My husband has been dealing with terrible ear ringing


My husband has been dealing with terrible ear ringing. We’ve gone to the ENT doctor and they cant find anything wrong with the structure of his ear. He is taking 400 mg. Mag glycinate per day. Is there another form of magnesium that he could take that might help?

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  1. Does he have headaches? Blurry vision?

  2. It started after we were at a concert with loud music. 🙁

  3. Could be adrenals too

  4. Have you made mag ahol? Whenever I get ringing, I spray some on my finger and wipe it in and around the folds of my ear, and the ringing stops.

  5. I used to have constant ear ringing when my health went downhill. I am still not sure exactly which thing caused it but after two years of following the mag protocol, I never have ringing anymore. I take magnesium malate- 1500 mg a day plus mag water and occasionally mag oil when I need more for anxiety or whatever. I have been to a ton of concerts and thought maybe I just damaged my ears but it did turn out to be health related.

  6. Try acupunture

  7. 400 mg is a very low dose. He needs 5 mg per pound of body weight for maintenance, more to increase Mag RBC

  8. Try hand reflexology. Press the little finger, find the sensitive spots and masage them. Also the ring finger.

  9. I had the same thing happen to me after listening to insane loud music. I remember it well, when the ringing began. All over some good music. Nothing has worked for me, including the accupuncture…….ugh.

  10. Protocol says that we should be taking at least 500 mg mag I'd try increasing it to a therapeutic level

  11. 400 mg is a very low dose. He needs 5 mg per pound of body weight for maintenance, more to increase Mag RBC

  12. Does he drink coffee alot? Lori?

  13. mine started over three years ago out of the blue. I have lyme and sure hope it goes away when the lyme is treated properly as with some people, it is caused by lyme and coinfections

  14. Certain medicines can cause ear ringing

  15. I have tinnitus too. Nothing has helped. Came out of no where as a teen. I'm 27 and still have it.

  16. There is a very good group on FB, search Hyperacusis Sufferers

  17. crush a clove of raw garlic in 1 tsp honey daily and see if that changes things..usually works a treat

  18. Tmj can cause the ear ringing too.

  19. I also have tinnitus. Figured it out myself, Also went to ENT and some other docs. Everything normal. I knew they were wrong. Researched it myself. I have been using HELICHRYSUM OIL. I put it behind my ears twice a day. It has help to where it stops for awhile and comes back every so often. Its so worth a try.

  20. What is TMJ?

  21. I began taking a prescription anti-inflamatory and started getting tinnitus. As soon as I stopped it stopped. Any new RX's during that time?

  22. My long-standing tinnitus quickly went away when I had my amalgam fillings removed.

  23. My T started after taking cipro. much worse after stopping a benzodiazepine my doctor prescribed for anxiety over the tinitus she said was caused by meneirs disease… Although I now know it was just both prescription medications causing nerve damage.

  24. So can metal Amalgam fillings and other metal dental materials used [unfortunately!) in improper dentistry-cause Tinnitus. Esp. the toxic metal amalgams-which contain aprox. 50% Mercury. It continues to gas out into one's body for decades, as studies have shown. Tinnitus is often occurs after such work has been done. If having these removed, be Certain to go to a truly Knowledgeable Holistic or Bio Dentist; I ignorantly believed the dentist who told me he knew 'How' to do this properly–I became even more toxic than ever afterward, due to his lack of knowledge and training in this; it was ridiculous. My FM and ME/CFS went nuts after that, I learned the hard way. I have since had 2 very proficient and informed dentists, what a difference! Also, they use anesthesia with No Preservatives, which is huge help for me and those with chemicals intolerance. I have found it is best to use a homeopathic remedy While having such removal done. Dr. Theresa Dale, in CA- has great formulas and knowledge about Safe Dentistry, for one. Just sharing what years of damage done by many conv. dentists…and the help that is out there by those dentists who are conscientious& take their practice & training Further, toward Healthy dentistry and patients. The toxins that occur from these materials can wreak havoc in a multitude of ways, there are Too many who have learned this sad but true fact.

  25. I had terrible tinnitus until I finally discovered that I have a salicylate allergy. When I don't eat anything with salicylates or take any meds or supplements with sals, the tinnitus greatly reduces. It was bad enough that I didn't know how I would go on.

  26. I have had this for years. Following the protocol hasn't really helped with this– but I think when I'm detoxing it's worse. It's definitely worse when mold and seasonal allergies are high.

  27. Tinnitus can be a symptom of B12 deficiency. Tests for folate and ferritin as well as B12

  28. Could be from Medications, bacterial infections, sugar issues/candida overgrowth, lack of vitamin B

  29. EMF/ ELF could also be contributing… hope you find help for it x3C3

  30. A lot of people in the Lyme group deal with this. Might be worth checking out…I believe magnesium actually increases the bacteria? I am still learning. Most tests for Lyme are inaccurate. Best testing is through Igenex

  31. Ive heard it can be a psychological and if all else fails hypnosis is the only thing that will help xx

  32. Sounds like tinnitus, and it can hit in mid life. It's often due to damage to the auditory nerve. I have it. At times it's worse than others – for instance, if I eat icecream it gets worse (probably something to do with sugar). .also, if there is a severe weather front coming – barometric pressure changes. There are actually tinnitus clinics than can help if it gets too maddening to ignore.

  33. Janet Kenyon, could it be salt intake?

  34. But seriously EMF comes from many sources. Several healers I have heard mention tinnitus has said it's causes can be from outside the body.

  35. I hear cupping can help. I found a practicer near me. Gonna give it a go.

  36. Maybe not enough magnesium. My tinnitus comes back when my magnesium level drops – inflammation causes my magnesium to drop despite supplementing with magnesium anywhere between 1,000mg to 2,000mg per day. I have various magnesium- magnesium malate, magnesium glycinate, Amena sea minerals, magnesium oil, mag-a-hol, mag water etc.. You may need more. Copper deficiency can well be another cause. HTMA and bloods can tailor it better to get onto right supplements.

  37. Could be Tinnitus, could be Ascension symptoms most of us are experiencing since the raise of the Schumann resonance frequency of the planet. It has risen to support our own rise in frequency. It may seem annoying to him but when he realizes what it is and why it is happening, he may feel excited like the rest of us who realize the positive indications of "hearing" the effects of connection and recallibration of our bodies and fields. It's a GOOD thing! 🙂

  38. Seeing as though it started after a concert of loud music, he most likely damaged his auditory system. Has he had a hearing test? If he has a hearing loss, hearing aids are the first step to treating the loss and the tinnitus.

  39. Could he be anemic?

  40. Hi Lori! I'm a Doctor of Audiology, hearing and tinnitus is what I do for a living. Did I read correctly that he has hearing loss? Has he had a hearing test?

  41. My ears are ringing like church bells! I was told to use methylated B12 shots and methylated b complex vitamins

  42. a lot of people suffering toxic mold exposure also have this issue…

  43. Tinnitus is sometimes due to exposure to mercury which is present in dental amalgams, fish and some vaccines. Zinc, selenium, vitamin C and E are helpful, but you need to get the mercury out, which takes some time.

  44. I can hear my tinnitus over loud music in my car. I also have musical ear syndrome.

  45. I have had tinnitus for 25 years (I'm 56). Started after a chiropractic adjustment went bad. Had used chiropractic my whole life. It never made any sense. For the most part I've dealt with it pretty well until recently as in a very loud spike. It definitely does not help with adrenal fatigue. Several tries with acupuncture, extra B's, but no help.

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