My husband is on his third round with pancreatic cancer


Hi everyone, I have a question. My husband is on his third round with pancreatic cancer and I bought 1 lb of free tumeric root. I have been giving him about 1/4 root a day. I have searched and searched and cannot find anything on how to store the tumeric. It is a root, so I would imagine that it should be sealed, and should not be refridgerated – any ideas???? short of building a root cellar?

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  1. cool dark place in a glace jar sealed

  2. Not sure what the best or correct way to store it, but I do know that it shouldn't be kept sealed in a bag. The moisture in the bag (given off by the root) makes it mold really fast. I keep mine on the kitchen counter with my ginger, and it seems to be fine. Try to buy the firmest freshest organic to begin with as well.

  3. I eat turmeric root raw, sliced thin, often semi-pickled in salt and lemon juice. Its a condiment in Indian cuisine. But I typically consume a lot more than a quarter of a root in one meal… have eaten half a dozen with no ill effect. I peel the root first of course. The oil stains everything. Using the powder is okay too, but the powder should be thoroughly cooked as it is often produced under unhygenic conditions. Make a paste with clarified butter (heat until the turmeric is golden brown) or boil in water until it thickens to a paste. Look up the ayurvedic recipes for turmeric.

  4. Tumeric is a family of Ginger. Same storage

  5. Black seed , old middle eastern cure. Triangle shape , at India markets

  6. I use ginger root which I juice. Just keep it dry & it's OK.

  7. A humidor?

  8. Just in case someone doesn't know what turmeric is. Here it’s $5.00 a pound.


  9. if the roots are fresh they can be stored in damp sand like you would store live carrots for winter storage. Most tubers keep well like that. Some place cool.

  10. Be careful where you order your Essiac Tea from. I have been purchasing from Starwest Botanicals. I know their products are "the truth". They also have the 16oz amber bottles at a reasonable price that will make your healing process even easier. I'll send links. BTW, I am not connected with this company in any way.

  11. I will check into Essiac Tea for sure – THANKS everyone! This is an amazing website with amazing people!

  12. Janice, most Indian markets carry it, but I found a really good site on Amazon, and I received my order, it is amazingly fresh and great in color. Tastes just like it should. The seller is "one with Nature" and it is whole raw organic root – top grade. It only cost $21.90 I highly recommend it.

  13. Bumping for Essiac Tea reference for Sally

  14. I buy my Tumeric in bulk at a sweet lil organic store in my hometown. We buy it in powdered form and keep it in a jar. I fill caps to get it down as it does taste like "ass".

  15. Fridge for 3 weeks or so is fine. It's like ginger.

  16. When I was a produce manager, it was standard to keep certain things in the cooler for backstock and certain things in uncooled storage. roots were always cold storage. hope that helps.

  17. So sorry, I totally went off on a whim with this feed. I forgot what your question was. When I read the word "Pancreas

  18. Where did you find raw tumeric

  19. This is turmeric, is the storage the same as ginger?

  20. Along with the Essiac Tea, She took infused molasses. Here's a "how to" video:

  21. My friend cured her Pancreas Cancer in less than 3 weeks with Essiac; I know, I was there 🙂

  22. I place mine on the kitchen counter.

  23. i keep my ginger cold in the fridge and dry. dry is important for roots, sealed in something or wrapped is good to keep it from drying out but roots mold easily if damp.

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