My husband was diagnosed with Crohn’s 6 years ago


My husband was diagnosed with Crohn’s 6 years ago and has been able to manage it mostly through diet and supplements (no prescription meds). We found through a natural doctor that he had parasites and once that was treated he really turned around. He really struggled with being anemic for awhile and was getting iron infusions often. He has been much better the last couple years, and barely had any. Then I found this group and I’m wondering if he is TRULY anemic (bleeding from ulcers they found in his intestines) or if this is a case of iron overload actually (which I find a hard time believing in this case, but I’m trying to be open minded!) Thoughts? He eats gluten free, low grain, no eggs (doesn’t tolerate them), no corn, no soy, not afraid of healthy fats, meat eater, organic fruits and veggies–so pretty healthy diet. I watched a lot of the videos, read a lot of the page, even listened to a few podcasts by Morley and I’m still struggling with figuring this one out.

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  1. watch two part podcast on youtube i found it helpful to really understand before i was like you

  2. Search the group for anemia of chronic inflammation.

  3. I have Crohn's disease and was able to raise my hemoglobin from a 10 to a 13 in just a few months on this protocol. It's the first time that I have been clinically "anemic" in many years.

  4. im feeling and looking alot better and ive only just implemented the full protocol. i have hashi for 8 years, fibroids, hormone imbalance, leaky gut border line anemic. Ive started bee pollen this week and m eczema is nearly gone

  5. Jen can i ask, did you/your husband know there was bleeding from ulcers? Any symptoms i mean? Like pain perhaps? I'm genuinely curious.
    My sister is being told similar yet she has only lethargy as a symptom.

  6. F I have ulcerative colitis and my naturopath tested me on the Vega machine and it came up I have Salmonella, in 10 years of 'diagnosis' of UC I've never been tested for parasites etc!
    Currently eating to treat candida and salmonella.

  7. There's no mistaking a pain from ulcers.

  8. I have Crohns. Cut out all grains for awhile. Get on a good Probiotics too and a natural anti inflammatory like borage seed oil. A good Omega e also. Fish oils !! And CBD oil 🙂

  9. Ive had IBS for 10 years and felt immediate relief with VSL#3.

  10. Is he on the RCP? It is a slow process to chelate the bad iron while building health and healing his gut. Good luck!

  11. He could do the recommended testing for some insight in the root causes.

  12. Iron overload for sure! I would follow this groups root cause protocol to a T. Explains everything. Welcome to an amazing place!

  13. Not the same thing but I've had bleeding ulcers, leaky and paralyzed gut, parasites, and really severe hemorrhaging. I used to bleed 50 to 80% of the days of the year for a number of years, and the amount of blood that would come out at one time was shocking even to any doctor. Of course the basic test showed I was extremely anemic anemic. But now that I've been on this protocol for 5 months, my blood tester showing my iron is really high. So it's like it's being pulled out of all the places it got displaced because of the lack of enzymes and stuff to carry it around, and now I suddenly have too much in my blood and need to get rid of it. So I would bet even with internal bleeding your husband still has iron overload. Especially with taking iron. Because the amount I bled was definitely more than internal bleeding would be

  14. Very often things like Crohns are simply the result of food cooked in aluminium or non stick coated or foil or calphalon cookware ….double check absolutely everything and replace with cast iron or stainless steel or glass /pyrex/corelle

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