My ferritin levels are too low


My ferritin levels are toooo low.Like 2ng/ml.My doc suggested 325mg iron supplements twice a day.Any recommendations for brands and forms that the body absorbs well and easy on the stomach.TIA..

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  1. Thanks Angie Moore Wellman..that was too quick.

  2. After I had the sleeve done this was what the Dr suggested.

  3. My last blood work was at 14. I started taking FerMAX once a day and am feeling a huge improvement after 5 days. I also have IBD and was concerned about gut trigger and absorption but seems to be working

  4. NP YW. I really think I've taken everything on the market. This was the easiest on my belly

  5. Morley recommends whole food vitamin C plus liver, blackstrap molasses and/or red beets to improve ferritin and more.

  6. I have a big problem with iron supplements causing terrible constipation. Ive just about decided to go with dessicated liver. Opinions on this idea?

  7. Nettle tea with molasses? Taking my iron with VitC ( better absorption and think helps moving things along ) did my Mag to help flush out when needed

  8. Astrid Fox ive never tried nettle tea, but i will get some this week. I have Whole Foods and Earthfare where i live. 🙂

  9. MJ Hamp..canyou give me alink to the product you are talking about?

  10. All available in the grocery store, Selvi Shan

  11. Astrid Fox thank you 🙂 i will definitely make this.

  12. PS I indulge in Stinging Nettles tonic each Spring. I go out and harvest my own right here on the farm. Mother Nature provides tem for me.

  13. MJ Hamp i bet i have them around here. I will google them to see what they look like 🙂

  14. why can't I take carbonyl iron..:O..I am very ignorant on this topic.Please excuse my silly questions..:(

  15. In addition to supplements make ur own grass fed luver pills syper cheap

  16. I use a brqnd meta gentics maybe but its only 36mg a pill

  17. Grains can also cause issues absorbing iron

  18. Stacy Green thats a good idea! Dehydrate to dry out the liver i would imagine.

  19. MJ Hamp I'd love to find some locally to harvest, I heard that the stinging effects also does something good for the body, not sure why but I plan to stay covered and protected when I pick.

  20. Astrid Fox – hope you find them fresh. They are also used in fine recipes in southern and central Europe.

    I've been harvesting them for enough years that I don't wear gloves and etc. It's about being observant, respectful and not forcing your will.

  21. What about desiccated liver pills? Would that work?

  22. MJ Hamp I am sure it will bring back lovely memories of France ( swoon)

  23. Liver pills. And whole foods vit C. Eat foods high in iron

  24. Plant based iron 25 mg

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