My anti-transglutaminase iga is H 264.70


Hi everyone! My anti-transglutaminase iga is H 264.70 What are the chances that a biopsy will turn out to be negative? (Dr. says celiac disease cannot be confirmed by only the blood test result).

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  1. That’s very positive. There’s only a small false positive. Chances are you have celiac ?. They like to confirm diagnosis with endoscopy.

  2. My daughter’s was 255. Endoscopy confirmed celiac

  3. Following. Mine was greater than 300 then went back again 3.5 weeks later it was 111. However negative celiac panel blood test. Waiting for biopsy. No symptoms. So confused.

  4. After my blood test was positive my doctor said to try go gluten free and see if I feel better. I have hashimotos so he was almost certain it would be celiac. He then left the surgery and I had major problems getting an actual diagnosis with them trying to get me to have a endoscopy n I’d be gf for years n just the tiniest speck would make me ill for days but they were saying I’d have to eat gluten for 6 weeks before the scope. Just completely unrealistic. They reluctantly did the gene test in the end but it was a very frustrating stressful process. So I would remain on gluten until they give you the scope. Good luck

  5. You have celiac disease. Get the biopsy done if you feel more comfortable about it then. But be aware that biopsy can not rule out celiac. It can only confirm it. That is only IF they biopsy a spot that has damage.

    Here is my pre-written explanation of some history that may help you understand.

    The small intestines are 20 feet long and villi lined all the way. Doctor’s can reach the first few inches in the duodenum (which is around 11 to 15 inches in LENGTH). That leaves 19 FEET of possible damage that can never be tested. That is a lot of damaged area that will never be part of this test. That is not golden at all.

    Someone explained it this way. The grounds keeper of a football field has to discover what disease the grass has somewhere on the field. He is given a teaspoon. He is blindfolded. He is allowed to take 10 steps onto the field. Then he has to kneel down and take 4 samples. What are the chances that he will find the patch of damaged grass? Do you think he will figure out what is wrong with the grass on the field?

    TO compare: the prostate is approximately 1.5 to 2 inches in volume. When they biopsy this very small organ, they take 12 samples in a carefully planned grid. Compare that to the 4 to 6 randomly taken biopsies of the duodenum which is around 8 times bigger. (That comparison is not scientific because they are measured differently but it gets the idea across.)

    The blood tests were developed to try and catch cases that are missed in this random biopsy process. Celiac can cause death by starvation and several cancers. So before blood tests really sick people stopped gluten in desperation. Enough of them swore that they had celiac that someone spent money to develop blood tests for celiac. Sadly, by the time this was accepted, most GI’s had built free standing GI surgeries. Now they have to pay for these facilities. So we now have people who have outrageous numbers on blood work being told they don’t have celiac because of a known faulty test.

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