My hair is starting to fall out


Someone in my hashis group suggested I pose my question here. My ferritin came back at an 11. The range is 15-300. My hair is starting to fall out and now I know. What can I do to raise it? I’m taking 1000 mg of magnesium now.

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  1. desiccated liver may help

  2. You need to also have cofactors to make sure it gets in cells.

  3. You are 'stressed out', Keri and therefor low in Magnesium, low in Ceruloplasmin, low in BOUND Copper & BOUND Iron but at the same time high in UNBOUND Cu & Fe. Maybe the note i wrote some time ago will help you to connect all the dots. Feel free to have a look.

  4. That's a great article Arne.

  5. Most definitely stressed- just trying to get everything back in balance – my hashis is wreaking havoc
    I'm guessing I need to get my zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium levels checked- I take a complex B already. What other vitamins/supplements do I need to add?

  6. REAL!!! Vitamin C and A (animal source) + natural E as well. Real C is the most important player of the team to get your Cp up (bound Fe and Cu will follow automatically) and your UNBOUND (toxic) Fe & Cu down.

  7. How much c or individual to bowel tolerance?

  8. I did eat whole organic lemons (1-2 a day) and it worked beautifully for me. Morley has given somewhere a recommendations how much mg. I will have a look and come back later, Miranda.

  9. Isn't that a lot of mag? Won't too much mag raise potassium too high?

  10. If you are low in Mg you are most likely low in K as well and if you are bringing down/dumping unbound Cu your Potassium will crash even further. I was there, have done it. 😉

  11. Whole foods vit C. 800 mg. plant iron or dessicated liver. Blood builder is 25 mg plant iron. Eat foods high in iron, liver, clams etc. need to get ferritin up to at least 60 to start feeling better

  12. Can't find Morley's C-recommendation, Miranda, sorry but perhaps this thread is helpful for you as well.

  13. I can't do any sugar so it has to be through supplements right now..

  14. Brenda Cook Johns I was told 5 mg for every pound you are to maintain- I am deficient so I need more than that

  15. You don't have to eat sugar/fructose, just eat the lemon zest. That's where the most of the C is found anyway.

  16. Is there a certain test for ceruloplasim level?

  17. Just ask for a serum Cp test (optimal ~33) or even better order a Zinc/Copper/Magnesium/Ceruloplasmin panel

  18. Keri Johnsen
    Arne's got you covered ^^^^ It would help significantly to know your Cu, Zn & Ceruloplasmin (Cp). As noted, Cp is the key & is critical for ALL 7 stages of Iron metabolism — contrary to ALL the "Steely" advice mineral Denialists have given over the last 70 yrs.

    The Medical Research is VERY clear — as far back as 1862 — that "Iron Anemia" is a clinical sign of Copper deficiency…

    It is worth noting that each molecule of Cp requires 8 Copper ions…

    ALL is not as we've been trained to believe…

    A votre sante!

  19. Interestingly, i have lowish cp and highish ferritin. Been drinking lemon water for over a year now, didnt raise my co

  20. I just had mine tested a few days ago and my ferritin is 5. I am not losing my hair though. I have autoimmune Grave's turned Hypo and suspect turned Hashi's but don't have a Dr that will look in to anything. They just prescribe the med and that's about it. So I am reading these comments to see what I need to do about mine. ️

  21. Wendy Worthen – If you're taking Synthroid you still need to convert it to T3. This requires more than Iron. Selenium is also critical as well as other hormones in balance. Even testosterone is involved. If you have Graves then it difficult sometimes to know where your system is day to day so without good medical advice it remians harder to determine a stategy. T3 [Liothyronine] can be helpful here if you're struggling to get metabolism and energy levels right but this is even more important to bring into use with good advice/monitoring and frequent tests.It's a poor area of treatment, far too often and easily leads to other illness in time. Keep at it, Their are thyroid groups that can help.

  22. Wendy Worthen I have seen many endos and most only treat by your TSH you need a functional medicine dr or a naturepath to get to your root cause and get the tests that you need run.

  23. Trevor Gillett- very interesting about T3. I take T4 only and am gaining weight. I just had my hormones checked and am low in testosterone. I supplement with selenium to help convert my T3's.

  24. Syntethic T4 is useless….it is not converted and you continue to be hypo. Look for Natural Dessicated or Armour. Hahsi is treatable.

  25. Emilia Pop I know I'm switching to a naturepath hoping to get on a T3/T4 med

  26. Hashimotos 411

  27. Trevor, I have been on NDT for 4 yrs now. And I do take selenium. I started out Graves almost 20 yrs ago, had RAI and have been hypo since. But about 10 yrs of being hypo I suspect that it became Hashimoto's. I got so very sick and had all of the symptoms. I was kept on synthetic t4 for almost 15 yrs. And when I finally found a Dr to give me NDT they kept me on too low of a dose. 60 mg for 2 yrs and then 90 mg for 2 yrs. They were only checking TSH and ft4. I just six months ago got my first ft3. And it was all in range so he wanted to keep me at the 90 mg. But my ft4 and ft3 were low normal and I insisted I need them to be higher so he upped me just 1/4 grain. I have not seen an Endo in 15 yrs. I see just a regular Dr. I don't have the money to find a different Dr right now. But plan to in the future. I just hate how they are stuck on synthetic meds and TSH results. I need someone to dose me by my symptoms. It is so frustrating! I am a Phlebotomist and just recently checked my Iron, IBC, Ferritn, TPO, and Tgab. I plan to do some other labs also. And I will take them to my next app. My TPO was high but the Tgab was not. Oh and I did the Vit D 25 Oh and it was very low so my next step is to do the 1,25. And hope to sneak in a Mag RBC. I found this group over a year ago and will say that Mag has helped a lot!

  28. I am in several thyroid groups. The problem is all the advice and info I get does me no good if my Dr won't check anything other than TSH, ft4, and ft3.

  29. But I hope by him seeing my Iron labs and how out of whack they are, just maybe he will listen to me on other things that need to be checked. I have told him about STTM so maybe he will check in to it or at least humor me and work with me.

  30. Taht's good about the Mg. it does do about 350 enzymes 🙂 On the tests you may find the RT3 test useful. I have to pay for it here in UK but it shows up lack of conversion. it can idicate other illness too- but it's a good lead if you know what you're looking at.

  31. Yes! I am going to do my own Rt3 when I do my next Ft3. My dose was just upped 3 weeks ago so I am trying to wait at least 6 weeks. That's another one that they have not bothered doing. So I will do it on my own and then show him at next visit.

  32. Don't be surpeised if RT3 gets waved away -on the surface of things but if you're paying for a private test it has a subtle knock on effect and it will be considered, even if not admitted to. :/ Getting the ratio right can be tricky as many units can be used to cofuse the calculation. Essentially, it's 20:1 ideally and as RT3 rises, so you feel worse. An easy check is if you're over half range RT3 & also with low FT3 -then you're heading the wrong way on conversion- or tissue resistance!

  33. I want to go crazy and run all the tests at once. But I am testing the waters on ordering my own labs. Up until now I have only done it with a Dr.s order. We get free labs but I am not sure how they feel about us ordering or own. I am not in the actual lab. I am at a draw site. So I didn't want to go too crazy all at once. So I started out with the Iron, IBC, Ferritn, Vit d 25 OH, TPO, and Tgab. Next I am going to to the D 1,25 and maybe the Mag RBC. I have to make sure the Mag is done in house and not a send out before I do it. I get my Dr to do a CMP every time he checks my thyroid levels. For the glucose because of Diabetes all in my family, both sides, and to check my K and Sodium. My K and sodium have remained good since starting Mag. I was off of my NDT for 3 months and my Lipid panel was bad. He wanted to put me on meds. I refused and pointed out that being hypo had them elevated. He agreed and said we would re check after being back on NDT. 6 months back on my NDT and my levels have improved big time!! No diet change, just taking my NDT. So maybe, just maybe he will listen to me. I seem to know more about it all than him. Lol

  34. I won't be surprised at all. I will get the info I need and show it to him. And if he still blows it off I will do what needs to be done without him. I am sick of being sick!! Thank you for your help. I may need it again when I do my labs as I really don't understand the RT3. My hypo brain is making it all hard to comprehend.

  35. Wendy – you can order your own labs. I think direct labs even has a thyroid special in August.

  36. I work for a Lab and we get free labs. I have been ordering my own a little at a time. Thank you though.

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