My 90 year old grandmother has Dementia


My 90 year old grandmother has Dementia. Mornings are her best time. At about 4pm Sundowners sets in. She becomes more tired, paranoid and asks the same questions over and over. Her doctor has prescribed Lorazepam .5mg for anxiety. She is to take 1 pill every evening, as needed. My parents are not comfortable giving her this. They asked me what else she could take in its place. Magnesium works for me to take the edge off. Is this a good option for her? If so, which one?

She currently takes it Vitamin D3 and B12, a generic Norvasc (high blood pressure), synthroid (she has had her thyroid removed) in am. At dinner she takes Zocar (cholesterol) and Arisept (Dementia). My parents starting giving her some Melatonin at night which has helped her tremendously in going to sleep and sleeping through the night.

We really are not looking to change her medication. As it stands she is managing fine. She has lived a long, full life. We just want to help ease her anxiety at night, but we want to do this naturally and not with another pill. Thank you for your insight!

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  1. At her age she probably doesn't need the cholesterol lowering drug, and if I remember right, they can cause dementia-like symptoms. But please research that. Far too many people are on that useless and harmful med, our brains need cholesterol to function.

  2. My father has dementia and also blood sugar dysregulation likely due to h pylori bacterial infection and candida/dysbiosis. I can see it because I'm following in his footsteps but trying hard to overcome before I get too bad. B vitamins are important, but if you're malabsorbing due to undiagnosed infection and/or lack of stomach acid to break down proteins, taking extra is like putting your finger in the dyke. My anxiety and depression were HORRIBLE prior to h pylori infection and taking antibiotics. I also had and still have GERD managed with diet alone right now (going to change up my treatment strategy to include supplements to soothe the GI tract; more a bland diet). Does she have indigestion at all? Agree with the person who mentioned fragility of the elderly. I know that digesting sugar, acids, and proteins are difficult, so maybe look into anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense diet. I had a friend whose mom was in a care center with dementia and all they'd feed her was cookies. Drove me crazy. Maybe look into taking probiotics – but that's also a dicey situation depending on her GI habitat. But you could investigate. I want to help my father so badly, but mom is in charge, and she's too ill herself (likely with h pylori)! Also look into oral health as source of dementia. This is why coconut oil is helpful (antibacterial), but if the person has gastritis or GERD, it's not wise to overdue fats because of malabsorption and slow stomach emptying.

  3. Buy unfiltered, cold pressed organic coconut oil. Start with a teaspoon full and gradually work up to several tablespoons twice a day. Go slowly so as not to stress out the intestines.

  4. My mother passed 2 years ago – she had dementia and was 89. From what we understood there were portions of her brain that were desintigrating. It was just a few months after we noticed the sundowners that she passed. She needs to be made as comfortable as possible IMHO. I can't remember what Mom was on for anxiety but it really helped her deal with it.

  5. I didn't read all the comments, but did anybody mention essential oils? Seems this would be the least disruptive and is SO good for anxiety and sleep. You could diffuse some lavender in her room for 30 min or use some with a carrier oil topically rub either on the bottom of her feet or wrist. Amazing results for anxiety and sleep. there are many other oils for anxiety also, but lavender is so refreshing and good for both sleep and calming.

  6. I would review her medications again, especially the need for the zocor. I would also look at her diet and try to get her out in the sunshine.

  7. I have heard testimonies of coconut oil helping with dementia. the brain is mostly fat. something you may wish to consider…….(Yes, I did read she is on a chol med)
    Or does she need a med evaluation by a pharmacist? are some reacting with others?

  8. Herb of mulberry can be used for cholestrol……i would never take rx drugs…bad stuff

  9. Thank you all so much for your kindness and desire to help! If they choose to take her off cholesterol meds (which I agree) should she be weaned off slowly or cold turkey?

  10. If some diet changes are made ie: no processed foods (canned soups for example, bread, wheat, etc.,) and more magnesium and good salt ( Himalayan Salt) she won't need the meds or will need a lower dosage. That I would leave to the Dr.
    I would also give her Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth starting with 1/2 tsp in water. That helps with detoxing. I vaguely remember Morley talking about too much copper re dementia (?)
    MJ Hampstead can you tag Morley please? I can't :p

  11. Women who had dementia had lowe estrogen levels and males had low testosterone levels. With proper re mineralization, cell membrane intrgrity along with hormones dementia improved significant. Again another medical condition which can be resolved. Basically correct damage from statin drugs

  12. "Silica mineral waters can be supplemented to help prevent dementia. Obviously it can also be used as an adjunct with pure cold pressed coconut oil to stop early onset Alzheimer's or even reverse most of the symptoms after AD symptoms appear."

  13. Food for thought, justi had a case where there was high rate of cardiovascular disease where father died in 50s as well as another relative. When I looked at there diet it had 3 Tbsp Of coconut oil which put up red flag. I had doctor run Boston heart panel for genetics. As suspect, they had apoe 4/alpha 4 gene expression with markers showing saturated fats where causing high levels of plaque in blood. They immediately stop EVCCO and will retest in 2 months. Another person's gold is another one poison…

  14. Please read the book, "Why Isn't My Brain Working?" Is she still eating at home? Eliminate all inflammatory foods – gluten (grains even, due to cross-contamination), vegetable oils. Stabilize blood sugar. Oh boy, I just finished taking the online Brain Course from Dr Kharrazian (book author). So much information to help your family since you are willing to look beyond meds.

  15. Coconut oil

  16. Avoid refined table salt.

    "Contrary to popular belief, table salt is not just sodium chloride. It also contains additives that are designed to make it more free-flowing. Ferrocyanide, talc, and silica aluminate are commonly included. Aluminum intake leads to neurological disorders, particularly when no selenium is provided to help the body to chelate it. Aluminum bio-accumulates inside the body, causing further degeneration over time. Talc is a known carcinogen, though its effects upon ingestion have not been heavily studied."

  17. Take a serious look at magnesium theronate. It's being touted for its ability to pass through the blood brain barrier and there's some evidence suggesting that it's able to reestablish neural connections. I've been on it for only a short period of time so I can't say what it going to do for me longterm, but it seems like the brain fog is lifting.

    Also consider B12 Methyl for repairing damaged nerves. I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and six months later had restored feeling to one foot and much of the other. No pain in the hands either. Stopped it for five months and pain returned to the fingers. Restarted at 1000mcg and the pain was gone again within four days.

  18. B1 is also reduce neuropathy

  19. Vitamin diffency cause a lot of so called medical problems. too bad shawn isn't working in houston 🙂

  20. We may be lecturing in that area in late spring

  21. I've read a lot of amazing success stories with coconut oil. You can Google it.

  22. Why can I not share this ?

  23. Article – One thing we recommend for anyone who is experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer's is to have a hair mineral analysis test done. How can a hair analysis help you achieve better health? If we consider that diet is what we consume and nutrition is what we retain, then we can see that discovering what your body needs when it needs it is a valuable tool in creating health. A hair analysis can determine which essential minerals your body is needing more of and which toxic elements it needs to eliminate. It also provides valuable insight into your metabolism and what dietary changes would be most helpful for you in your recovery.

  24. There is also an awesome product from called Natural Cellular Defense (no, I don't sell the product). I met a lady whose mom had sundowners and had an amazing turnaround with the drops. She went out of town for several days and her sister was caring for Mom. When she returned, her mom had regressed back. She discovered that the sister hadn't given Mom the drops. She started back on them and was going great.

  25. I went to the hospital earlier. Put on coconut oil and mag oil on her feet. Then I left. By the time my parents came up 2 hours later she went from not talking much, being defiant and confused to having full blown conversations with them and even talked to my Uncle on the phone! Thank you so much.

  26. Wonderful!!

  27. It is nearly always low Blood Sugar at that time of day causing Dementia type symptoms. Try feeding her some nutritious food at 3:30 with a drink. We like an Avocado, cucumber blender drink with a handful of pumkin seeds for magnesium.

  28. I hope something helps… we never found anything that did with my MIL. Sometimes it's inevitable, unfortunately.

  29. My Gran had dementia & I'm sorry your gran is going through this.
    I've heard dementia is like diabetes in the brain (so why aren't Drs Treating it as such??)
    Inositol will help with the repetitive (my son has ASD & this is magic for him)
    Coconut oil is meant to be amazing.

    No grains more of a Paleo diet. This may stop the afternoon slump

    You are blessed to have a grandma xxx

  30. Would she take Coconut Oil?

  31. Katie forgive me if this has been mentioned before but you mention she takes b12. It may be that she needs injections. Please see this page

  32. This might sound oversimplification but in combination with other suggestions I have heard lots of good stories about iPods in nursing homes. Must load on the music that the individual patient likes or remembers from their era. Might bring some comfort.

  33. That's far from oversimplifying but a sure way to bring happiness!

  34. get her off the zocor !! have her eat at least 2 eggs a day ..use real grass fed butter and lard to cook with ..her brain needs cholesterol to function good ! please ! my grandmother and mother died of alzheimers …both had low cholesterol ..after much research on my part ..please take my words to heart and do the research for yourself …I have not read the other comments just seen this and decided to post ..

  35. This is a terrible disease, my father has it too. He is the same: better in the morning and when the brain gets tired….it's hard. He takes nitrazepam to sleep. Be strong!

  36. Yes, PLEASE take her off the cholesterol lowering drug. It is totally unnecessary for women over 65, says the AMA! Whoever is prescribing it is way behind on their homework.

  37. Get her on some virgin coconut oil asap, start low and work up to 6 tablespoons a day, spread it on an toasted english muffin, then spread some grass fed butter on top of that then add whatever she likes organic cinnamon or jam, do this all day long and within a week you will see a huge difference in the sundowners. This absolutely worked for my mother-in-law plus i made her fresh fruit and veggie juices to get in some good nutrition, older people with alzheimers don't eat as much nor as well as they used to.

  38. Thank you all! You have been a tremendous help! We have a lot of information because of your guidance. So as not the hijack the group any longer, I think we have what we need to move forward. Blessings!

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