My brother is doing his best to quit smoking


My brother is doing his best to quit smoking. He’s currently using nicotine patches. I’d like to help him by suggesting more natural alternatives. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can help him kick his habit?

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  1. cannabis has been used quit successfully and not only for that many other things like morphine or herion. It will calm the cravings.Also prescribed as a harm reducer in place of tobacco or alcohol or anything thing that causes more harm than cannabis which is every thing including water.

  2. Alena YL Tersova nice graphic. Thanks for supporting a healthy natural alternative for helping people to quit smoking and living a more healthy life. 🙂

  3. young living oils 😉

  4. Find a new passion. Weather it's health, or what ever finding a passion keeps yu going and you find a bigger goal then just trying to quit

  5. When he feels the urge to smoke rub Black Pepper oil in the palm of his hands and inhale a few times..Lastly pray to God to take away the cravings.

  6. How cliché it will sound but the only thing that's really helping is a strong will. Fight it for a few weeks and it gets better. I stopped since January this year after 35 years of smoking. Off course the things above here will help to but nothing can do without his strong mind who really wants to stop

  7. Young Living has an essential oil called "Black Pepper" that helps to kick the habit. Then you can also use lemon or other citrus oils to clear the lymph system and detox the liver. If you have specific questions please message me or visit my wife's page.

  8. Drink a lot of fruit juice and water to flush the nicotine out of your body. Alternating hot/very warm and icy cold water also helps flush it out. The warm water bring blood/circulation to your cells & the cold makes them contract and expel the toxins. Works well for lessening a cold or flue virus too IF you do it as soon as you realize you are getting sick. Then get in a warm bed, take a nap, and let Mother Nature make you well..

  9. Keep lots of candy n gum round

  10. My neighbor has had great success using essential oils. Clove, OnGuard or even Black Pepper helped her and she has been cigarette free for 4 months now. Just a drop on the tongue when a cravings hits.

  11. Cold turkey and water

  12. Acupuncture. I've heard former smokers say its like a miracle.

  13. Go to acupuncture it works

  14. I think what ever way we choose to make big changes in our difficult lives, good to get support. Have compassion, empathy for ourselves and others.

  15. Thank u all, this was my question just didn't know how to ask, thank u for asking. This such a hard habit. I have been wrestling with this for awhile now. I have high anxitiy and low energy so I have to beat coffee and ciggs with a partner who won't give it up! So yea its a struggle in my life. Love this page!

  16. I know they get a lot of flack but e ciggs are great. Can buy him a disposable one for five bucks..can last a week

  17. he has to realize he just doesn't need it .

  18. The best way to quit smoking is cold turkey, do not think you have to have something to take its place. It is all upstairs, mind before all else. If a person wants it bad enough they can do it. God will also help, just ask.

  19. I recommend EFT/matrix re-imprinting. When we know the roots of cravings and addictions we can address them.
    You can tap with your brother and also for him (surrogate tapping).
    This is my Facebook page there is a how to guide in the notes.

  20. I think it's a process that is very personal to each individual. I have had a friend who did really well with hypnosis, and another that it only worked for for a short period of time. If a person really wants to give up, they will keep searching. I wish him well.

  21. Someone I know has had great success with 5-HTP (tryptophan) which is an essential amino acid and is needed for producing serotonin in the brain. Addictions trick the brain that it's producing serotonin when it really isn't. The pleasure response is coming from the addicted product so of course we crave more of it. If serotonin levels are really low there are many other symptoms to be expected such as increased levels of anxiety, headaches and insomnia.

    Have a look at these websites:

  22. A drop of thieves oil on tongue every time he wants to smoke.

  23. I used the strongest patch for 3 weeks to beat the habit. Then ditched the patches completely to beat the nicotine. Divide and conquer. Been 17 yrs now.

  24. cold turkey…..

  25. As strange as it sounds, the day I started taking this chaga mushroom extract, I had this bad feeling in my chest and it seemed really easy to decide to quit, I vowed never to smoke anything ever again, it's worked for a few months with no quarms at all. I've heard niacin is good to take the cravings away, but I've got no experience with that. Once he truly makes the decision, it'll be done.

  26. Herbal cigarettes! They taste hellish and soon you can't stand them any more, plus they're not addictive!

  27. The app is $6 & it really works 🙂

  28. Thanks so much everyone!

  29. Vit b3, gaba, melatonin before bed. Anything to relax. Might be some oils you could burn to relax too. Take the edge off.

  30. Jason Vales Stop smoking in 2 hours app.

  31. healing, hypnotherapy, meditation.

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