My doctor thinks I may have celiac or gluten sensitivity


Hii everyone!! I’m new this the group.. also fairly new to eating gluten free ( about 5 weeks)
I have a question… My doctor thinks I may have celiac or gluten sensitivity, he’s sending me for testing- one of those is an gastroscope… but I have to wait until July for the appointment. So in the mean time what other testing should I ask for? A blood test right? Since I’ve stopped eating gluten my pain has dramatically improved !! But I’m not sure if my pain is the normal thing for celiac sufferers etc.? I would most of the time get my pain in the evening after dinner or it would wake up me in the middle of the night, the pain would be around my belly button and radiate side to side a bit and worsen when I take a large breath in or yawn. The pain felt worse if I was laying down. It usually lasted 5-10 hours. And NOTHING I do or take helps the pain. I was always constipated! That’s also getting better now that I’m no longer eating gluten. Can anyone relate to the pain I was getting?? Sorry for the long post I just have no one else to talk to about this and no one understand me when it comes to this subject.

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  1. Unfortunately testing might be negative unless you have been eating gluten for weeks before the test. I personally never was officially diagnosed for this reason. Sometimes it would be better to have a diagnosis, it would make bringing in food to places it’s not usually allowed easier, and it would be easier for people to take me more seriously.

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