My ceruloplasmin is 28


I’m confused. All my iron blood tests came back low….my ceruloplasmin is 28. Can I eat foods to boost or no? My total iron was 89, my saturation was 25, by binding capacity was 353 and my ferritin is 43. All help is appreciated.

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  1. Denise Chapman – I have but one question, what is your daily diet consist of ?

  2. Lots of fruit and veggies. Started adding in 4 eggs a day with liver once a week and spirulina for more protien

  3. But should we eat iron rich foods? My ceruloplsmin is in range if a bit.low….

  4. I don't think these iron numbers are low just ceuroplasim.

  5. I am hypothyroid. The hypothyroid group thinks that they're on the low side

  6. Denise Chapman : When you say lot's of Fruits and veggies, I hear you saying your addicted to a hard sugar diet loaded with bulk, thus your still eating all the sugars you can – am I wrong ? and next are you bothering to even see if they are GMO'd ! that is like adding a infection on top of a bad diet, their are 2 types of sugars, the ones you should never ever think about eating, and the ones you should Avoid at all cost !

  7. Dan Webb in interested in using coconut sugar to substitute for regular sugar, or is there something better?

  8. Beth Ridings : what are we looking at here ? hard sugar for a fix, or Extended release sugars from complex carb's and starches, you tell me ? for your own health what forms of sugars that you are not going to burn in a marathon run is healthiest for you, ? I do not think their are any ???

  9. the current data says None !

  10. Just during the holidays I'd like to bake a pumpkin pie, Pecan pie or some king of dessert that everyone will be happy to eat , but , is healthy. If that's possible?

  11. so is every day a holiday ?

  12. I didn't start feeling better till I got my ferritin to 60

  13. LeAnn Cunningham how dd you get your ferritin up?

  14. Eat vegetables like spinach. Kale. Most green vegetables. Liver beef once a week.You can ask Google what is good for iron defiency, and it will bring this up for you.I was so low on iron and Vitamin D. I had to get it by I .V. once a week for 6 weeks.Good luck.

  15. Thats funny. I was just googleing spinach and kale and liver!

  16. Denise Chapman : spinach, kale, organ meat's, filters for trash in us and the animals we choose to eat ? – bit better than sugars but – take time to understand what is wrong with all vegan foods – This is not 1925 when you great grandmother grew up, our vegan food's are not only just sugared to Death, but totally depleted in nutrients and with the fact they are GMO'd you have no clue what your even eating ! ( the new no gmo labeling law! ) listen no one wants to hear the Truth, and you can even lie to yourself but only for so long ! >>>

  17. Thank you Dan but I'm not sure I understand the first comment. Liver kale and spinach are good for us or no?

  18. Wow really? I didn't know that so how my supposed to get iron?

  19. 3Rd generation from the late 1700's I still am cooking on Iron skillets but being realistic look at this, it is simple math, and while I know at my age what women go thru you do not loose that much iron, moreover look at what is top of list =

  20. Good idea. I'm going to get a iron skillet tomorrow

  21. Denise Chapman – put the puzzle together !

  22. Dan, if I could I wouldn't be here. Lol

  23. our vegan diets are now only a thing like my Chili I kept a pot going each week, now it is a once a year treat ! ( made a bit few weeks back – ran wife out of the room ! ) we are Not supposed to have gas like that, Not even a Cow is vegetarian ! by a Long shot !

  24. i stopped grains a whil back. Im not vegetarian anymore but I do love my veggies.

  25. example a cow, has 4 stomachs and produces 100's of pounds of bacteria ( living creatures ! ) while a cow can digest vegan foods a great deal better than we do, it still has to have the basic requirements for it's muscles, collagen, etc/// it just digests 100's of lbs of bacteria that feeds on the plant materials ! – Have you ever camped out next to a pond full of fish and fall asleep in a cow field ! well you taste like salt when the sun comes up

  26. It is a puzzle you have to put together ! you can no longer eat vegan foods – read the Site map, they are all posion to us, and that is besides the fact of the sugars,

  27. No avocado?

  28. in China for example they do not Steam rice, they cook it into a paste – back when I picked corn and helped grandmother and great grandmother do Beans !!! it took them 2 days of washing, rinsing, and cooking to de-nature the lectin's in them, and now people are eating Raw vegan Foods !!! = its not the raw egg's they are the cure, you should read this and bookmark it before you even go shopping, it's the vegan stuff that is pathogenic ! and im not kidding, my favorites are all gone, I have 2 isles to shop from in a 50 isle super center ! =

  29. Listen no one is crying over this any harder than I am, but you cannot eat BT bacteria toxin in fresh vegan diet's, and the sugars should be a treat once a year like my chili is now ! = after the massive blow up some time back im not eager to make them again !

  30. Impress me about the sugars in Avocado ???

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