My hematocrit, hemoglobin, and ferritin are low


Okay, I’m new and feeling a little overwhelmed. I was just told today that my hematocrit, hemoglobin, and ferritin are low. Also Low D, elevated bad cholesterol and tested positive for thyroid antibodies. I was excited to have answers and be able to start feeling better and now everything in here is completely contradictory to the intended plan. I actually got a magnesium shot last week when they drew my blood for the tests because they’re big believers in everyone needing magnesium and I didn’t feel it made me any better. Someone give me some cliff notes info. My brain is foggy and I’m not sure what I should be doing.

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  1. Quickstart Healing

    Step 1 – DIET – life style change
    Step 2 – sex hormones
    Step 3 – adrenals
    Step 4 – thyroid

    Start gluten, grain, corn, dairy and soy free NOW. Have a blood food sensitivity test. Find a Functional Medicine doc. Have your sex hormones checked. Do a 24-hour 4x SALIVA cortisol test. Have your FT3, FT4, Vit D, RBC Magnesium tested. 🙂 then we go to the next step.

  2. Maybe get rid of Sugar too!

  3. Which thyroid antibodies were tested? Were your thyroid hormones tested? Thyroid problems can really affect the other things you have going on.

  4. Thyroglobulin Antibody is what came back high.

  5. What Vicki said above. You really need to get all your thyroid hormones done, and look at adrenals.

  6. you might like to pop over to some of the thyroid facebook pages and run your results by them. You'll need your TSH, FT4, FT3, RT3 and your antibodies. The brain fog is very likely from a low thyroid.

  7. No iron fortified products, gluten, no sugar, raise ceuroplasm asap.

  8. You don't need a full panel if you have thyroid antibodies. Vicki has no idea.

    You are medically considered anemic? Consider iron the source blocking magnesium, zinc, etc everything needed for wellness.

  9. A magnesium shot?! Look into natural magnesium. I've not heard of a magnesium injection. See

  10. Yes, mag shots or IV's. We nebulize mag chloride to get into lungs. There are many ways to get magnesium in the body!!!

  11. Well, since you're here asking that question, here is what this group recommends: Get an HTMA and recommended blood tests. The HTMA comes with an hour long consult with Morley via Skype or phone. Then you'll have a detailed plan on how to proceed. It's worth every penny.


    Blood tests:

  12. And in the meantime, start the protocol to raise your Ceruloplasmin (Cp). Cp regulates copper and iron, and is VITAL to good health.

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