My aunt is taking cannabis oil for her cancer


I have a question. Im sorry if its not allowed here but hoping for help. My aunt is taking cannabis oil for her cancer. They are making her feel light headed. What should she do? And how long will they make her feel this way?

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  1. And you're an expert Cheri Hodge? You're the one who blocked me after I told you what would cure your cancer, so I dont neeed to hear anything from you. I forgot only doctors with medical degrees from indoctrination centers know what the fuck they are talking about, cause the nation is in such great shape with western medicine.

  2. Bho oil as what we call dabs is hight in thc and helps with pain anxiety and depression

  3. OK….well I've been educated. Thanks for the info.

  4. Penny Gordon join the FB cannabis oil success stories group

  5. So the THC prevents the spread? Interesting….I have a blood cancer, lymphoma, so not sure that would help, but I'll try anything….

  6. I guess….but that's from hemp. I guess it does the same thing. I was told to use cannabis oil that is very low in THC as the canabinoids from pot are more potent than from hemp. It all could be a load of crap for all I know, but you have trust someone….and I live in WA so it's all legal and I have a script from my doctor.

  7. Read up on citicoline, I've read on the Cancer pages that you take one 250mg tablet 1 hour before taking the oil, it will help with the effects of the high from the oil. You can buy it from Amazon.

  8. Okay, thank you!

  9. The 'curative' property of cannabis is the canabinoids. I use oil very high in canabinoids and as low as possible in THC….unless I feel like getting high. It is possible to get pure canabinoid oil as well, but it's more expensive. Tell your aunt get high canabinoid oil and avoid or keep the THC to a minimum.

  10. Kimberly June West…I think she is taking capsules…she is not smoking. Ive never taken hemp oil before so i really dont know how it would feel. But I have smoked the herb before. I was thinking the effects may be similar.

  11. I just know that processed/refined sugar is not good.

  12. Im not an expert on healing cancer though Solis Gabriel….so I cannot answer as to if/which one of these sources is best in that situation. I (as far as I know) dont have cancer so these are what I consume.

  13. Natural sugar can be found in: organic fruits (fresh), honey, molasses, and organic coconut sugar.

  14. Smoke a little less it is normal

  15. On the Gerson Therapy, they say use only organic brown sugar, maple syrup, organic light honey or un-sulfured molasses and only up to 2 tsp a day of all combined sweeteners, and only when hypoglycemia/diabetes are not present.

  16. Anthony, you are not an expert by any means of the imagination. lol

  17. Ive seen enough evidence in my own health that refined sugar is bad. I stick to natural sugars now and notice the difference in how I feel.

  18. Ive never seen any proof that sugar feeds cancer. People act like sugar activates cancer cells the way it makes yeast active when baking bread. Sugar needs to be moderated, not eliminated. From expierence most people dont know what they are talking about. When it comes to cancer, dont use chemo, and stick with apple seeds.

  19. refined sugar is poison, as we have known since William Dufty's book came out.

  20. Her tolerance to the oil will get better.

  21. try suppository route it lessens thr high but is very effective

  22. I thought the same Rhiannon.

  23. I agree with everything Anthony Jacob Woolston said but Sugar???? I thought sugar fed cancer. X

  24. here on fb for more answers to your questions, Heather.

  25. I know 🙁 She is convinced she cant stop the chemo though. She is my aunt…much older than me….and in control of her own medical care. I wish I could do more.

  26. I guarantee you the chemo is doing the damage. Nature cant cure you while you are pumping radiation through your body. Get her off chemo before it is too late. Then get her back on cannabis, also start giving her apple seeds. Lack of vitamin b 17 is why we have a cancer epidemic. Apple seeds have B 17. Also dont listen to pepple who tell cancer paitents to eliminate sugar and meat. You need both. You need the animal protein in meat for a strong body.

  27. Tell her it will pass try to relax and go with any feelings knowing it's doing her good. You have to tell your brain it's fine and natural. Hope that helps. Love and light xx

  28. Unfortunately yes…she is undergoing chemotherapy. 🙁 She has never been high before so I suspect that is what it is. But I dont know what to tell her. Its making her really uncomfortable.

  29. It might not be light headed. She probably isnt use to being high from THC. Now worries, cannabis cant harm. Is she on chemo or pharmaceuticles? It all might be interacting.

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