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Hey guys! Quick question!
I’m diagnosed hashimotos/hypo but have been experiencing major increase in my heart rate as of late. I’m one who naturally has a faster pulse than what’s considered normal, however some of these bouts last between 3-4 hours with a pulse between 130-160. Think this could be shifting over to hyper?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. definitely possible from what I’ve seen with some. I would talk to your doctor about it. Are you on medication yet?


    Always have everything checked out by a reputable doctor. This disease masks a lot of different things.

  2. Oh I visit the docs regularly. I just can’t see mine for a few weeks as she’s on vacation. I’ve been taking 100 of synthroid for months now with no big issues but it’s definitely freaking me out! I ended up in ER because I couldn’t get my heart rate down- now see a heart specialist later this month. If it’s not one thing it’s another with this dang disease! 😩 wishing you all love and strength!

  3. It could have to do with your thyroid levels but there are lots of other possible reasons for paroxysmal SVT. I hope the heart specialist can figure things out.

  4. Yes, this does happen. You will swing from hypo to hyper, normally, with Hashimotos. The problem is that when you swing to hyper, plus you medication! That can equal an overdose with those two factored together. That happened to me. They had to give me a beta blocker to bring my heart rate back down. It is hard to regulate med dosage on many Hashimotos patients because of the hypo to hyper swing. It is very scary.

  5. Absolutely – I have the same trouble/ problem! What an absolute tricky balancing act we have w/ this! I thought that in my case maybe it is the lack of treating the low T3 levels w/ the other NDT supplements? Or do those not really make a difference or even worse in some cases it seems that some med’s make us (w/ hashimotos) more anxious or have more troubles w/ a racing heart? Any knowledge or thoughts on that Gloria? Thanks much in advance!

  6. My heart rate speeds up when I eat foods that I am allergic to…Of course unknowingly. Try to find a pattern after you’ve eaten. Simple fix. Hope you get this figured out and feel better!!!

  7. I get heart palpitations with a high pulse when I eat potassium based foods. That can include bananas, potatoes, squash, etc. My cardiologist said that I must not eat more than one potassium based food in a 24 hour period. I know it is weird, but being a Hashimoto’s patient, I am getting used to weirdness and try to adjust when the problems get to be too much.

  8. Thanks so much for all of your responses! I really appreciate you all taking the time out to tell a bit of your story! Getting bloodwork done at the end of the week to see what’s going on. This sure can be a frustrating road! Glad to have so much support along the way! Strength and love to all!

  9. Sure – np Jodi. Good luck at the end of the week (& always) regarding your lab results end effective solutions & treatments! Don’t hestitate to contact here again if at all in doubt – the support here is so wonderful, effective & necessary to us all I’d say! As u said earlier – much love & strength to u! 🙂

  10. Most likely you are experience what’s knows as a thyroid storm, during which you body speeds up. This is usually followed the reverse where you slow down.

  11. Well today has been ridiculous. Zero energy- barely able to get out of bed- headaches and body aches. I feel as bad as I did when I was first diagnosed. (1.5 years ago). I was doing pretty good on 100 for so many months and now I feel like I’m starting at the beginning. So frustrating! Hopefully bloodwork will explain some stuff! Will keep you posted!

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