My daughter is showing signs of gluten intolerance!


My daughter is showing signs of gluten intolerance!! She’s 14!! No one in our family has any intolerances to any food!! We eat milk, eggs, nuts and wheat and all whole foods!! We have a Dr. appt on March 10!! I’ve heard of some healing this intolerance! Any links you can share with me please?!?

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  1. Thank you Margie!!! That's my thoughts as well!! We have a friend who has celiac so she's given us the low-down with what to eat and what to avoid!! And she's started a whole foods diet and she feels much better!!! I tell ya-I'm going to be planting a garden this year!!! I'll know exactly where my food comes from then!!

  2. Naomi – in the 70's high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) was introduced. That was the start of immune system/gut problems. In the 80's bromine replaced iodine in bread flour – bromine is an endocrine disrupter. It displace iodine in thyroid. That was the 2nd insult. Now#3 – In '96 they started with GMOs – and spraying ever-increasing amounts of glyphosates and other pesticides. Thing is, they spray wheat (to quicken harvest) – even though it's not GMO – in the way that corn and soy have been cross species modified. It's the glyphosates that kill the gut. It's a neurotoxin. Kids who had Mercury and aluminum exposure and who were not breastfed, who eat non-organic wheat, processed or fast (factory farmed) foods – and high stress and/or antibiotic use will be more vulnerable to Celiac, Crohn's, etc. The movie Bought (GreenMedInfo) is free thru 3/6 – and it has good info.

  3. I totally agree with Margie Haley. I am grain free and am so much better. My kids are also better on a wheat free and very reduced sugar free lifestyle.

  4. Yes I hate gmo and we are working at removing as much of that as we can and making healthy, organic whole food choices!! She was born drug free and breastfed for a year!! I'm looking for links in the area of what I can do now though….not what has happened!!

  5. I know grain free is much healthier bc the wheat is not the same as what my grandparents had back 50 yrs ago, but we love cookies and cake!! I bake from scratch and that's prob the hardest one!!!!

  6. Rebuilding the gut is a process. You may like an article – Google Dr. Luc Deschepper and Flora Balance. On his website, also, is his book Candida. Also, coconut flour makes great baked goods, and can be combined with other flours.

  7. Naomi there are lots of awesome grain free cookies and cakes out there. Danielle Walker's "against all grain" cookbook has a bunch of great ones and tammy Credicott's "paleo indulgences" is fantastic too.

  8. Yes gut health is my main focus for her now!!!

  9. I have lots of grain free sugar free cake and cookie options there is lots of hope! I am on pinterest.

  10. Ok thank you Emily!!! So far the baked goods we have tried that are gluten free taste pretty crappy!!!

  11. Naomi, I have all my life baked from scratch and that was the most difficult for me too. It was also the most difficult change to make because there were a lot of, what I considered, "failures" in the gluten free baking department and it got discouraging enough to make me not want to bake. I eventually found some keeper recipes that I use most often and will occasionally try new ones. Also, the brands and types of gf flours vary so much it takes time to find one that works. I've been through many.

  12. Aahhh good to know Margie!!! Yes I see a huge learning curve for us all!! Lol Bc if she needs to be gluten free that means ALL of us are!!! Lol Small exceptions of course but I'm not making two meals for supper!! I'll need to find a good flour to make noodles with too!!

  13. Oh also get Kelly Brozyna's "the Paleo chocolate lover's cookbook"

  14. I'm not a huge cookbook "cooker" but those 3 are seriously fantastic for baked goods. Lemmie know if you want my pancake recipe too, and one for sandwich rounds. Mmmm.

  15. Lol oh I definitely want it Emily!!! Can you pretty please pass that on to me?!

  16. Mineral balancing has helped me…I can eat organic wheat now (haven't tried non-organic)! Add in EFA's too.

  17. Trouble with Paleo for me is eggs 🙁

  18. Yay!!!! Thank you Emily!!! I went and quickly pinned these on my Pinterest board!!! Thank you!!! I only need to buy coconut flour-I have the rest of the ingredients!!!

  19. Jenna your story is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!! Thank you!!!!

  20. What though is EFA?!

  21. Don't make any changes until they test she she needs to be on gluten to be tested. Otherwise the tests will not be accurate

  22. Ah that's right Cheri!! Crappy!! Lol

  23. Essential fatty acids, Naomi Levaillant-Scherger. 🙂 Magnesium is also a big one when it comes to healing gluten intolerance (or at least I've read this in The Ultimate Healing System by Donald Lepore). Before I found this group, I had already added in high doses of fish oil, mag glycinate, and safflower oil (for linoleic acid) for a couple months. I stopped them though because the glycinate was causing me problems, found out the added D in the fish oil wasn't good to take without knowing if I had a deficiency…so anyways…stopped all those. I tried some organic sourdough bread from a restaurant sometime before this…had bloating, stomach pains/crampiness. Well after the supplements, I ate some pizza that was made with refined, white flour (typical NY style pizza shop stuff)…and my symptoms were barely noticeable compared to before I had started any of those mentioned supplements. Then I found this group, got my HTMA done, my Mag-zinc-copper panel…and I've been trying to follow Morley's advice the best I can. Started Jigsaw Mag w/ SRT in January some time…I've been taking camu camu for vitamin C, trace mineral drops, and some other supplements that my chiropractor told me to take. Also went grain free for one month (January)….not sure if it's related or not. But just two weeks ago I ate some organic wheat bread…had no stomach issues at all. The bread was made from locally grown and freshly milled wheat though so I wanted to see if maybe it was somehow different from the organic kind sold in the store (since I had a reaction to organic bread in the past). Well I tried some organic frozen pizzas and still…no tummy issues. I also want to mention that although I could not tolerate wheat products for years…I was able to tolerate Ezekial bread…which is made from a mix of different sprouted grains and organic wheat gluten!

  24. Basically, one thing you should know is that just because a food contains the same ingredient as another…it is not necessarily going to affect you in the same way. Example being that I cannot tolerate cow's milk (even organic) but somehow I can tolerate a specific brand of whipped cream that is made with organic cow's milk! I found this all out by going to a Chiropractor who does a type of muscle testing called Nutrition Response Testing. I would highly recommend bringing your daughter to a practitioner who does NRT, if you're able to. You can find one here:

  25. You're welcome Naomi. 🙂 We make them every single week. sometimes twice a week. Let me know if you need anything else specific.

  26. Jenna that's EXACTLY what i want to hear!!!!! Thank you!!!! How do I go about getting an HTMA done?!?

  27. I got it through 🙂

  28. Thank you everyone!!!! I'm so happy to get the answers I was looking for!!!!!

  29. Glad I could help! I know it sucks having to deal with food intolerances!

  30. Please check for celiac disease BEFORE removing gluten. You want to know if this is autoimmune celiac or non celiac Gluten sensitivity… even though the diet is the same for both. Here is a public FB note that I wrote re celiac (My 6 yr old has celiac disease). The blood labs for celiac are at the top. Must be eating gluten for celiac test to be valid, so test first, then ditch the poison!

  31. If you test for celiac and it is negative… this brand new paper might be interesting to you re Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity:

    A new week long, double blind study on gluten's effect on people WITHOUT celiac disease shows that the amount of gluten in just ~ 1 slice of wheat bread is enough to cause a significant increase in symptoms such as abdominal bloating and pain, foggy mind, depression, & canker sores.

  32. Incidence of celiac vs glyphosate sprayed on wheat….

  33. I have had so much frustration with GF flour blends that I find it much easier to stock my pantry with grain free flour options and the starches: almond meal/flour, coconut flour, tapioca and arrowroot starches. With those four, I can make plenty of great cakes, cupcakes, pancakes – even pizza dough. I did build up some other ingredients over time for various recipes: flax seed meal, hemp seeds, cashew meal, psyllium husks… But the first four are staples. I also have a TON of pinned recipes that are categorized Paleo/Primal. Look at my Treats board or Breads board for the bulk of the baking recipes.

    All the best to your family on this diet-modification journey!

  34. Karmann Mills, I am mostly GF (just have been able to tolerate wheat recently) and for years now…I have never bothered with gluten free flour blends. Brown rice flour can be used for almost everything. It can't make a good pizza dough or bread on its own, but I use it for pancakes/waffles, cookies, muffins, pies, cakes, as a thickener, a breading for fried food (don't judge me, lol! I get to have these about once a year!), and it has done really well. I usually don't like GF flour blends though…just because of the added gums they use and I don't know….the texture is not usually very good.

  35. It just got too complicated for me with "gluten free" recipes because I started my pantry with "grain free" ingredients… didn't have rice or potato flour or bean flours… blah blah blah. And when I tried the ready-made mixes, they are all vastly different from eachother! (BTW, don't make cinnamon rolls with Bob's Red Mill blend. It will taste like dirt! lol.) So, anyway… that's just my journey. I think it just maybe depends on how you start the GF journey… just plain GF or actually grain free. Maybe? Also: I like recipes to be as simple as possible. 🙂

  36. I know what you mean, Karmann Mills. When I first saw gluten free recipes I was kind of overwhelmed. I didn't bake from scratch prior to being GF and uhm…well…seeing a recipe where I needed like 5 different flours/starches was just….no. I couldn't afford to buy all of those at once most of the time anyways so I just took non-GF recipes and used brown rice flour in them instead of wheat flour. Or if a recipe calls for "gluten free flour blend"…I just use brown rice flour. Like I said, it won't work for everything but it works for most things. I tried grain free a few times over the years and I found out I'm intolerant to almond and coconut flour…so it kind of made it impossible for me to be content on a grain free diet, lol. Last month I went grain free again though and I did well, had more energy…but now my psoriasis is the worst it's ever been in my life and I'm getting bumps (almost like hives), itching, rashes. I read in a psoriasis forum the other day that someone had a similar issue when they went on a ketogenic diet….something about it caused mast cells to activate and triggered the psoriasis. 🙁 I'm trying to eat low histamine now and I'm back on the grains again. I guess it's just not time for me to be grain free….wish I could be though!

  37. Wow, I'm sorry to hear that, Jenna Ross! But very glad the brown rice had worked for you!! I've absolutely learned it's all about listening your body, and not going crazy trying to replicate your old lifestyle, but finding peace in what you can tolerate. 🙂

  38. Yeahhhh Tammy Credicott's first book "the healthy gluten free diet" was like that. Gums and a billion different weird flours. Etc.

    Her Paleo one is so much simpler.

    Grain free cooking really feels more simple and intuitive to me than "gluten free" for sure. I have coconut flour, almond flour, arrowroot starch, and tapioca starch, and use those in some combination (but sometimes just almond or just coconut) for the majority of my baking.

    I say majority because other times a nut butter will act as a flour, no flour needed. Or pureed white sweet potato (for my pizza crust recipe) acts as a starch.

    But simple food. No more complicated than owning wheat flour, white flour, cake flour, self rising flour… You know?

  39. I did everything allergy shots; allergy drops; gene diet antihistamines and allergies just got worse as I aged. At age 61 my new doc said to go grain free and low carb simple. It is like night and day. Geez I wish someone had told me this when I was young.

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  41. My partner is a celiac. I make water kefir drinks for her bowel movement problems. I have found that if I give her a drink of the water kefir when she has an attack, that the kefir settles her stomach within a few minutes. My reasons were her gut digestive enzymes are the problem, or lack of them. It just so happens these enzymes help celiac attacks go away.

  42. Wheat is a common problem food, causing inflammation, indigestion, bloating and weight gain in lots of people, reversed as fast as you drop it from the diet. Wheat is a plant that mutates on its own often, so with some people, it triggers problems. You also mention dairy, so since that's a very common inflammation-causing food even if people think they're fine with it, try dropping it from the diet for a few weeks and see how it goes.

  43. Wheat carries some kind of added toxin or GMO (course it prob carries more than one, most likely a slew of them) that makes people intolerant to the actual wheat… and in turn causes celiac disease seen on FB article by one of the natural food companies the other day… we are not supposed to process this crap through our bodies…

  44. I have been gluten free for about six years and am no longer as sensitive to cross-contamination.

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