My gall bladder and liver need help


Question. I’ve had a lot of fat in my stools so I know my gall bladder and liver need help. I started on Ox bile and milk thistle and today I had ALOT of fat in my stools. I’ve been on an elimination diet for two weeks but cheated twice. Last time I had dairy but stools weren’t fatty. Last night I did as well but I had a large bowel movement half solid/half diarrhea and a whole lot of greasy oily stool. I’ve increased my milk thistle the last few days. When you take things to decongest the liver, will you “purge” fat from it and excrete it out?

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  1. If you are having trouble digesting fats, you probably need to take lipase, which is the enzyme that digests fat.

  2. It has to come out. The supplements you are taking will help it dump

  3. Oh ok thanks Teddie. It was just so much so I thought I was going backwards. I felt disheartened.

  4. If you are eating low fat while cleaning house you want it to come out asap. It will pass Ina few days

  5. Awesome. 🙂 gosh it was like diarrhea too. Happy to see it come out. Although I did have some fat yesterday. It was a cheat night obviously. But the last time I cheated for a birthday dinner last Saturday I had the same amount of fat at dinner but stool wasn't fatty. Was not on milk thistle at the time either though.

  6. Have you worked on probiotics and PREbiotics? That was what finally helped me

  7. I tried both. No help. Only when I started working on my liver and cutting out everything have I seen improvements in sleep, energy and bowels. Today was weird though. And since working on my bowels im having large stools as opposed to the little tiny strips I had been having for ages.

  8. Oz bile can give you loose stools you may have to play with the dosage and should be taken with fat in the meal also

  9. have you considered you may have an intestinal disease such as celiacs? you should get tested to rule that out as it causes fatty stools

  10. Thanks Brittany. Was already tested by blood and colonoscopy biopsy. Was negative.

  11. thats good, have you noticed which foods are irritating you on the elimination diet?

  12. Liver flush & liver support tincture (blend of milk thistle, dandelion root, chanca piedra, greater celandine, chicory root, turmeric, boldo root, burdock root, & peppermint. )

  13. if you have an intestinal infection or sibo, Id suggest trying some bentonite clay and psyillum powder, mixed in organic juice. you can find recipes online for the detox drink. its gentle but I wouldnt do them long term. theyve helped me more than a few times. dont forget to repopulate the gut after 50+billion culture probiotic.

  14. How much milk thistle are you taking Elizabeth Hotlen?

  15. Have you looked into liver flushes? They should help.

  16. People without galbladders pass gallstones using Hulda Clark's method. Its bunk.

  17. Question: how do you know you have fat in your stool? What does it look like? How do you know it's not mucus or intestinal lining?

  18. Marianne, how does intestinal lining get into our stools?

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