My husband has secondary liver cancer


As some of you know, my husband has secondary liver cancer. It started in his colon and spread to his liver. He went to Johns Hopkins for surgery to remove the tumor in his colon which went real well. From the beginning he has had no radiation or chemotherapy. He has decided to go all natural healing. The doctor at Johns Hopkins didn’t give him much hope, he said his cancer is stage 4. He changed his diet, had done a detox program, takes several natural supplements, sees an all natural doctor that gives him treatments, we use essential oils, monitor his ph level closely and use baking soda mixture to help with that as well as cannabis oil most days. I’ve posted once already and have gotten great responses. All that to ask… having been diagnosed on July 8th, having surgery the first week in August, do you think it’s normal that he should be so tired and fatigued most days? He says that his legs get tired out easily… is that something to be concerned about? I don’t know what to think. He’s lost 35 lbs since the beginning of July. He seems a little weak but he is tired a lot so he doesn’t get much exercise. Any advice on these specific areas?? His mind frame is mostly upbeat and positive most of the time, I’m super glad for that…! I just want so much to believe we can see him through this!! Thanks in advance for your help. I know many posted on my earlier post. I’m looking to hopefully get a little more specific ideas and help on the issues he’s experiencing.

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  1. Jona Roque, I'm very interested in this cycle explanation. I've seen something similar when my boyfriend ran out of his panc enzymes, he actually felt better. But we rushed to get some more. So, it sounds like there's something to that. What do you EAT on these on/off cycles?

  2. Okay. You get the pancreatic enzymes from him too?

  3. This guy is the contact of my Dr in Mexico for B17 when patients are discharged. It comes in capsules and injectable form. I'll pm you his name and number.

  4. That would be great.
    Is it a doctors office or what?
    Is it an oil or supplements?

  5. I can give you the number of the guy I get it from if you like

  6. I don't think we can buy it here. I'll have to check and see.

  7. Yes I do! I get my B17 in Mexico

  8. That all makes sense.
    Are you seeing a holistic doctor? Where do you get your b17 from? Jona Roque

  9. One thing that I've learned is that we cancer patients are so focused on killing cancer cells but are sometimes unaware of the importance of eliminating the dead cancer cells, which in reality is what kills us, not cancer itself.

  10. Hi again Lori. On my ON cycle I take pancreatic enzymes which is what digests the dead cancer cells and B17 which kills cancer cells together with my daily supplements. On OFF cycle I don't take pancreatic enzymes and B17 only my supplements. It's usually 5 days ON and 5 days OFF but depending on the amount of toxins one has the OFF cycle can be longer than 5 days. In my case bcos I'm overloaded with toxins, on my ON cycle I go OFF right away the moment I feel symptoms of toxicity which is exactly what your husband is experiencing now. Honestly a 10 day detox isn't enough. He takes CO which means he's killing cancer cells daily and not detoxing enough which is why he's feeling tired and soreness in muscles. Coffee enema is a great way to detox, it's done daily as well and yes it's very very helpful. He can do it himself at home check it out on YouTube. I can give you the link to this holistic practitioners site who's helping me with this metabolic therapy if you're interested.

  11. Jona Roque the last message I posted is to you. I forgot to tag you in it.

  12. So what exactly do you do and not do on the on/off cycle?
    He did a 10 day detox recently. He has not done a coffee enema but we know a lady near by that does that, is it very helpful?

  13. Hi Lori! I have the same thing as your husbands, stage 4 colon cancer with mets on liver and lymph nodes. I had my surgery and treatment done in Mexico. I've experienced weakening on my legs and extreme tiredness as well until I started doing metabolic therapy which includes going ON and OFF cycle to give my body a break from killing cancer cells. It was explained to me that I was killing cancer cells too fast but unable to eliminate the dead cancer cells fast enough which is what's causing the tiredness and weakening of muscles. It's a herxheimer reaction. The toxins in my body was slowly killing me. I'm pretty sure that if your husband goes OFF cycle it'll make him feel better. It was only when I went OFF cycle that I started getting my strength back. Losing 35 lbs isn't alarming as he changed his diet, I've lost 40 lbs to date and I feel great now that I gave my body a break, have him try it. I was feeling hopeless before I found this metabolic therapy. Massive detox is a must as well! I use bentonite clay and milk thistle to help me eliminate toxins, does he do Coffee enema?

  14. High MG turmeric, and NSC co. Beta glucan! Get your totally free 10 ct by calling 888-541-3997! It boosts the immune system, esp, for cancer patients, take 1 every day til gone! If you feel better, order a months supply! But only after you take the free ones!

  15. what wonderful constructive……………..researched help from this wonderful group!

  16. When my boyfriend had CO, it made him really sleepy, but also very hungry. I'm just wondering if there's an absorption issue with the food, or if he's just not eating? It may take a while until he feels like eating again, especially after a major surgery. But if he's eating a lot, and still losing, it's an absorption problem, you should ask his naturopath. I think Vitamin C is supposed to be good for improving vitamin absorption, but I'm not really sure. My boyfriend lost a lot of weigh too…but he had a horrible diet and now he's on fruits and veggies. So he's panicking looking at himself, but at the same time, he's no longer on blood pressure medicine and is no longer pre-diabetic.

    You could also add more fat to his diet by finding ways to add in avocados, flax oil, coconut oil and olive oil to each meal.

  17. Thanks Ann Collins I'll check that out
    And Shannon West, I'll read up on that tomorrow. Thank you!

  18. LaKaye Soulstice Mbah
    Yes the CO absolutely makes him sleepy! He was taking 3 drops 3 times a day but he cut back because it makes him so drowsy. Usually only at night now, sometimes in the afternoon as he lays down to nap. He was 215 lbs I think the weight loss was because if the major diet change and detox that he did. I just hope he doesn't keep losing weight.

  19. I have my dad on this. He has melanoma and diabetes. He's doing much better. He had lost over 100 lbs since he bacame I'll years ago. Let me know if you have questions. I buy it for him at wholesale.
    the outside reflects the inside. This has collagen (which is the most abundant protein in the human body) and hyliaralic acid. Good luck!

  20. Loretta Wilkins, he is on a gluten and dairy free diet.
    Jezebel Josephine Rhines I'll have to look into that.
    Ann Collins, mostly fruit and vegetables, brown rice, dry beans, very small portions of natural raised chicken, occasional small portions of venison… and we try to juice greens frequently. I'll have to try and make sure he's getting enough protein.

  21. What time does he take the CO? That will for sure make one sleepy and tired. But that's not always a bad thing. The body needs rest to heal. Have you checked out the Chris Beats Cancer website? I believe he experienced the same type of illness. He says he got down to 125 lbs but he was able to gain his weight back and now he's thriving. Is he not eating because he "can't" eat? Or does he just not feel like it? Or is he eating and still losing weight? Also, was he a big guy to start with or pretty slim? Just curious.

  22. Perhaps kombucha tea.?

  23. Budwig protocol (cottage cheese and flax seed oil) is not only a cancer fighting protocol, but it tastes great, fights cancer and should help him gain weight and energy if he has it twice a day. Check it out on

  24. I would just help him with the stretches so he doesn't get stiff. Good job. 🙂

  25. I'll have him do some stretching and little by little hopefully he can exercise to help regain some strength.

  26. Norma Meshew, he gets high doses of vitamin C intravenously and takes a natural magnesium supplement as well as several other natural supplements.

  27. Even if he can't get up to do exercises and walk a lot, he can do stretching exercises while sitting. I don't know if you get "Sit and Be Fit" on TV, I have DirecTV Mary Ann is a Retired RN…she is great and focuses of a different part of the body everyday, it is good for everyone and will give him strength..

  28. Is he taking vitamin/supplements. Magnesium and all of that…I've been reading about Magnesium today..

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