My granddaughter has some issues with constipation.


Just sharing, another reason to shake your head at the lack of knowledge some professional medical peeps are lacking.

My granddaughter has some issues with constipation. Especially after returning from her visits at her dads house. He never had fresh fruit or veggies for them to eat. She has used mag citrate, the liquid form to help her out.

So her last visit to her dads, she mentions to the step mom, who is a nurse, that she uses the mg citrate to help her poop. The nurse step mom proceeds to tell her ” your mother shouldn’t give you that, that’s dangerous and you’ll become dependent on that.” The nurse step moms solution, fill her full of Apple juices.

I about spit my coffee out when my daughter told me this. Lordy, what will happen when your body becomes dependent on Mg???? WTH.

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  1. Some people needs to learn.. hahah

  2. Apple juice is full of Ascorbic acid :/
    This nurse probably recommends laxatives to adults. Those you get dependant on.

  3. Then you would be healthy. And I would lose my job…

  4. sounds like she's old enough to ask for veggies or at least a large salad!

  5. Apple juice is full of sugar she should give her apples not juice. . We are already dependent on magnesium our bodies can't live without it. If it wasn't for the fact our soil was lacking in it we wouldn't need to supplement .

  6. Sorry grandma, hard when kids are back and forth in a parents separation situation. My heart goes out to you and you family. Perhaps packing fruits and veggies for your grand next time she goes over. Hope they will get the hint and stock some fruit, not just juice for her sick

  7. Sounds like her mother should talk to her step mother.. lots of second hand conversation going on Truth gets lost in that. Any parent would want best for their child. It appears that the parents are not talking about best interest of child.

  8. maybe your daughter should not share any more on what you are doing for your health.

  9. I did daycare in my home…that was a genuine issue!

  10. I had no rights, could only get veggies and fruits in them…cookies, artificial sweeteners in sodas, no veggies, chips….all they knew how to eat.
    They did get healthy food once a day.

  11. Ya well most nurses and doctors are bought off by the industry its not about health anymore just $

  12. APPLE juice? I remember being told NOT to give plain apple juice to babies because it's constipating, but to give apple/pear or apple/grape, or to only use other juices. Also, applesauce is recommended for people with diarrhea to help firm things up.

  13. The Empire State Consumer Project in New York uncovered arsenic in apple juice, now tested by the FDA…The Empire State Consumer Project also submitted a petition to the FDA regarding the dangers of prescribing Off-Label MIRALAX to children…many, many options for natural solutions on FB page PARENTS AGAINST MIRALAX…all chemical laxatives list "DEPENDENCY" as a possible side effect…CONSUMER BEWARE!


    January 2015: brief article about Miralax written by a lawyer:

    Facebook site July 2015
    "Parents against Miralax" with over 1000 members.
    Many parents would like a letter of intent to sue submitted to expose issues with Miralax.

    [email protected] on-line with approximately 1000 members.

    Almost 10,000 adverse events reported to the FDA as of March 2015.

    In 2009 the FDA held an oversight board meeting in response to increasing complaints.
    The FDA took NO ACTION, but several concerns were highlighted:

    “In 2009 the Drug Safety Oversight Board discussed reports of metabolic acidosis, metabolic acidosis with increased anion gap, and neuropsychiatric adverse events in children using polyethylene glycol (PEG) products. Metabolic acidosis is a disturbance in the body's acid base balance and causes too much acid in the blood. In some situations, metabolic acidosis can be a mild, chronic condition; however, it may lead to shock or death in severe cases. Neuropsychiatric adverse events may include seizures, tremors, tics, headache, anxiety, lethargy, sedation, aggression, rages, obsessive-compulsive behaviors including repetitive chewing and sucking, paranoia and mood swings.”

    In 2011 the FDA warned against "POSSIBLE NEUROPSYCHIATRIC EVENTS" from Miralax.

    Two New York Times articles have spotlighted Miralax and concerning issues with side effects:

    Interview with Carol Chittenden with the EMPIRE STATE CONSUMER PROJECT discussing overwhelming reports against Miralax with minimal action being taken by the FDA.
    50,500+ views on-line.

    After two years a $325,000.00 grant from NIH in collaboration with the FDA awarded to study to investigate possible absorption issues. Several institutions applied for grant, but Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, a few miles from Merck was awarded the grant. Considering 40-50% of FDA funds come from the pharmaceutical industry this raises ethical questions.

    In 2008 the FDA detected the two poisons di-ethylene glycol and ethylene glycol in all eight lots of Miralax tested, yet this was not disclosed to the public. Ethylene glycol poisoning and polyethylene glycol poisoning present with almost identical symptoms. This information was disclosed in grant award information released by the FDA.

    Per article below: “Those tests were conducted in 2008, but the results were not disclosed. Jeff Ventura, an FDA spokesman, said batches were tested because “many of the reported adverse events were classic symptoms of ethylene glycol ingestion.”

  15. I'm depending on mag

    It's horrible


  16. Had the same comment from an endriconologist. Crazy!

  17. My daughter that is autistic has the GI problems that go along with it. Her GI dr prescribed Miralax for life.

  18. My doc prescribed miralax and I never once gave it. I knew better and I don't know why some parents know better and some don't. I swear the biggest tragedy to parenting today is loss of going with your gut instinct.

  19. Most my doctors have been good about accepting that I double up the mag for constipation. They love to throw in other drugs though. Even had a GI Dr suggest I ween off of Amatiza.

  20. Miralax for life? Well that is certainly one way to shorten one's life! Interesting that the manufacturer tells everyone no more than 7 days, yet uninformed doctors are encouraged to do the dirty work to sell millions of dollars of the poisonous product Miralax! The manufacturer will also warn against dependency with long term use…lets not forget about the FDA warning against possible neuropsychiatric events in 2011.

  21. When my grandkids are here with me, they don't have any trouble having regular bowel
    movements. I always have fresh grapes, apples, cucumbers and other fresh veggies they like to eat to keep things moving.

  22. Lol. Idiot

  23. Mag needed formover 300 cellular functions. Ask the nurse
    Many hours
    Nutrition she was taught regarding supplementing. Jerk.

  24. Unfortunately, it can be an issue where whatever you do or say can be undermined by a "step" just because it's the nature of the beast.

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