My father has very advanced COPD


My father (60yrs. old), has very advanced COPD. He is on oxygen 24/7, extremely underweight (can’t seem to put on weight and mussle mass), and can not walk 20 ft. without having to sit down and rest. Needless to say, his quality of life is no good at this point. I am fairly new here (started implementing the full protocol a month ago) and I came to this group for myself, but after all I have read and researched I am beginning to realize all of this could greatly benefit him as well. Getting to my point, as all of this is a bit overwhelming even for me…is there a such thing as too much too soon, in his case as he is very fragile? (Though the opposite, too little too late, terrifies me). He doesn’t have extensive knowledge of natural remedies and thus far has been relying on the docs, however he is open to anything at this point, even exploring stem cell procedure. His physical therapist is suggesting vitamin infusions, but from what I’ve read here this could be bad advise, correct? (or in his extreme case beneficial?) Any advise, insight, suggestions welcome 🙂 ps I am going to visit him in a couple weeks and would love to share with him what I can.

Thank you all

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  1. Rosita's cod liver oil, bee pollen and Perfect brand undefatted desicatted liver pills are a great start. Bee pollen should be started with a granule for a few days then 2 granules, working up slowly. Add in the rest of the protocol slowly. Add in potassium rich foods with sea salt slowly. I was just reading about mullein infusion to heal lung tissues. Will you be staying with him to help him get started?

  2. Hmmm……. tough spot he is in.
    1. Invite him to join this group to learn for himself.
    2. Get the recommended testing done so that there is a plan and a consult.
    3. Do you know that Magnesium can be nebulized?
    4. Good luck to you both

  3. Great question! I'm glad you asked.

  4. My mom's doctor had her on inhalers for COPD. I put her on the protocol, AND took away any dairy and bread. Her COPD is completely gone now.

  5. Serrapetase had huge results on a friend's Father with COPD. The Consultants could not believe the improvements. Good luck to you.

  6. My friend had COPD, diffused essential oils daily, and she no longer has the symptoms. She used frankincense, lavender and ravenstara.

  7. I would definitely start slowly with any supplement when administering it to somebody whose health is fragile. Sometimes healing supplements can cause a "healing crisis" where symptoms get worse before they get better, and that can be dangerous for somebody who's already very ill.

  8. Oh this reminded me I have to start liver today

  9. What is COPD

  10. Consider making him some beef liver pate and freeing it in ice cube trays. He can eat one a day. With his fragility, I suspect one nice meal a week might be a challenge for him. Beef liver is very nourishing and a part of the protocol.

    I would also make a large pot of bone broth. Freee in one cup containers. He can heat a cup and drink it or easily turn it into soup by adding froen chopped veggies.

  11. Definitely start him on magnesium. Start slowly. A friend of mine with COPD on oxygen benefitted tremendously from the addition of magnesium.

  12. just a fyi, COPD is not reversible

  13. Mullein is said to repair damaged lungs and improve breathing. It can be inhaled by smoking or used in a tea. Research it's benefits.

  14. vit d fishoil vit c mag nac dhea gamma e black seed oil

  15. this will boost his energy I hope so

  16. Vitamin B12 …please look into deficiency symptoms…Pernicious anaemia. As you get older your body is less able to absorb this essential nutrient…leading to many older people to be deficient. Whilst his bloods may point to him being within what the doctors may say is "normal" we realise that the tests count active and inactive B12, so a get a print out of bloods, with ranges to see where his levels are at…if they are low end of the range seek to get him on B12 injections.

  17. Thank you all for this information! I have a dear cousin that was just diagnosed and is on oxygen….

  18. I would like to share my findings. As I work with animals to restore health.

    I have a bioscan machine that tests fur samples.

    Not long after I got the kitten one morning I found him dying – laying on his side with mouth open gasping.

    So I ended up doing a scan on two respiratory sick semi ferals in my care.

    Both times these two herbs came up.

    Licorise root and Coltsfoot together.

    I started him with just herbal medicines for a 5 days, stable now. But still too sick to eat.

    .. But then I remember Liposomal vit c. As this special type of vitamin c can reach places no other vitamin c is able to. E.g can clear upper and lower chambers of lung.
    So I added two gels of the satchel to the herbal regime.

    .. Within each dose orally (3ml) the kitten changed in wellness and by evening he was so well, he even started eating again. He has stayed well since since. With a couple of casual repeats.

    For chronic ongoing dosing both herbs will improve and repair lung health.

    1. Licorice Root
    Licorice Root, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is thought to balance and support all other herbs. Because of this, it is one of the most popular herbs worldwide. It soothes and softens the mucous membranes of the throat, lungs and stomach while reducing inflammation and loosening phlegm so it's easier for the body to expel. The root also helps relieve the tightening of the airways caused by free radical cells and relieves bronchial spasms. Not only those but it also works as both an antibacterial and antiviral agent as well as preventing the formation of lung cancer cells.

    2. Coltsfoot
    For thousands of years Native Americans have used coltsfoot to strengthen the lungs. This herb, taken as a tea or in an alcohol based extract or tincture, reduces inflammation and irritation of the mucous membranes while aiding the clearing out the mucous. Research has shown that coltsfoot has a positive effect on the symptoms of lung related ailments such as cough, asthma and infections.

  19. Sorry to hear this about your dad. My mum has COPD and has been diagnosed for years but thankfully she's doing pretty good. When she has had her worst times with it, she goes to the salt therapy rooms. She said this has been the best thing to help her by far. I understand they're at different stages of it but maybe worth it, could even just provide a little relief for him x

  20. I didn't read all comments but NAC is good for COPD!

  21. Hi. I just came across your post and wanted to see if you have tried any of this for your dad. How is he doing now? My mom has advanced COPD and I'm looking to find help.

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