My brain is mush and I can’t lose weight.


I have Hashimotos too. I feel so tired. I get winded and shaky just broke nagging in the groceries from the car. My brain is mush and I can’t lose weight. I gained 70 pounds about 4 years ago. I had parathyroid surgery a couple of weeks ago and expected to feel better but everything is the same. I’m seeing my original Endo in September and feel the need to arm myself and prepare for a fight.. Um, maybe that’s a bit dramatic:) but I need to be assertive. I have an adrenal adenoma and insulin resistance.. I stopped taking my glucophage a couple of years ago because I was overwhelmed with all my meds. My Endo said it was fine. With the adenoma he originally did a CT every year but it seemed to me that it was only done when I questioned it. I saw a new primary( my old one was 100 miles away) and he said to restart the thyroid meds and that the .175 mcg. Wasn’t enough and said I should talk to my Endo about it. I’m sure this is boring to most but I am tired, fat and fed up! Lol ok I’m being dramatic again!

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  1. You have a lot going on. Why was your parathyroid removed? My GP recommended removing parathyroid. I asked why? She had no answer. So, I didn’t take her advice. I get tired and winded when my thyroid levels are low. I slept most of the last two days due to low thyroid function. I have adrenal adenoma too. I read adenoma are common in older people and only discovered during imaging. Mine was discovered during hernia imaging. I had one and doctor did nothing about it. Took me begging for a follow up test about two years later for her to order imaging again. Test showed I had multiple adenomas on both adrenals. Endo reluctantly order ( blood) stim test which showed I had low cortisol and no renin or aldosterone. She prescribed hydrocortisone and florinef. I am off both meds now since my levels are fine. I have been taking thyroid med for 50 years, but too low dose. When I first began seeing this doc, she changed my thyroid meds which lead to me gaining inches in my waist, hips and weight. Then she claimed I was insulin resistant and prescribed metformin. My pharmacist questioned taking met. My kidneys stopped working a few months after taking met and doc discontinued. Some endos use metformin, glucophage, etc. for weight loss. Met caused me to gain more inches and pounds. I am athletic. The only thing that changed was my medication. Your GP may be right about starting thyroid med again and 175 mcg not being enough. There isn’t any test for insulin resistance. Doc’s dx if patient has three conditions. They use BMI, waist size, high cholesterol, glucose or blood pressure, My BMI and cholesterol were high and waist big due to under treated thyroid condition. My A1C glucose test was normal. Blood pressure low. I gained 25 lbs under this endo’s care. Fatigue, weight gain, etc. are signs of low thyroid. I would ask endo to order TSH, Free T 3 and 4, reverse T-3, vitamin D3, iron, etc tests first. Start treatment for low thyroid and see how that works out. Another CT later on and stim test if your CT shows more adrenal adenomas. I think you should work on your thyroid first. Try to get levels optimal. Then, work on adenoma if necessary. I read adrenals and other organs don’t work properly if thyroid is not or under treated.

  2. You also sound like you have a lot going on. Labs showed a high parathyroid hormone and sub therapeutic vit D and the CT showed a tumor. My PTH is down to acceptable level. When I was dx with insulin resistance the did a test. The test involved having blood drawn at increments after drinking a special sweet drink….I’m not sure how the adrenal adenoma was found. But once the CT showed kidney stones:( I couldn’t get in to see my Endo till September, my primary too. I also have thyroid nodules. I appreciate your info. How is an adrenal adenoma treated?

  3. Thanks for the parathyroid explanation. I am a lot better since discontinuing meds I didn’t need . The sweet liquid test you had measures glucose. A1C blood test measures glucose for three months prior to testing and a better test. It’s how endo that treats diabetes tests glucose/sugar levels. \n\nMy adenoma was treated with hydrocortisone and Florenif after stim blood test showed my cortisol, renin and aldosterone were extremely low. I don’t take these drugs anymore since my level are normal.

  4. What’s a stim test

  5. Good luck

  6. I’m doing a 24 hour urine..

  7. Stim is a blood test that checks cortisol, renin and aldosterone levels. It is done to detect Adrenal Insufficiency and Addison Disease. It is a fasting test done between 8-9 am when cortisol levels are highest. You can’t take thyroid med on test day since it messes results. They draw your blood for baseline. Than give you injection of adrenaline and test blood every hour or half hour for 3 times. If cortisol levels are low without injection and do not raise with injection, it means your adrenal glands aren’t working and you need to take hydrocortisol. If renin and aldosterone levels are low and do not rise or decrease after injection, it means your body is eliminating electrolytes dehydrating. Florenif is prescribed to increase these levels. People with low renin and aldosterone usually have low blood pressure and heart rate, and extremely fatigued and thirsty. They dehydrate no matter how much water they drink since they eliminate electrolytes via urination.

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