My hair continues to fall out in droves


Can I ask for some help from the group? I am sooo thoroughly frustrated. I am feeling really good these days, even on my fourth week of being back to working out daily. HOWEVER, my hair continues to fall out in droves. I got my doctor to run a severely comprehensive blood work panel ( 11 tubes ) that I will probably never get again because nothing shows off!! This is crazy, I am losing it with the follicle and even my hair dresser of 20 years says it much thinner. Is anyone willing to look at my labs with me in the event they might know something? I have ordered an updated HTMA already, I was just waiting to get the labs before I cut my hair. :”(

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  1. Are you taking thyroid meds?

    You have low TSH but also low free thyroid hormones. Both FT3 and FT4 should be in upper half of range. You can plug your numbers into this calculator and see what percentile they are.

  2. No, I don't take Thyroid medication.

  3. my TSH has always been 1-1.5, so that is lower than normal. In May 2013, at the height of my sickness, it was 4 in the ER. That is the only time it has every come back drastically different than around 1.

  4. It's there, at the top, Triodothyronine, Free . 2.3

  5. Yea, Free T3 should be higher. Let me find the link. ..

  6. Perhaps I need to go back on Cataplex F, which is basically iodine to lower my calcium to potassium ratio, but I guess I won't know that until my HTMA. Grrrr, I am going to be bald soon.

  7. Your TSH is actually pretty low, to not be on any thyroid meds.

  8. What does that comment mean Donna? People are not usually that low unless they are on meds?

  9. FREE T3: T3 is the active thyroid hormone. Free in front of the T3 means you are measuring what is available and unbound. Those on an optimal amount of desiccated thyroid, with no lingering hypothyroid symptoms and in the presence of healthy adrenals, tend to have a free T3 at the top of the range. If you are on desiccated thyroid (especially if lower than 3 grains) and find yourself with the free T3 high or above range in the presence of continuing hypothyroid symptoms, or even hyper-like symptoms (anxiety, shakiness), it's a clue you have adrenal fatigue, aka low cortisol. If not on thyroid medication: 1) If your free T3 is high, you could have Hashimoto's disease, which will need the two antibodies tests to discern it, or Graves disease, which needs the TSI test. 2) if your free T3 is mid-range or lower, and in the presence of hypothyroid symptoms, you may have hypothyroidism, no matter how low the TSH. You should NOT take any T3-containing product on the morning of a test.

  10. If this means anything, in January of 2014, when I was still sick and struggling with maintaining my potassium level, I was in the ER for the second time with palpitations. My PTH then was 40 something, now it is 17. I think that is more better (?) but just another change between feeling sick and feeling good.

  11. TSH generally runs in the range you had when you said you were well, between 1.0-1.5 in unmedicated euthyroid (aka "normal asymptomatic") patient.

    Low TSH with low thyroid hormones can point to pituitary dysfunction. I don't know what illness you were dealing with, so don't know how that might figure in. And I am not a medical professional so my thoughts are based on my own experience and in-depth reading.

  12. Karie Spencer Bumford, yes, I was just thinking aloud, usually you see numbers that low when you are on meds, and TSH is suppressed. Or… is hyperthyroid.

  13. I don't get any of that Joni, because the only symptom I currently have is hair loss. I lost 15 lbs during my sickness year, and I have now gained 11 back and I am holding steady. I couldn't get out of bed and now I have energy to exercise. I feel generally much better. Just losing my hair.

  14. I'm jealous your zinc level… mine is on the low end. Your Ceruloplasmin is on the low end, though, like mine. Let me find your free copper and see the ratio….

  15. Do you have the Copper range available?

  16. 72-166 is the range on my lab slip

  17. Sorry, I see I forgot to type that.

  18. Hair loss can actually be one of the last things to improve after the body has endured major stress. But your thyroid hormones could also be contributing as they are fairly low in range.

    I guess I would also want to investigate adrenal function if I were in your shoes.

  19. Hair loss is certainly a symptom of hypo, but I wonder about Eva's parasite issue…
    Symptoms of hypothyroidism is vast.

  20. Well I am taking GAIA adrenal herbs each morning for Adrenal Support, and I drink coconut water and use Himalayan Sea Salt in addition to my electrolyte drops, all to balance out the Mg. I could increase my adrenal herbs from 1 to 2 tabs while waiting for the HTMA too.

  21. Check thyroid!!

  22. Morley Robbins has generally said if zinc/copper is in balance, parasites wouldn't be present. Does anyone have the calculations for zinc to copper?

  23. Have you looked into estrogen dominance

  24. No Annette, does that appear in my labs above?

  25. This is very interesting and I hope you get a solution. I can relate to your situation, good luck x

  26. Karie Spencer Bumford sent you a pm

  27. I was looking for reverse T3 lab results. .. maybe they didn't do that one. Important to know… otherwise T3 is not getting blocked.

  28. Morley Robbins Healthy Ranges on Zinc & Copper:
    o Plasma Zinc: 100-130 mcg/dL
    o Serum Copper 80-100 mcg/dL
    o Serum Ceruloplasmin: 25-40mg/dL
    o Zinc/Copper ratio: 1.3 to 1.0
    o free Cu = Serum Copper – (3X Cp) and should be ~10-15%
    o Mag RBC: 5.0-7.0 mg/dL The target is 6.5.

    "The current reference range is 4.2 – 6.8 mg/dL, but know that in 1962 (before every 1/3 person was obese or diabetic) the Reference Range was 5.0-7.0mg/dL. Based on this latter Range, any score below 6.0 mg/dL is a clear signal of Magnesium deficiency."

  29. So my Copper is high, as is my free Copper 112 and 44.5 respectively is what I get?

  30. Exactly, Joni. For those who have not heard of this, a high Reverse T3 is picked up by thyroid hormone receptors instead of normal T3. The cells cannot use RT3, but it blocks the cells from using regular T3. Thus a person is rendered functionally hypothyroid even though the Free hormone levels look good.

  31. Ceruloplasim is low

  32. I KNOW I won't get these labs repeated for at least a year unless I show more than just hair loss, so getting a Reverse T3 without the others simultaneously is kind of useless isn't it?

  33. Karie Spencer Bumford You are correct. Reverse T3 test needs to be done at the same time as other thyroid tests. I guess we are engaging in rhetorical regret that though your doc gave you a stellar assortment of tests, this one was not included. :-/

  34. It was on the list, just got missed. SIGH

  35. I have added zinc, vitamin c and biotin to my nightly routine.. My hair grows like a weed. Selenium with my morning thyroid meds. Coconut hot oil treatment – put it on and let it sit in your hair for a while before getting in the shower, wash and rinse hair as usual and put just a bit on the ends. (b4 you get in the shower, make sure to massage it into your scalp. I take 1000mg biotin. there is 5000mg, but I don't want to crowd out any other minerals by taking an excessive dose. With biotin, even my skin and nails have changed for the better. Keep in mind, just like fall and winter are periods of rest for nature-our hair goes thru something similar, but if you start it, you should notice results within a month, even sooner with your nail health. best of luck!

  36. Thanks Lesa! There is Biotin in my B Compex. My hair grows very quickly, that is not an issue. My skin and nails have improved with the Biotin, but my very long (mid back length) hair is falling out in complete long strands with the white bulbs on the end. My hairdresser says it is true hair loss not breakage. So far i am losing it all over not in patches, but I see her every 8 weeks and even she, who mentined there is more hair loss in winter, says it is more excessive than that.

  37. I feel your annoyance of missed labs. In December 2014, while at out of pocket maximum, I had labs and had a specific list and was assured they will be included–NOT! Urgh.
    After last year's over range ACE (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme), I wanted to see where this value was at the end of the year. They also missed free copper. They did get ceruloplasmin, zinc, & RBC Mag, etc… had labs yesterday, and made sure missing labs were again included. I should have demanded all of them, but not sure it would have been necessary–however, I did want to see the ratio of free copper to ceruloplasmin. I'll get RBC Mag again later and the others; definitely ACE, though. We'll see if they get it right this time.
    Good luck to you, too. Losing hair is frustrating. I just read this:

  38. No, I'm not suggesting wigs or whatever, but pointing out the recognition of the importance of hair to many of us.

  39. I had lots of hair falling out during a time when I was hypo and wasn't getting proper treatment, plus my ferritin was low.

  40. Birth control pill? Stress?

    This article suggests four hormonal reasons to hair loss at the follicle:

  41. Thanks Joni. Its less about looks for me, I could always where a wig if necessary, but it is more about the fact that this is not a healthy bodily response for a 39 year old woman. Whatever the cause is, may affect me in more critical ways than just hair loss at some point. Its a signal from my body and I'm frustrated I can't find the source of the issue.

  42. I understand.
    For 25 years I've wondered about the real cause of MS and wish a cure/solution was discovered.

    I wish your Dr felt as concerned as you rightfully do about the cause. It's like taking care of your car. If a problem is ignored, it will more than likely get worse. If your issue is stress-related, and the stress is removed, then the hair loss should stop. Hugs.
    We are our best advocate.

  43. Getting my ferritin up, thyroid optimized, folate raised all helped my hair issues, but 7,500 of biotin & eating gelatin everyday has boosted both my hair & nail health immensely! I used the Great Lakes gelatin, best price is on Amazon.

  44. Question: are you around cats?

  45. Nope. Allergic to cat dander. At least I used to be. Havent been around them in some time

  46. Perhaps your issue is thyroid-related, other hormonal imbalance or indeed, parasites, you'll be looking for answers otherwise.

    Surely this is a tangent, but who knows!….

    "…recommends the use of quinine."

  47. This happened to me – it is terrifying! A baggy full every shower for two months – good thing I started with a mane. It was my adrenals that were not working, which gave me thyroid issues too. Start with your adrenals, as they drive all other hormones – do a cleanse, then do a thyroid cleanse – go to a Naturopathic Doctor, if you can afford it. They are veery expensive. But they test for things Doctors will not. And the thyroid testing the main stream doctors do shows nothing – they have no value.

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