My brother in law has Hemochromotosis.


My brother in law has Hemochromotosis.

I don’t know much about it so any info will help!

His levels should be at 50 but are 1557! He’s getting blood taken out, 2 pints a week.

What can we do to help him?

Thank you!

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  1. I also have hemochromatosis.. I am unable to give blood due to it being to thick.. I am taking aspirin 2 baby ones a day, learning a lot about magnesium and boron from these amazing people have helped me. Get the book on hemochromatosis… 2 pints a week for a number of months will help him a lot. It really affects the liver. Pancreas and heart. Brain fog is terrible. Taking magnesium has helped with this and the joint pain. The pointer finger is the key symptom.

  2. Maybe EDTA infusions or IP3. They say venisection is the way to go. I hear desferox is dangerous. Not medical advice though have him ask his hematologist or hepatogist if he has one

  3. I hear milk thistle can help to get iron out of the liver. Not sure if this is true/safe either

  4. Following the Dr just told my Mom she may have this. Does it cause extreme fatigued? TIA

  5. Maybe some of these would help


  6. 1. Invite him to join this group to learn firsthand.
    2. Meanwhile have him view the video on Morley's site.

  7. 3. And read these articles o Iron Toxicity
    4. Plus, send him the graphic above, Options to Clear Iron.

  8. Thank you!!! I'm sending him all this info. He doesn't have a fb

  9. Is it acquired or inherited?

  10. Pointer finger ?

  11. I also have it and am busy de-ironing. Join the hemachromatosis / haemochromatosis fb group.

    He can also do ip6 – that will help him de-iron faster.

  12. I'm still confused about how hemochromatosis differs from the iron overload/toxicity that Morley talks about? Are they two different things????

  13. This may be overwhelming to suggest but read as much as you can around the condition, there are a few types of Iron overload and hereditary cause is just one of them. Great book for reading/info is 'Dumping Iron' and the website of The Iron Institute US. Once at maintenance level after venesection many live long and healthy lives.

  14. Thank you all for the info. I will be reading up for my husband.
    We have changed certain things in our diet about a year ago, but I'm going to work on eliminating other things.
    He has had 2 phlebotomies so far…….this last ones numbers didn't go down, they increased!

  15. This post is for Monica Boggs husband just FYI ️

  16. Having HH is quantified by the gene mutations C282Y or H63D. There is another one but it is rare. Veronica explained it pretty well. Some have these genes but fail to have HH. Then there are the rest of us who just store iron, most of humans. Why, because of diets high in iron enriched or fortified foods. Or we do this and drink alcohol that helps absorb this iron. The body does not use this iron so it sores it for your lifetime. This iron turns into rust or oxidizes in your organs that it is stored in. This expresses itself in so called diseases. Therefore we want to reduce this excess iron via blood donations or phlebotomies. We can also use Stabilized Rice Bran which pulls out this excess iron slowly if used daily.

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