My daughter got so sick from a gluten-free pizza


I feel like restaurants should not be able to call an item Gluten-Free unless they can say it’s safe for celiacs. My daughter got so sick from a “gluten-free” pizza she ate last night from a restaurant. Cross contamination is the celiacs worst enemy!? and it’s everywhere.

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  1. Honestly, I have read things online from people who work in pizza places–they can’t really avoid cross contamination. If I go out to eat, I always, always get a salad. When we travel, I take an extra suitcase. I just don’t eat out. It’s better than constantly being traumatized with “gluten-friendly” food. Edit: And I’m sorry. We really should live in a world where people get it. They don’t, and it’s awful.

  2. I have a hard time trusting GF pizza from any restaurant. Its just so hard to avoid cross contamination.

  3. I wish so too

  4. You can’t really avoid cc in a pizza place because it is in the air you are breathing. You will swallow quite a bit of what you breathe in. Your daughter was probably contaminated the moment she stepped in the door.

  5. I can say with all certainty Red Robin can’t be beat, they are the best! I was going to sit in on a meal (not eat) with my family, when the mngr brought out a pc of luggage. He continued to explain how each kit is for 1 person , every pc. is sterile, and used in its own side of the kit.! He even took me around the corner for a peek. Wow! I had a pc of chicken, applesauce. I did not get sick, and its the only place I trust to eat out at. You have got to try it.

  6. I agree….. many things are labeled Gluten Free, but are not safe for those of us with celiac disease…. I tried explaining to a food truck that if they were frying empanadas in the same oil, they were no longer gluten free…….. they just didn’t get it………….

  7. I say it all the time…a Gluten Free Menu does not mean it is Celiac safe. Before ordering from a GF Menu you still need to ask questions about how the kitchen handles GF orders.

  8. I agree! What is the point if the people who need it in order to live can’t eat it?

  9. i agree. im new to this process and i have found that out the hard way.

  10. true…if they’re going to cash in on the \

  11. I ordered off a gluten free menu at a higher class restaurant and got severely sick afterwards. Turned out it was the basalmic glazed chicken. I should’ve never trusted the menu. I learned my lesson.

  12. Most restaurants won’t even claim “gluten free” because of the legality of it. The term “made without gluten” is what I normally see. It’s kind of like a nut allergy- everything made on equipment that at some point in time processes nuts has a disclaimer. Typically to be truly GF is has to be in a separate package from a GF certified manufacturer, never opened in an exposed kitchen, like someone earlier said about Red Robin. I stick primarily to making my own food and I hate to cook. Besides the gluten issue, there are so many chemicals and pre-fab food products in restaurants these days, who even knows what’s truly inside.

  13. Same thing happened to me from a Ledos Gluten free Pizza, I was sick for 3 days. It’s crazy that they can advertise GF items when they share the prep area, mind boggling.

  14. I have not gone on vacation yet since being diagnosed. I feel sometimes there is no other option but to eat out. Obviously I will being a lot of food when that day comes but when you are on the go all day and your family eats out for every meal what do you all do then about eating?

  15. Yes, they should, but we know that many don’t actually have a separate GF kitchen. So it’s up to us to ask and make sure we or loved ones are truly safe.

  16. Heads up, Mod Pizza has a GF pizza crust but told me that I shouldn’t eat there with a celiac diagnosis.

  17. When ever something says gluten-free, most of the time it means gluten free ingredients and does not account for cross contamination. Sorry she is sick

  18. Completely agree. I actually lose respect for places for this in general as otherwise the offering becomes just pr

  19. Amen ??
    I posted this earlier about Illinois

    New Law Requires Food Allergen Safety Training for Restaurants

    This would be great if all states had this …..

  20. I read on on a blog recently that Disney is pretty good with gluten-free/celiac safe cooking.

  21. When you order Dominos online it tells you there is risk of cross contamination. It’s kinda hard to avoid. I work there and make the pizzas so I try to be extra careful when,someone orders and I’m there. But not every one does that

  22. I wish dedicated gluten free restaurants were more common

  23. Godfathers GF pizza is safe. If they offer GF, they are required to have a seperate prep area and special training for the staff.

  24. This is why I will only eat my cooking. Its been hard but better than sick

  25. We went to a local Italian restaurant a couple days ago and my husband ordered a gluten free pizza and they brought him a regular pizza. Thankfully my husband knows what they should look like and questioned the manager BEFORE he took a bite! I don’t think they realize how BAD that can be!

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