My body was heavily depleted


Seventeen years ago, I had three kids in three years and three months. My body was heavily depleted. I was a mess! I started thyroid medication in february 1999, but I never felt 100% well – I struggled with brain fog, muscle aches, and constant fatigue…

In January of 2016, after several life crises, I felt like I had no energy left. I couldn’t even walk my dog for a few months. Over the last almost two years, I have been learning and learning…

In April 2016, after the stress of these life crises, I had more blood tests, which showed my thyroid function was even lower than it had been. My doctor wanted me to increase my Levothyroxin, but I wanted to change my Thryroid medication to Thyroid Erfa which I started in june 2016 taking 150-180 mg of this medication every day.

In August, I met someone who educated me about the ancestral diet, which I began immediately. I mostly began with meats and broths. I began feeling better in December, and was able to decrease my thyroid medication in January. Shortly after this, I found MAG, started to read, and implemented the protocol very slowly. By May, my heart rate had become very fast, and I hadn’t been able to sleep. Even though I was not completely recovered, on May 3rd, I stopped my thyroid medication then implemented the full protocol. Every day, I have been feeling better and better!

Now after seventeen years, I have been completely off thyroid medication for five months, I have no more muscle aches, my fatigue is remitting, my mood is very good, I have started to lose weight, and I have no more brain fog… I feel happy every day, and so good!

It is so obvious to me that over the course of my life, every crisis happened after stress, and that stress causes mineral deficiencies. I know if I had another crisis now, it would not affect me so acutely because I am working on my minerals all the time now. The food I am eating is my medicine. I am healed by my meals.

If we want to feel well, as much as possible, we need to find fresh, quality, unprocessed foods, like food in farmer’s markets, then make up for the deficits in the mineral content of our food with our supplements like magnesium.

I am grateful to Morley for discussing how stress depletes minerals and how mineral imbalances cause the conditions with which we struggle. It has been abundantly clear that in my own life, this is true. It has been equally clear that re-balancing these minerals has healed me. As a result of the dramatic changes I have seen in my own life, I am now studying to be a Copernican Root Cause Protocol Consultant to help others see the healing I have seen.

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  1. Good for you Liv, I'm so happy for you.
    Wish I had a thyroid to heal. X

  2. Oh Liv bless you !! How wonderful !!

  3. This is great! Well done it gives me hope. Im also hypothyroid and hoping to heal. Not taking meds i really don't want to

  4. I read your post and it screamed adrenal fatigue.

  5. Did you go gluten and diary free as well?

  6. Awesome… your story gives hope!

  7. Let food be thy medicineHappy for you!

  8. Following to learn more…

  9. How did you know what mineral and quantities that u needed to rebalance?

  10. Stress is lethal. No doubt.

  11. What an inspiring post!! Thank you!!!

  12. Good to read this story . With Happy endingZ . It bring me hope .

  13. So glad to hear of your success. I too am feeling so much better on the protocol. Can't believe more people don't know of it.

  14. I would love to learn more…please help me!
    I have 3 children and struggle with severe thyroid issues. I feel like I have nothing left to give! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this, you definitely touched me

  15. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thanks for sharing your story! It brings hope to many!

  17. Thanks for sharing. I haven't heard about the ancestral diet…can you share more or point me to a link?

  18. Awesome efforts. Keep up the good work!

  19. So Liv Irene Halvorsen – are your thyroid antibodies no longer present? You said hashi… curious if protocol can reverse it. Thanks!

  20. Hi Liv, can I share your post with some of the ladies in Thyroid Ireland group please???

  21. Dear Liv Irene Halvorsen …can I ask your blood type please ……? good luck and I am very happy for you …… XXOO …

  22. Wonderful testimony! Inspiration to so many that the body can heal itself when given the correct nutrients!

  23. Amen Liv!! I second all that your saying. My issue now is raising kids , work and going to school it has thrown a towel into my necessity for food prep" Nutratarian "… the saying you are what you eat is so true . I feel bad for a lot of folks bc there looking at food for a taste and full aspect and not for s cellular need. I don't care for mussels… Brazil nuts etc… but it's super high in nutrients… why eat cheetos!?? I don't get it when people may look to pills for a fix.. a complete fix all when it's essential that we as homeosapians need minerals that are OPTIMAL.
    Fantastic post Liv.. hopefully folks can get and see this… I've screwed myself up totally bc of the lifestyle of working 3rds and traveling sport kids… but I tell ya… I suffer from some massive auto immune diseases… and even though I have symptoms especially fatigue ( and physical ) bc I have Lupus and I get lesions on my face in my mouth.. I have not been hospitalized. I follow this site and MJ advice along with the administrators … I have not invested the time or money in recommended supplements but I put in my pie hole the highest nutrient dense Mag.. co, OJ, factors… B 12, Folate… and more.I'm doing what I can do and it's been much better in energy since I've started. #goodpointsLiv

  24. Inspirational & how fantastic!

  25. Thank you for sharing, Liv. Congratulations to you on living a healthy life!

  26. Great story, congrats!

  27. Liv Irene Halvorsen would you say it's ok for me to go donate blood? Im not medicated with hypothyroidism and a slightly enlarged thyroid although its not visible

  28. Heals with meals

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