My genitals are so itchy


I have a very embarrassing question. I had an Epsom salts bath and now my genitals are so itchy. How can I relieve the discomfort?

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  1. Did you rinse well?

  2. Rinse with some plain water and maybe try coconut oil?

  3. Make sure you rinse after your bath….it will definitely help

  4. Are they pure epson salt? I seen packages with "essential oils?"

  5. I think so

  6. Next take a bath with some apple cider vinegar . PH of epsoms is pretty high and can cause bacterial imbalance . Then maybe just do foot baths with epsoms .

  7. borax wash

  8. I had my first ever mg bath after sex once. ONCE!

    Never again…..!

  9. itch = fungal candida yeast infection

  10. You can freeze chunks of coconut oil to use to soothe the itching while you figure out what happened. I've never had this happen and I never rinse so I have no other advice. Good luck to you!

  11. I'd reduce the amount you use. Shouldn't burn or make the privates uncomfortable.

  12. I always take a quick shower after a epsom salt bath, so i will not get itchy, and i use a moisture cream body wash.

  13. Coconut oil

  14. Cold packs, chamomille infusion, hazel water, yogurt/kefir. Careful with essential oils. Or maybe avoid genitals being soaked in epsom salts, 😛

  15. Could it be that u recently shaved the area. This happens to me wherever I've shaved on my body.

  16. Alison how much epsom are you using and are you adding anything besides epsom to the bath water?

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