My diabetes has gone haywire.


My diabetes has gone haywire. I can not take diabetes pills because I can not metabolize them been using things prescribed by naturopath but after a virus 6 weeks ago they quite workingg. My sugar has been over 300. I am getting rather despirate removing all carbs and my blood sugar is still 299 this morning. Any thing anyone can think of would be appreciated. They will not give me insulin for some reason. I feel like I am on deaths door. Hi sugar keeps me awake . I have not slept more than 3 hours at time in a week. Last week I went back on metformen but the cramps and diarhea are terrible and adding to the citation . I lost 7 pounds in the last 6 days. My liver mutations are cyp2c9, cyp2c19 and abcb1. Chemicals build up in my blood until I am poisoned. I have an appointment at the doctors Nov 4.

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  1. I have tried magnesium I used to eat a banana now and then. I am afraid to try anything new right now . Does magnesium really help blood sugar

  2. cinnamon, hibiscus tea

  3. You need magnesium, chromium, thiamine and retinol. Deficiencies have been found to cause blood sugar issues. Ceylon cinnamon and berberine can also help.

  4. how much ? a one day tablet?

  5. Berberine but I have diabetes too and am trialing a drug which is experimental. I may be shot down in flames for this but a cross interest in hypertrophy (bodybuilding) led me to discover Ostarine. It is used by bodybuilders but all for sale online (legally) is "not for human consumption". I used reviews by bodybuilders to remove some risk when choosing from all available brands. Id guess most is made in china labs and sent to stockists. Here is exerpts from a study paper I have….Ostarine "An agent capable of selectively increasing muscle performance without androgenic side effects such as prostate growth in men and virilization in women (side effects of steroidal androgens) is desirable for the treatment of sarcopenia. A Phase IIa study with the drug OstarineTM has shown significant improvement in the ability of healthy, elderly men and women to climb stairs, accompanied by significant increases in lean body mass and decreases in fat mass after only 86 days [Dalton, 2007a; Dalton, 2007b]. Lack of PSA increases in men and hair growth in women further corroborated selective anabolic effects of Ostarine" and "OstarineTM is an aryl propionamide SARM and the most advanced clinical candidate. OstarineTM demonstrated exciting data in an initial proof-of-concept Phase IIa clinical trial. GTx, Inc. reported in December 2006 the results of this clinical trial, which was a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial in sixty elderly men and sixty postmenopausal women [Dalton, 2007a; Dalton, 2007b]. Without a prescribed diet or exercise regimen, all subjects treated with OstarineTM had a dose-dependent increase in total LBM, with the 3 mg/day cohort achieving an increase of 1.3 kg compared to baseline and 1.4 kg compared to placebo after 3 months of treatment. Treatment with OstarineTM also resulted in a dose-dependent improvement in functional performance measured by a stair climb test, with the 3 mg/day cohort achieving clinically significant improvement in speed and power. Interestingly, subjects treated with 3 mg/d of OstarineTM had on average an 11% decline in fasting blood glucose, a 17% reduction in insulin levels, and a 27% reduction in insulin resistance (homeostasis model assessment) as compared to baseline, suggesting that SARMs might have therapeutic potential in diabetics or people at risk for diabetes. Phase I clinical studies with OstarineTM showed that it was rapidly absorbed after oral administration with a half-life of about 1 day (unpublished data). An additional Phase II study in muscle wasting associated with cancer cachexia began in 2008 as an early objective of clinical development. OstarineTM also resulted in a dose-dependent decrease in LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, with the average LDL/HDL ratio for all doses remaining in the low cardiovascular risk catergory."

  6. A blood sugar reading of 300 is dangerously high. Can you see a different doctor? Maybe show up at the emergency room when your regular doctors office is closed?

  7. You can cure type 2 diabetes and get off all medication. Not sure why they don't have you on insulin right now. Type 1 can get off insulin but not cure it and still has to test blood sugars. Look into raw foods. You want to follow the diet for diabetics not the one for cancer. I got my ex almost off of insulin, off all medication and normal blood sugars. Also like someone else mentioned Berberine. If you would like help with recipes feel free to PM me.

  8. thanks you all have been very helpful

  9. You really should go to the ER, an infection could raise your your blood sugar too. But whatever is going on, I would go to the hospital……………

  10. I would find out why they won't put you on insulin.

  11. I followed a thread from this group to Steve Cooksey and Laurie Rittgers @ Keeping It Keto With Felicannurse (both groups are on facebook). Current A1c is 5.8 down from 7.0. Plus I no longer have to use Lantus or Glimepiride. It is strictly food based Low carbs/high fats (No sugar, no bread, no rice, no pasta, no root vegetables) and exercise (Take everything that you learn from this group magnesium, what vitamins, what minerals with you). Join group read comments and move on to better health. I wish you well.

  12. Keeping It Keto With Feliciannurse

  13. Your diet is the key to controlling diabetes. I would cut all carbs (20 grams at most) and eat protein, veggies and fat instead.

    Any sort of exercise can lower the blood sugar as well.

  14. chromium and vanadium supplement and the 90 essential multivitamin supplement

  15. You are in TROUBLE. Before you go into diabetic ketoacidosis and become profoundly dehydrated with your electrolytes all over the place and fall into a coma, go to the ER. Later, when you have this pending emergency fixed, try the naturopathy. Your thinking will soon be so fuzzy, you will not make it to the ER. You need some medical care now. BTW, those high blood sugars are scorching your kidneys. DON'T wait until Nov 4. Find out why your doctor is against insulin in this situation. Believe me, it is always given in the ER. It is better of course, to cure your type 2 diabetes. Some people have luck going on all raw veg diet but you need to fix this immediate issue. If you have a bad tooth, or a urinary tract infection or some other source of inflammation, your blood sugars will go up. Also if somehow your doctor has given you some cortisone for some other issue. – maybe in an inhaler?

  16. Hope you went to the ER………..

  17. Try putting a bit of salt, collodial magnesium or trace elements in your water to help you absorb the water. Dehydration may be a factor also

  18. Linda Dabulewicz you sound like me when i was initially doagnosed with disbetes. they werent quite sure what type to put me in as i wasnt overweight and it didnt run in my family. initially i responded well to meds and diet and then they got into 300. i am now on insulin and feel alot better although i still follow a low carb diet so my insulin intake isnt that high.

  19. Dr. Mark Hyman's book "Blood Sugar Solution." If you had a virus, it is imperative to make sure you got rid of it. Besides a clean diet, you need to get to the root cause–toxins, parasites, etc. I'm dealing with the same issue but my BS isn't as high as yours. I'm taking goldenseal and grapefruit extract and supplement to get rid of candidas. It's getting better!

  20. If I were you. I would not mess around. I would go to ER and get stablized and then try to resolve the cause of your problem.

  21. I would use 200mcg of chromium 3x a day along with Mg of various forms and include berberine which is superior to metformin.

    Adding cinnamon to your diet also has miraculous results with BG

  22. Time to biohack yourself. Taking all sorts of supplements is folly without the data… Your data to support it. You'll find very quickly a low carb high fat diet is the right avenue. Since you already have a meter simply document your results pre and post meals and diarize your foods. Shortly you'll find even sweet potato is not good for you for awhile. In time you'll be able to handle some level of glucose forming foods.
    Check out diabetes warrior for more info.

  23. Lots of good advice above, but some key things have been missed. You can't tolerate some things…a key signal you have heavy metal toxins. You need to get a HTMA(Hair Test Mineral Analysis) see the introductory statement. I'm betting manganese deficiency, which will cause diabetes, it affects the pancreas. Obviously magnesium and sulfur deficient, but it will be tough taking them because they will remove some of the toxins and that won't be pretty. To absorb B12 you need manganese and lithium. Also you'll be high in copper, which will block the body's ability to absorb iodine, vitamin A and D…geeze high copper will block just about everything.Stay gluten and processed sugar free, get the HTMA, also test for heavy metals, check for mercury dental amalgams, and get a SIBO(Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) test, which is a major source of malabsorption of minerals and the cause of many diseases including diabetes. Yes … magnesium and sulfur will fix many of your issues, the hard part is working through the toxins so you can get them in your system.

  24. Check this out! And Jeff cyr's fb page for great blood glucose info

  25. He is controlling diabetes with diet alone. Plus fatty liver disease.

  26. I really wish that when people comment on a post like this, they start with: please go to the hospital. Don't get me wrong, all good advice BUT which should be implemented AFTER her blood sugar is down.
    That # is dangerously high

  27. You are right Patricia!

  28. I really hope she hasn't responded today because she's getting medical treatment and doesn't have internet access at the hospital.

    In this case, step one is to get to the ER and get blood sugar stabilized. Step two is to use whatever pharmaceuticals the ER gives you to keep blood sugars stable when you come home. Step 3 is to research underlying causes, order and HTMA, look into different dietary treatments, etc. Natural treatments can take months to work fully, and you need to get safely through this crisis first.

  29. Diet is number one for diabetics. All other fine tuning comes after… Biohack yourself with your meter! You'll find a pattern within days.

  30. Linda Dabulewicz – how are you doing today? Your MAG buddie want to know…..

  31. I cut down to 20 carbs a day and got my blood sugars totally under control. This morning I was at 79. Last October my readings were over 500. I'm willing to help with carb control if you want to friend me.

  32. Sorry , I have not responded earlier. I had not slept well for 3 days nightmares from the high sugar I would guess. Sugar was 219 this morning after 10 hours of sleep. I spent most of the day watching dr Bernstein on utube. He is fantastic. I am up to chapter 14 at his diabetes university videos. I only took 1 five hundred milligram metformin with my usual probiotic. Did not have terrible diarrhea and the caps were not too bad. I started counting carbs better. Looking for a place a 64 year old can work out and not feel self concious.

  33. Linda Dabulewicz – just start walking. You don't need a gym for what would be helpful to you.

  34. And, if you want to lift weights, go to the kitchen and arm yourself with a bag of beans in each hand. 🙂

  35. I got thrown out of diabetes help group here on facebook. They did not like it because I use chromium okra fenugreek and probiotic to control my diabetes. The modulator was a bully emailed me about 30 times yelling at me. All summer I was great but then I got sick and the numbers began climbing. I have lost 10 pounds in 10 days probably with all the sugar spilling out of my kidnays. I would go to the emergency room but they will not listen . My sugar is better today , hopefully on my Bernstein diet , I will continue tomimprove. This generous doctor has free question and answer sessions via the Internet . You can be sure I have a few questions for him

  36. Nita , do you do the Dr Bernstein proto call ?

  37. Dr Bernstein is 82 and has been diabetic since he was 12. He invented the small glucose tester we all use today. Watch his videos he expanse things very well

  38. Feeling better have been following low carb diet blood sugar is down to 169 morning before breakfast and 104 by dinner time . Sorry but no pushup for me I am 64 years old my arms can't do that and once on the floor I need a crane to pick me up. I have been walking and working in the greenhouse.

  39. I have lyme disease.

  40. Okra lowers blood sugar if taken first thing in the morning. You can use dried fresh or frozen okra. Take one fresh okra cut into 1/4 inch pieces or 6 pieces of dried or frozen okra put in one cup of water before bed time and let soak over night. First thing in the morning drink the water. That's it .. I take 2 drops of aqua chrome one cinnamon capsil and one fenugreek capsule after the okra, I added one extended release metformen 500 mg to my morning regemine.

  41. I am eating very low carb but my morning numbers are still too high

  42. 163 this morning took 30 g actos before bed .. think I need slow release insulin at night

  43. Did you ever ask why they won't put you on insulin?

  44. It takes consistent eating… Properly… For a few months to stabilize morning glucose. Sleep quality dictates what morning numbers are like. If cortisol rises to early (should be right before you wake) then your glucose will show high. It's not a problem but its an alarm to tell you melatonin and cortisol are out of alignment.

  45. A scheduled bedtime 10pm as an example… Is very important for the diabetic… Very important.

  46. Look into Resistant Starch. Many youtube interviews. Blogs: free the animal; animal farm.

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