My blood work showed the following..


I wanted to ask a question to those who have suffered from extreme anxiety and panic disorder or used to suffer.
After three years of going the western medicine route, I decided to see an integrative doctor a little over a month ago for my extreme anxiety and panic attacks.
First thing he wanted me to do was do a detox diet while my blood tests pended.
My blood work showed the following..
Gluten, corn, dairy, and some fruits intolerance. Extremely low Vit D, which I’ve struggled with since I was 16 (I’m 23 now) and low iodine which is making my thyroid sluggish.
My neurotransmitter test came back showing low serotonin, extremely low GABA, adrenal fatigue with cortisol levels through the roof. And norepinephrine and epinephrine levels being low as well.
He started me on a supplement regimen to go along with my brand new diet of all healthy foods . No gluten grains corn dairy sugar etc. lots of fish oil and proteins and magnesium and vit d, b vits and everything in between
I’m on supplants containing ashwanganda, (sp? Lol) and other supplements that contain GABA and serotonin boosters and herbs and supplements that calm the nerves. I don’t feel like grabbing the bottles and naming off everything but you get the gist lol it’s ALOT of stuff. Basically covers everything possible in the holistic world
It’s been a week on the supplements and vitamins , a month on the diet. I may be feeling better, but hard to tell
Now for the question lol…
How many of you have had these tests? How many of you have had success with treatments like above? Should I put my faith into the natural route as I’m just scared of another let down?
He said I should be back to my pre anxiety self in a month. This doctor is world renowned too so it’s easy to do research on him and get great vibes.
Thanks in advance!

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