My hands are very weak (Hashimoto’s Disease)


Gave birth 5 wks ago. Felt amazing the entire pregnancy! But since delivery, I feel as if I’ve been hit by a train. Had to take a water pill for ten days due to excessive swelling; I lost 17 lbs in the first 72 hrs of taking that pill. But I’m still experiencing a lot of swelling in my feet/legs, hands/arms. It is So bad in my feet, it hurts! + all my joints are killing me, especially my fingers. My hands are very weak, dropping everything I pick up lately. I see my doctor again Tuesday & will have blood work done.
Anyone have any suggestions of what might be going on & any specific blood work I should request. I take Cytomel & Synthroid currently.

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  1. Congrats on the birth of your child! My levels were very erratic after I had my daughter. I was very hyper postpartum and my PCP kept lowering my dose and then stopped it completely. I then swung hypo and started my meds again. It took me a good year to return to normal levels.

  2. I don’t know anything about that.. keep an eye on it. Did you ask your doctor? But I do want to remind you to take a lot of calcium! It will help you with so many things… but especially helps with postpartum depression. Dog breeders give their momma dogs a lot of calcium after delivery. Some dogs get very cranky and aggressive to their babies.. and it’s amazing what calcium does.
    And CONGRATULATIONS!!! Babies are such great gifts!!!

  3. Anne La Rocca…I know you have an appt Tues.. but you might want to call in the morning and tell them that you still have a lot of edema after 5 weeks. I think a lot of it should have subsided by now? Tell them how uncomfortable you are and the pain you are in. Hopefully you can get in tomorrow. Your doc will listen to your heart, take your BP, check for anemia, blood work will tell him how the kidneys are. And if you are experiencing any chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations.. don’t hesitate to go to the ER or an Urgent Care, if only for reassurance. Oh.. and a little trick if you are breastfeeding.. lecithin is amazing for preventing mastitis. Okay.. that’s all of my knowledge!

  4. Sometimes Hashimoto’s is aggravated by pregnancy. Your symptoms are typical of someone who feels great during pregnancy but symptoms flare after giving birth. You will have to see where your TSH levels are and consume a very clean diet of only healthy foods, no gluten or dairy, no sugar, and I would juice veggies (organic) and fruit for breakfast and lunch for at least 3 months. I use a juice extractor. Good luck.

  5. I know my thyroid levels crashed after pregnancy because I have hoshimotos. Hang in there. You can do it!!! It’s so hard with a new little one, thyroid problems just makes it 10 times as hard. I hope your doctor helps you! Babies are such a blessing. Congratulations!!!

  6. I have a very quick question you and your husband’s blood types compatible? Or is one of you positive and the other negative? If so did you get a gamma globulin shot after you delivered?

  7. Here’s my blood work from my doctors appt; this is all they checked but look at that TSH – running HYPER!

  8. Have they checked you for pre eclampsia? It can happen after birth too and it is an emergency, call your OBGYN and let them know what is happening

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