My church said they are not gluten free.


I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago and have been diligent about eliminating gluten. have a question on communion wafers. My church said they are not gluten free. I am ok not taking one, but i serve communion and hand out the wafers to 50+ people each week. if I use hand sanitizer both before and after serving, would that be enough or is that dangerous? Thank you.

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  1. You would need actual soap and water. Unless you can use tongs, or gloves.

  2. Use gloves. Still wash after.

  3. You can’t sanitize away gluten. It is a DNA protein chain not a virus or bacteria. Thoroughly washing with soap and water will wash it away.

    For me, I can’t even touch it. I get a DH rash from skin contact. I know the theory is that it can’t effect us thru the skin. My body says differently.

    Just be careful because you can breathe it in. I would be extremely careful to serve and immediately go to the bathroom and wash. Be sure to NOT touch your face during.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Wow, I didnt even think of this.. i took communion on Sunday and my stomach has been uncomfortable. Nothing major but annoying.
    Does this mean I can’t ever take communion again?

  6. I handle gluten food regularly. Preparing and serving. No problems handling, but I can’t handle the slightest cross contamination. You’ll have to learn how your body reacts. 🙁 Unfortunately, too often, we have to find out the hard way.

  7. I wash my hands religiously.
    No pun intended

  8. I would use gloves and wash hands. I have also found that certain hand sanitizers like from bath and body works contain wheat ? didn’t know why my hands were so itchy and dry but I work in the food industry and am constantly around gluten so I thought I was being proactive

  9. Our church has both the regular communion wafers, which are wheat based, and gluten free. They are very expensive and that is why most churches don’t carry gluten free but it is worth asking.

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