My blood sugar levels have been going crazy


Okay folks, I need some help. I normally have safe low blood sugar, which I am able to maintain by eating every 3/4 hours. But for the past two days, my blood sugar levels have been going crazy, and I’ve been feeling shaky and weak all day long, and like I’ve had a bunch of coffee on an empty stomach. Even eating doesn’t give me any relief. I’ve tried taking a spoonful of coconut oil with some honey, and that seems to help ease up the shakiness a bit, but just for a while. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this, and what I can do to stabilize my blood sugar?

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  1. Go to main page and in search area type in blood sugar

  2. Do you have any pink Himalayan salt in your diet? This can be really important for supporting your adrenals, which make cortisol which converts stored blood sugar to usable blood sugar. There is something called an adrenal cocktail you can make. My version has 1 tsp pink salt (VERY important not to use table salt here), 2 cups coconut water for potassium, juice of 1 lemon for vitamin C, 2 cups filtered water to dilute. I have adrenal fatigue and this supports adrenal function which in turn supports cortisol production.

  3. Have you had an htma or had your adrenals tested?

  4. I have blood sugar issues too and since starting mag protocol, not much is helping me except adrenal cocktail and this:
    Around 8-10 every am, I drink 8 oz hot water, 1/2 lemon and 1tbs organic blackstrap molasses. It fills me for hours! And it's very satisfying. You may have to get past the taste. After a month or so, I started loving it. This is by far, the best thing for me as far as blood sugar is concerned.

  5. Have you taken a blood sugar test during it?

  6. What are your crazy blood sugar levels? Do you test?

  7. When you eat, be sure to eat proteins and fats. I also take betaine HCL before my meals (especially if there is protein). It helps with digestion a lot.

  8. where did you read the honey and coconut thing, stick with that one. If you read Natasha Campbell, you know that she suggests to take a jar with you and eat a tsp or TBS (please check this) every 15 min. for 2 to 3 weeks till blood sugar normalises.

  9. When you say filtered water-would filtering it through britta be ok?

  10. Yep I have a Pur, same thing. Just as pure as you can get.

  11. Thanks for sharing that. I was looking for something diff instead of the oj and cot-yuck!

  12. George, I don't know exactly what my blood sugar levels are doing, as I'm not testing them. I'm just going by my symptoms and am assuming it is my blood sugar levels — shakiness/weakness, lethargy. I don't even feel hungry though, but my body is acting as if I haven't eaten in a long time.

    Marcia — Already on Betaine HCL! I don't know how I've gone so long without it! It makes such a difference!

  13. Jennifer — Pink Himalayan salt is the only salt I have! I WAS drinking cocktails for a while, thanks for the reminder!

  14. The other thing is, I am trying to avoid sugars, as I have SIBO. I've just been taking honey as a last resort, and putting my SIBO protocol diet on hold. So is there any way to balance my blood sugar levels without using any type of sugar (i.e. molasses or honey)?

  15. Wow Vlora, I do read Natasha Campbell but haven't read that! That takes care of not having any sugar. I will give that a try, along with the adrenal cocktails. Thanks!

  16. Don't blame blood sugar level unless you 'know'!

  17. Your body sorts your blood sugar……unless you are diabetic !

  18. Get a monitor. They are cheap !

  19. You don't need sugar to maintain blood sugars!

  20. One teaspoon sugar equiv in entire blood volume. Your liver will synthesise that if it needs .

  21. Sugar clobbers Magnesium…. think about that, too.

  22. Yes, exactly why I'm wanting to avoid it! It's not good lol.

  23. So stop fretting on your blood sugar, Allison! 🙂

  24. Lol. Oh I am pretty sure it IS low blood sugar, because I was tested to find out why I wasn't able to sleep through the night, and it turned out to be because of blood sugar levels dropping too low. I'm going to get retested and get some help on balancing whatever needs balancing. 🙂

  25. Marcia. You should take HCL half way through meal, not before. And when you take HCL you should always take something to stimulate bile (it will be sticky). You are running the risk of developing a duedenal ulcer with what you are doing and by the time you find out, it's too late 🙂

  26. Eating adequate protein and fat helps to prevent rebound hypoglycemia. Just eating honey may bring your blood sugar up quickly, but that won't keep it up.

  27. Wholefood GTF Chromium helps maintain and regulate blood glucose control. It is virtually stripped away from all foods these days, hence the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes. It has to be a food form of Chromium, the GTF kind, as isolated Chromium salts will not perform the function. (GTF= glucose tolerance factor) Chromium.

  28. Mark, I will remember your thoughts, and I appreciate your comments, but I think I'm ok. I'm following what I was taught by my naturopath, and it also is the same, I believe, as this article:

  29. I used to have problems with my blood sugar dropping all the time. Since I started taking magnesium and eating 3-4 eggs a day, I haven't had a problem. It's been months – so long I can't remember the least time I had a problem. I also use about a 1/2 tsp. cinnamon (the Ceylon "true" cinnamon) a day, and I've read that also helps regulate blood sugar levels. I don't know if it was one or all, but it's worked wonders.

  30. No problems Marcia. At the end of the day you should always do your own simple tests to quantify anything anyone tells you. Please don't simply take advice from anyone without doing this. One other bit of advice. When you are recommended anything from anyone, ask the question. .. what is broken and how is this supplement going to fix it. If you cannot get a straight answer, find someone else 🙂

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