My husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease


My husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease via blood test in April of this year. His Dr. gave has not ordered nor mentioned having an endoscopy done. My question is, is it necessary to have one? He’s already doing much better in the 3 months he’s been gluten free,. So I don’t see why it’d be necessary but since we are new to this whole thing I don’t know if there’s a good reason he should still have one or not? TIA

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  1. Both my kids were diagnosed via bloods. I don’t think there’s any real need to have an endoscopy if you’ve got a clear diagnosis from bloods.

  2. Since he’s been gluten free for several months the endoscopy will show if his gut is healing. I don’t think it’s necessary though.

  3. Endoscope is gold standard for diagnosis. Blood work has many false results. The difference between gluten intolerant and celiac are huge. My primary diagnosed me via blood work, I saw another primary for her opinion and she said no way, have to get endo. A gastro agreed. Again, celiac is huge. If it runs in family, and labs said yes, then I think it’s ok without. Otherwise I wanted to know if I am gluten sensitive or celiac

  4. I was diagnosed with a blood test only. Mass General wanted me to have an endoscopy but I already started on the GF diet. I feel much better and did have a routine endoscopy a few years later and I’m fine.

  5. In my area they view a result higher than 50 as a definite so don’t put you through an endoscopy.

  6. Wondering the same. My daughter had a positive blood test and we have an appointment with the GI scheduled. I’m hoping we don’t have to put her through an endoscopy. I think the blood test is close to 95% accurate.

  7. My blood test results were off the charts according to my Dr. There was no question that I had Celiac.

  8. My blood work came back postive too but my GI said the scope still needs to be done as that is the “gold standard” of diagnosis and to check for damage. I was having severe acid reflux with coughing and horseness so they also are checking for damage there. Just my experience.

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