My blood work related to hormones is pending


I’m hoping someone here might be able to help me.

I have been struggling with what I believe is adrenal fatigue or some type of hormonal imbalance. My blood work related to hormones is pending so I don’t have it yet but I’m looking for advice.

I suddenly had these episodes of shortness of breath, shakiness, dizziness, and feeling like I’m absolutely starving (hypoglycemia but glucose tests normal). This is not anxiety but it did of course bring on anxiety. Since these started I’ve had shortness of breath on and off, and I get very tired easily, can hardly do anything. I then got a sinus infection and an ear infection. These have cleared up but the shortness of breath is still present.

I’ve had CT scans and lung X-rays, pulmonary and cardiology tests… All came back fine. I have been deficient in mag a few years ago so started taking mag glycinate and have been on it for a couple weeks but no change really. Does anyone have any idea what might me wrong with me? I’m at my wits end.

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  1. I had a similar experience when my son weaned. I really crashed. There is definitely a connection with weaning and having hormones/thyroid go off.

  2. Yes – a proper file for this would be amazing. Lots of knowledge!

    Soooo I have high copper in relation to zinc and i've been taking vitamin c for over a year. I can't take zinc bc i have low cortisol. I eat strict AIP w heavy emphasis on 10 cups of veg a day, i do liver a few times a week and i also have dessicated liver pills. No budge.

  3. Shortness of breath = thyroid
    See books by Dr. Kharaazian and Dr. Isabella Wentz

  4. Wow. So Matt Selma, all this is in the files here. I've only belonged to the group since the early part of this year & I'm only using the mag protocol. I get lost when looking into the files. Maybe someone could give me some guidance on studying the info contained in this group.

  5. I think possibly thyroid. I have had (previously) an overactive thyroid and I felt all the symptoms you've described. Now it has burned itself out and is underactive, so I have different symptoms…but still I feel you should get that checked out. If you open your mouth and stick out your tongue and have involuntary trembling of the tongue, that is a symptom of overactive thyroid as well.

  6. By chance Courtenay….do you take probiotics?

  7. This is intetesting I feel like I am going thru a similar issue. However I have found that mine is Blood pressure related. Going to read on and see if something someone says in here might be a reason to why. Hope you find out

  8. Sure sounds like low blood sugar to me. I'll bet if you were able to prick your finger and test when you feel like that it would be very low. I did that once and it was dangerously low. But it might not be during a test scheduled by your doctor.

  9. I had very similar symptoms including extreme weakness. All my labs were "normal" my doctor told me to see a shrink. Instead I went to an ND with all my test results. She told me my cells were starving for iron – they read the numbers different than an MD so what looks normal could be too low. She also ordered a comprehensive stool analysis from Genova Diagnistics including testing for h.pylori which came back positive as well as low Vit D. I don't know which thing caused the symptoms I suspect it was a culmination of my system fighting this infection and being deficient. Anyway I started an aggressive regime of iron, vit d, probiotics, fish oil, herbs to kill h.pylori and diet changes. I started to feel myself again gradually and regained full health. So I would take your tests to an e oriented ND, get stool test including h.pylori, test iron and vit D. Good luck and PM me if you have more ?? You can get your health back – commit to it.

  10. Did your doctors check for POTS? My friend was just diagnosed. Very mysterious illness.

  11. What is POTS?

  12. I have the same symptoms, and what I have is… Magnesium deficiency!!!

  13. This morning vertigo so over it and heart racing for a while :((

  14. Watch what you eat. See if the anxiety and shakiness gets worse when you eat gluten. Used to be like this all the time. I'd even get severe heart palpations that went away on a gluten free diet.

  15. Used to suffer from vertigo also. No more.

  16. I have hemochromatosis you might just rule that one out. But get it checked.

  17. You can alternate this with mag chloride.

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