My boobs are killing me!


Hi guys! I am trying to figure out what is happening to me. Since starting the protocol my energy is better and I overfall feel better. Now, the downside. My boobs are killing me! They are so unbelievably sore, swollen and like two sizes bigger! I have suspected either boron, bee pollen or the immense amounts of coconut water to be offenders. But now I am off these and only doing AC’s and magnesium supplement, spray and bath. Still, no relief. Since my general state has improved could this problem be some kind of healing reaction, that my hormones are balancing themselves and symptoms get worse before better? I know that I am low in progesterone. I have read that if you are deficient in this hormone and start taking it you can get worse before better. Is this what is happening to me? Is my body starting to produce more progesterone therefore I will feel worse before better? I want to get back to implementing bee pollen and boron again, but I sm hesitant. I want my old boobs back?? Morley Robbins any thoughts?

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  1. cld you be pregnant?

  2. Lack of iodine can cause sore breasts

  3. I would love to hear what Kitty Martone has to say on this issue and solutions. Could she please comment as I see she is a member of this group

  4. You might benefit from a full epsom salt bath (up to the chin type) up to double strength (idea from another post)

  5. Gunnvor it's hard to say because so many variables play into effecting the endocrine system. Adrenal glands do produce some estrogen and this can be enough to upset the progesterone/estrogen ratio. Perhaps the AC's kickstarted adrenal function which then stimulated estrogen receptors in your breasts. As the body begins to find mineral balance and the hormones do as well, the liver and rest of the body begin to "dump" excess estrogens and xenoestrogens which can totally cause estrogenic symptoms or a sort of "detox". The key is, is it passing or sticking around. If it's sticking around I'd be more inclined to think there's some other player, Diet, stress, infection?

  6. Boron will balance and wake up estrogen receptors, i would think that perhaps your boron was quiet low in the beggining and now is picking up pace, and waking up estrogen fight back. so what to do, personally i added progesterone cream to my protocol and while it may not be a "fix" to some, it certainly helped. I would also look at adding kelp or a natural iodine to help regulate those hormones. Unfortunately while we live in a world of environmental stressors that rises estrogen exponentially, this will be a battle we all fight for a very long time. Then throw in the added issues unbound Iron creates then we have a war on our hands. hope that makes sense.

  7. I'm saving this post!

  8. Try Avmacol

  9. There was a thread similar to this a few wks ago. This happened to me when I added boron. It lasted about a month or so and then went away. I've recently had my progesterone levels and other hormones checked. All are in range–including progesterone (was on bioidentical and went off almost a yr ago). You're doing a great job ~

  10. Gunnvor, same here! Under arm area too – very tender

  11. How does a person know they have estrogen dominance? I had a complete hysterectomy 20 years ago, so could I have estrogen dominance? Just wondering

  12. I had the sore boobies too but after awhile of the mag baths things settled down. They will get better I did notice that the one that hurt was the one that had an infection in it when nursing so I figure it was just clearing it out. Take care…

  13. I can't say for sure what could be causing it but it sounds like it's possible it's a hormonal imbalance. I've done bio-identical progesterone for 10 years! And I'll tell you that if you're low on progesterone and high in estrogen this can def cause an increase in breast size and tenderness. And from my years of experience, I did not have any "worse before better" issues with starting progesterone. I felt better early immediately. However, this didn't last terribly long. I used it for years because I worked with my doctor and compounding pharmacist and they kept encouraging me to continue. But I thought it just seemed to stop working after a while. So I eventually decided I was going to take matters into my own hands. I did my research and decided to try DIM and bit am I glad I did. I have now decided I just don't think it's possible to gain a balance (which is essential to feeling good) by just adding progesterone alone. DIM helps reduce estrogen and creates a balance between progesterone and estrogen.

    I have fought this battle for many years and DIM is literally the best thing I've ever taken for hormone issues! I take Natures Way DIM Plus. When you start I would take a double dose for the first two weeks. I did. Then after that, go to a regular dose. I did this for six months and I could literally tell a difference in how I felt and less breast tenderness within a couple of weeks.

    And I know DIM works because I had blood and saliva testing before and after taking it and my tests showed my estrogen was significantly reduces. And I felt SO much better! No more irritability, breast tenderness, severe pms, heavy bleeding!

    Now that I have my estrogen lower and I feel so much better I only have to go back in the DIM a couple of times a year. A couple of times a year I will buy a bottle and take it at the regular dose until that bottle is complete. I'll do this a second time later in the year. This works for me.

    The bottom line is our lifestyle and environment have created far more estrogen in our bodies than we need. And high estrogen can cause cancer! So, reducing your estrogen and even adding some progesterone cream is a good idea.

    I would give it a try and see if this helps you. Look up estrogen dominance and see if those symptoms match yours. If so, I guarantee DIM will help!

  14. Lisa Lusk interesting

  15. Joscelyn Morrell

  16. What a great group of people! Thank you for all your advice!

  17. Just seen this ! I had to stop because mine were the same! But I've introduced it back slowly and am trying to work out what it is?

  18. Two things that helped me with this: Iodine (softened them, made them smaller and less uncomfortable) and T-Tapp (exercise) which actually brought the size down. Teresa Tapp works with hospitals, cancer centers, pro football players, TV personalities. Her system moves lymph. I've often wondered if Morley Robbins knows of her.

  19. Just to say that any imbalance, either way can cause these problems. After being given natural progesterone I had constantly painful and heavy breasts. At first I thought it was the estrogen receptors opening, so stuck it out over six months, but no, my bloods came back that I was then progesterone dominant, and I can honestly say that caused me more problems that having my estrogen a tiny bit high dig did. As can happen, my body grabbed all the progesterone and turned it into cortisol which has wreaked complete havoc with my adrenals

  20. So sorry I forgot to mention that Teresa Tapp did a PBS special about Thyroid health. If you search her name and "breast" you'll come up with a few quotes about same. Here is one:

  21. I've got progesterone issues and have had breast soreness for almost my entire life since age 12. My mum's breastfed all of us and swears by cabbage leaves for sore breasts, so recently when I got pretty darn sick of it, I grabbed some Won Bok cabbage leaves out of the fridge and used them in my bra. A few hours later I took them out and my breasts stayed pain-free for almost an entire month, in fact, they were basically numb for a whole week after the cabbage trick. It took them about 4 months to get back to the usual PMS tenderness but they never went back to being as painful as they routinely were.

  22. Are you absolutely sure your not preggers?

  23. Is there a recommended test I can purchase in the UK to establish levels?

  24. How are your prolactin levels? High levels definitely cause sore boobs.

  25. Iodine is critical for our boobies best health, along with all complimentary nutrients. Check out the Iodine FB sites. Fix the problem, don't just do a temporary patch 🙂

  26. Iodine should only be used within the specific iodine protocol. Magnesium is only one.component of it.

  27. Iodine is absolutely critical to almost everyone worldwide. Right up there with Magnesium.

  28. Gunnvor Vik, you have definitely struck a nerve with this topic! Sure wish I had such a resource back when I was suffering! The worst of it was after weaning.

  29. do you take B6. It may cause breast soreness.

  30. It was the Vitamin C on this program that made my breasts incredibly sore and huge. i had to stop it and only get food source through lemons etc. Also, i havent been able to get more than 200-300 mg a day

  31. I'm going to need pictures to do a full evaluation.

  32. Cabbage leaves in your bra might help swelling? Which might then alleviate pain?

  33. Tracy Curnick de Beer seriously? cannot even wear a bra, my boobs are so sore…

  34. Pregnancy test

  35. I just took a test, NOT PREGNANT

  36. This group is amazing….so much to learn.

  37. Agree Gemma ️

  38. Gunnvor Vik Boron, as you already indicated, does this to me so bad that even walking hurts. It could take up to one month of not using boron for the breast tenderness to go away. How long ago did you stop taking the Boron. I have tried boron since 2012 on multiple occasions and each time it made my boobs sore. I recently purchased this other boron product since the laundry detergent always makes my boobs sore. It is the elemental form of boron and in liquid form in water and has no preservatives added in so it's ultra pure. Here is the link to the one I am going to try: The dosing is super small. 1/2 tsp = .075 mcg. Because it is an elemental form and has no excipients it is absorbed 100% by the body. This is exactly what they say about what appears to be a microdose and they use Calcium as an example….. "While ostensibly this may seem like a small amount compared with a traditional 50 or 100 mg. calcium carbonate supplement – consider that it is estimated that less than 1/100 of the actual mineral of calcium extrapolated from a compound form is absorbed on the cellular level IF THE INDIVIDUAL'S ENZYMATIC TRACT IS NOT IMPAIRED!! Therefore, the most a healthy individual could absorb on the cellular level from a 50 mg. calcium carbonate/citrate pill is typically .5 mg. The same ratios hold true on every mineral from Boron to Zinc."

  39. I dido the response that Betsy Maldonado just made re grading Mother Earth Minerals. I have been using the Mother Earth Minerals for years for this very reason it bypasses the digestive stage but it is in the elemental form so it is upped taked by the body at 100% and yoyo can use transdermal, as a result the amount that is needed is very very low. I too have a problem with borax but maybe it is because it is in the detergent form and the steps that are needed for my body to convert to a stage that I can use takes to much and perhaps it is because Im a slow oxidizer maybe the bigger reason. But this form of Boron is very good for me personally And I only take a drop or two at a time. It would be interesting to know if Betsy is a slow Oxidizer too? Take care…

  40. David Wolfe was the first to mention that sea salt has the ability to rebalance the estrogens in the body. I have not heard that again but feel it might be worth mentioning here. Which we do take in the adrenal cocktail but we might need more. AS well as adding in magnesium as it supports the progesterone production. Take care..

  41. It sounds like you're reacting to the large amount of sugar in the coconut water. Most react to too much sugar 🙂 What do you think Gunnvor?

  42. Bigger boobs from sugar?️

  43. Sorenes from sugar. Soreness as Patii and possibly someone else mentioned as well. Sugar = inflammation 🙂

  44. Gunnvor how about the mineral water suggested in all the links in place of the coconut water?

  45. @Cindy Torio… ACV is legendary for it's Potassium and Acetic Acid that REMOVE excess, unbound Iron… I certainly hope that Gunnvor Vik is doing well, and hoping she's on the mend…

    A votre sante!

  46. Gunnvor Vik, I'm not sure if this will help but I had the other end engorged, Not what u think, kankles. Swollen ankles. I mentioned this to Kristan & as I use a sprinkle of salt on most of my meals, it was suggested I cut back my salt in adrenal cocktail. Not my pottasium( cream of tartar & coconut water ). Good luck

  47. Wondering if the added boron stimulated the estrogen receptors, like too little progesterone does or how it goes for a few cycles. We know that boron effects hormones. Maybe either more is needed or let a few cycles happen and see if it levels out. I recently uppedy my boron and am bloated and very sore breasts. It's been a full month like this. Iodine has not relieved me. Very uncomfortable and it's the only thing I've changed.

  48. Gunnvor Vik over the past 18mths my boobs have changed. They got big too but not sore. Now they're both the same size after years of right being bigger than left. Had breast check last week. Perfect. Had pap smear. All good. I'm post menopausal by 11 yrs and 56yrs age. Hope this gives you hope.

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