My family has been invited to a low-country crawfish boil.


Alright I have a super stupid question. My family has been invited to a low-country crawfish boil. So I was wondering if the seasoning was gf, and while searching I found a thread about the crawfish themselves possibly being fed grain pellets and the crawfish not being gf because of their inability to break down gluten and bc they aren’t “deveined”. Is that true? I couldn’t find any additional information to support or debunk it. (I have asked on another celiac group too, in case you see this post again.)

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  1. We always did low county boil with shrimp and Italian sausage. The seasoning is usually Old Bay I think- Google info. I would buy myself a half pound of shrimp & Italian sausage, and before they add the crawfish, dip some out for yourself and make your own. It’s a medical issues, and friends should understand!

  2. I might not be talking about the same thing ??‍♀️, but I live in south Louisiana & we boil crawfish A LOT down here. It is VERY popular. But I don’t know what “low country” means ?.

    Anyway – down here – crawfish boils are gluten free. YAY!!! A food event where I don’t have to worry about it!!!

    We use “crab/crawfish boil” seasoning. Crawfish are gf. Everything we throw in the pot is gf – corn on the cob, potatoes (2 most common things), onions, other random vegetables, sausage.

    So – that’s just my experience. You might have to ask someone in your general area to find out what is common practice.

    As far as what crawfish eat – I mean – I don’t think they eat wheat ??‍♀️. Idk. I thought it was maybe other stuff found in ponds/water ??‍♀️. Never thought much about that to be honest. Around here they are caught from the wild or farmed in crawfish ponds.

  3. Alot of people use tony chachere seasoning which sadly is not gf.

  4. I just received a reply from the manufacturer re Old Bay (made by McCormick) and it is GF. I’m sad about losing my beloved Tony Chachere but I’ve found a decent replacement called Conriko. Hope this helps!

  5. Thanks, all, for your feedback. Think I will pass and bring a couple gf sides. Don’t wanna chance it and don’t want to question the seasonings. Plus I am thinking about of the gluten-filled fingers grabbing about. So much we have to think about. I mean, really: do you think any non-gf person has ever thought this much about crawfish???

  6. I’ve found a ton of recepies for seasonings, vinaigrettes and salad dressings. I rarely buy ready made stuff so I know that what I eat is gluten free. 🙂 hope this helps

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