My daughter bloodwork showed Celiac


My daughter bloodwork showed Celiac and Wednesday we have the scope and biopsy.
Im a little overwhelmed. She is 9.5. What helps with the transition. Already dreading my family they don’t understand a lot.

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  1. When we transitioned we just jumped in to it head first and since 2 of 3 of my kids have been diagnosed our whole house is gluten free now. \nThere are certain appliances you need to replace since just cleaning isn’t good enough and we did go buy a cast iron skillet that is specifically a gluten free pan in case we do have something with gluten in it that pan will NEVER be used for that. We also went out and bought cookbooks and subscribed to the gluten free magazine. It made it a lot easier in the beginning and now we just change up any recipe to be gluten free. It takes getting used to but don’t beat your self up. Slip up happen in the beginning. Hugs to you mama and stay strong you will pick it up really quick.

  2. For that age, stick to whole foods for a couple weeks before trying to introduce GF substitues. They dont taste the same but are better if youve given yourself some time to “forget” exactly how gluten food tasted.

  3. The best advice I can give is do not focus on what she cannot have!! By reading this site I’ve learned that what most people,including myself, found so heartbreaking was how hard it was to change my way of thinking… Not my diet….. I will tell you that to be happy gluten free it does take planning. I plan my meals a week on advance, buy all the groceries. Then there’s no question. You don’t have to give up going out to eat….. But you do have to change some of the places you go. Don’t make it a thing…..and she wont either. I have two children that had to go gluten free…. And I was sooooo careful to not let them see how frustrating it was for me. It will be frustrating.
    I will point out that most of the things they cannot have are things that aren’t really good for them anyway. If you need ideas for breads, cookies, crackers, cupcakes noodles….. Just ask!! I can pm pictures of stuff I’ve found that taste just like some of the normal stuff you won’t wanna have around anymore. Goodluck!

  4. At 9.5 yo, include her in the shopping and cooking and baking. She’s old enough and a transition like this works best when they have control over some of it. Kids are amazing at learning new things and she will be a fabulous label reader in no time. Take your cues from her. If she’s taking it in stride, follow her lead. If she sees you upset, she will be upset. Treat it like a new adventure of discovering all the foods out there you didn’t know existed. Check Pinterest for fun recipes. Check your library for cookbooks. I bought a ton in the first few months and they sit. Wish I’d had Pinterest then.

  5. Make your family understand it. I guess it was easier for me as I am the mom mom. Plus having RA the kids knew I was going through hell (sorry).

  6. Families won’t and friends will forget but just say no thank you and don’t try to explain it. Gmo’s also make me ill so not only gf but organic. It’s expensive but worth it. Tinkyada pastas are the best. Udi’s whole grain soft bread and Pam’s waffles. King arthur pancake mis with organic eggs and butter, whole milk (lactose free) are wonderful. You’ll be fine. 🙂

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