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Hello, I’m hoping you guys can help guide me in the right direction. I have been going to the dr since june and she haven’t been able to figure out what is going on with me. In June, I had several panic attacks, went to ER bc I thought I was having a heart attack. They told me I was having a panic attack and gave me antidepressant and antianxiety meds. I only took one dose in the ER and from that point on I have been on herbal supplements (ashwaghanda, blue vervain, chamomile with lotus seed, youngevity osteo fx, youngevity mutivitamin, vitamin D and probiotics) to help with anxiety/panic. I also changed my diet to carbs and gluten free. Almost 3 months later, I am still not improved and feeling worst than before. It seems like I am developing new symptoms every week. The last time I saw my dr, she diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, IBS-D, depression, anxiety. Some people in my herbal group said I might have adrenal fatigue syndrome, histamine intolerance and chronic fatigue syndrome as well. My head is spinning bc Idk how I can be so sick all of the sudden like this. My question is what kind of testings to I need to get in order to figure out what is going on with me so I can start looking for the right treatment? My primary just wanted to give me antidepressants and send me on my way :(. Please help ?. Your inputs are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Anxiety can be linked to thyroid as well. I feel so much better after switching meds and upping my dose of thyroid hormones.

  2. The thyroid tests came back normal

  3. Look through the files for optimum thyroid levels. There's s graphic. What some say is normal isn't optimal. That's how I came to ask my doc to up my dose. I've had horrible anxiety for over 5 years all with "normal" levels.

  4. "Normal" in range thyroid tests do not mean optimal levels and most docs do not order all the proper thyroid tests. Took me 20 years to figure this out!

  5. I would recommend getting tested for celiac disease. My history was very similar prior to my diagnosis. Good luck to you.

  6. I'd get off the multivitamin and D ASAP. It tanks your magnesium and potassium which can cause severe anxiety and depression. My doctor asked me to take Vitamin D for achy bones and fatigue, I immediately started having panic attacks after taking it. After discovering this group and following this protocol my attacks are gone and anxiety is getting better everyday. Magnesium is a life saver.

  7. Omg really? Dr gave me 50,000 iu of D bc my level was 12. Since I been on it I started getting the panics. Now i cant even handle any stress at all, no matter how small it is.

  8. I thought vitamin D helps keep u from anxiety and depression. ️

  9. Absolutely. Stop it today. Then read the pinned post at the top of the page about how you can start getting magnesium back on track. If you are overwhelmed, don't worry it takes some time to understand it all. You can start right away by taking some Epsom salt baths while you figure things out. This group is so helpful as well. You can use the magnifying glass to search past posts for loads of info as well. I understand exactly what you are going though, believe it will get better. Just make sure to quit all supps containing vitamin D. A D deficiency is a Magnesium deficiancy in disguise.

  10. I would check your supplements too. B6 causes SEVERE anxiety in people when they get too much of it.

  11. Those are ALL the symptoms I had and all the Doctors told me the SAME stuff.. Eventually found out on my own that I have Lyme disease.. It flares up during times of stress, pregnancy, life changes etc.. Might want to get tested

  12. I would get your B12 and folate levels c hecked as well

  13. May need to consider bartonella, babesia and Lyme disease. And tick bites can look many different ways. Some never see the bite or get the rash.

  14. Saliva cortisol test and results discussed only with a naturopathic doc or someone who is trained in functional medicine to see if you have a adrenal fatigue. Conventional doctors will not order a saliva cortisol test. You can order one on your own, join the adrenal fatigue recovery group and some people there can help interpret your results but each person's treatment needs to be customized based on their lab results so at some point, getting a naturopath doc or functional medicine doc will be needed. Canary Club Adrenal Stress Profile (Saliva) is the one to order.

  15. How to eat and why in 17 minutes.

  16. When you are new here and want Magnesium to help you, the pinned post is a good starting point.

  17. Hashimotos in its initial stages can cause anxiety/panic attacks. You need a complete thyroid, adrenal, and immune panel done (CBC with differentials). You may need thyroid meds, go on a gluten free diet, and adaptogenic herbs until your levels come into balance. May take a few weeks if not months. Find a good holistic doctor to help you.

  18. I had the same situation. I found out I had a salicylate allergy that was making my have high anxiety. I can't have any caffeine, sugar or salicylates. All my supplements and meds have to be salicylate free. Made it kind of tricky to get on all the right stuff to get well, but I did!

  19. Can vitamin D cause chest pain,facial numbness, dizziness, nausea, jaw pain and petechiae? I started taking 50k iu on june 21 and then on june 30 i went into ER for panic attack. I have stopped taking vit D about 3 weeks ago. All symptoms remain the same and have this little petechiae on my arms and legs.

    Edit: i am not overweight or have diabetes but my blood sugar and blood pressure is all over the place. Are these side effects of mag def and too much vit D?

    On the same subject, my son ped put him on vit D drop, should i stop giving it to him? Im scared of ricket 🙁

  20. Yes to all of the above. 15 minutes of sun a day and your son will be safe from rickets.

  21. Just want to say it might be overwhelming with so much but learn a little each day.. I bought volume one of Morleys book and it made things so much clearer for me. .. Which reminds me I need to check the other ones out.

    Don't give up.. You will get better. Ask for the tests recommended and go from there (and definitely look at the files on here.. Lots of great info)

  22. The same thing happened to me a few months back.. I went into ER 4 times in a short period because I had chest pain high BP/ HR, sudden panic attacks plus other symptoms. I was sent home and told nothing was wrong except the last time I was told I had anxiety and it was all in my head and was given Lorazepam there and sent home with more which I too refuse to take. I gathered all of my blood work from all my ER visits and noticed a pattern that each time I felt bad enough to go to ER my Potassium was below normal, along with my Mag and Phosphorous or my Sodium and Chloride boarded barely over the high normal range and Calcium was slightly high. I can only assume it was the electrolyte imbalance that made me feel so bad but what was causing it who knows as of yet. Might be diet but still looking for answers.. What I did was I went to a Naturopathic clinic (because my Dr. unfortunately was of no help) to get an IV with Mg and Potassium two times and continued to take Mg and a diet high in Potassium, plus B complex… basically following Morley's protocol slowly and took a lot of bad foods out of my diet such as caffine, sugar, processed… In about a month the panic attacks have stopped and my heart and BP seem to be back to normal except for the occasional chest pain here and there but I'm getting better. I don't know if this is your situation too, but I thought this might help.. Hope you get better

  23. Get a 4 point cortisol saliva test for adrenals. Also, starting mag with co-factors & electrolytes could help. I have found that my anxiety episodes are actually adrenal issues and mast cell/histamine issues. You could experiment with taking Zyrtec for two weeks & see if that helps.

  24. Hi guys, so my dr called me back today regarding one of my labs. She said I have H. Pylori and wanted to put me on another round of antibiotics and that I need a chest xray bc they found fluid at the base of my lungs at the abdominal ultrasound. Thats all she said and asked of she could call me back. My body is already so inflamed and messed up, I'm scared to go on anymore antibiotics. Idk what to do ….

  25. So i went to the new dr yesterday. I told her about magnesium deficiency and D toxicity. She agreed that my other primary put me on way too much D. But she did not acknowledge the mag def. Refused to test me for Lyme or MS and the tests that you all recommended. But she did order a bunch of other tests like Lupus and other autoimmune diseases, MRI of my head and gastro consult in a week.

    In the mean while, I am suffering really bad from constant migraines, dizziness, chest pain, numbness and pinprick pain on my face and extremities, joint pain and extreme fatigue. All these symptoms are freaking me out so i keep getting panic attacks throughout the day every single day. I dont know what to do to get better. Just wanna go to sleep and not wake up just so i dont have to feel like this anymore.

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