My current problem is tremors.


Since we are working on symptoms …. my current problem is tremors. Mostly in my hands. Years ago they were mild. Now they are increasing. When i first went to my endo — it was on his list of questions — so i know there was a reason for his asking. But i no longer go to him (because of a list of horrid mishap medication issues with levo and other reasons.) and i just go to a regular physician who is meeting my needs. But now this increasing problem … anyone else ? don’t want to go back to finding a crack-pot endo again. I tried two — and both were horrid.

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  1. I would go to see a neurologist. Strictly for the tremors

  2. Essential tremor runs in my family for females. Starts with hand and voice tremor

  3. Mine was due to gluten. Stopped when I cut it out (I’m now on AIP and also without corn (numbness), dairy (joint pain) etc etc). (Yes, was also checked by neurologist)

  4. Yes go to a Neurologist, to test why you have tremors. I don’t believe that is a common side effect of Hashis

  5. Seeing a neurologist now for this. Mine are on right side only though, arm and leg

  6. Yes I have them too. I thought I read somewhere is was from Hashimotos, but can’t remember where I seen it. Does your hands go weak too?

  7. Tremors can be a possible hyper symptom so that’s why a doctor would ask about them but there are also many other causes. Seeing a neurologist sounds like a very good idea.

  8. Everything comes and goes. It is hard to deal with and worst is, people don’t understand. Tremors I have had and mine went away. Sometimes they return if I am overly tired and have brain fog. I am so tired anymore and I cant sleep. That is one symptom I wish would go away.

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