters that had no minerals in it. She is being tested for the MTHFR gene, her cortisol is backward. Testosterone is too high. Does not make progesterone. Testing her saliva today for a cortisol panel & checking melatonin level. She is a mess hormonally that is causing anxiety & depression .

  12. Are there any environmental issues? Lots of people report problems with their kids because there is mold, etc in classrooms… that can cause major problems

  13. I was going to make a very similar post in this group. My son is 7 and in 2nd. He has severe anxiety and sensory processing Disorder based on school testing. We, too, thought that he'd grow out of it too, but last year it started to get bad, so we decided to have him tested. We also moved him from a private school to a public school this year in hopes that they would have more resources available to meet his needs. We are currently doing OT (privately), bio neurofeedback, and equine therapy. I'm also in a FB group called "parents of children with anxiety". There are some great resources too.

  14. has she had mineral levels checked? Copper/zinc/ceruloplasmin is coming to mind, along with rbc magnesium.

  15. Maybe check out the book Gut and Pshycology syndrome by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride. She explains things in such a wonderful way. We are just embarking on the gaps diet to try and help our 2 yo.

  16. I just overlooked the comments quickly but it seems nobody mentioned Pyrrole!!!
    What about clothing and tags? Is she a fussy eater?
    Pyrrole is a simple urin test. Just make sure to pee in the dark. Light destroys the results. Pm me if you like.

  17. While all the nutricional advice is great and you should definitely implement, i would encourage you to get her evaluated so you can help her frim all angles. It can be very detrimental to your child if you only try biomed/nutricion/supplements, there could be a real neurological condition that you leave unaddressed. I would do both things simultaneously!

  18. Candida Yeaat overgrowth has many symptoms but with this group I'm trying to find out if the iron overload and heavy metal issues can keep a lot of people from getting over candida

  19. Raquel Garza

  20. Some of my friends have had amazing results for their kids with these 'clinical grade' essential oils……

  21. I didn't read comments but sounds like PANDAS/PANS. My daughter went undiagnosed for many years. Please strongly consider this.

  22. Ashley, what did they say as wrong with it? It can be very individual. I like this product. Magnesium can be added transdermally , on skin, by using something like Ancient Minerals, Magnesium oil after a bath/ shower on bottom of feet. Easy routine, after bath the many pours on the feet are open and the magnesium gets absorbed quickly and efficiently. By applying topically you avoid the gut and can get a decent therapeutic dose easily, without causing loose stools.

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