My husband was recently diagnosed with prostititus


In need of advice.
My husband was recently diagnosed with prostititus. He suffers from a lot of intermittent pain, and it is affecting his quality of life. We have two young kids and he can’t keep up. Pain killers only lessen the pain. Our doctor prescribed cipro, and obviously we are nervous about this. We asked for a different antibiotic and all of the ones “strong enough to reach the prostate” are not recommended because they affect the liver (husband has NAFLD).
We believe that his prostititus is non-bacterial, he’s had it since August. The only way they will diagnose that is if 4-6 weeks of antibiotics don’t work. This has me very upset. To take hardcore antibiotics with the possibility of no change is just ridiculous to me. However, he needs something. He needs help.
Does anyone here have any experience with this? Any safe ways to fix this? Help!

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  1. the herb epilobium is wonderful for the prostate gland

  2. Epsom salt baths.

  3. I would address inflammation /acidosis inspired nutrition has a biofibrin-sarapeptase that may help . A alkaline diet could help . . Also stimulate the prostate with your finger often will help .

  4. Saw palmetto and any supplements for prostate. Helped my brother and dad

  5. Have you tried looking at diet to reduce inflammation? Also drinking cranberry juice to ease discomfort. Someone on this page will arrive with specific mag advice if there is any but I hope you find better answers than Cipro.
    When typing this nobody had replied yet!!! You see I said they would be here and they are. Such a great resource.

  6. Sorry no advice except for to research that class of antibiotics, some people do fine some people get life long injury, it has a black box warning

  7. Can you get a second opinion or see a Functional MD or ND? They would be more likely to hear out your concerns and try something more natural. Good luck- I hope you find some answers. Wish I could give more suggestions.

  8. Check out this woman's videos. She is amazing. There are several listed in the files & she has lots more on u-tube.

  9. I'd work on the liver too as this may be related to the prostate inflammation. The liver breaks down excess hormones, and BPH is essentially estrogenic.
    Castor oil packs, milk thistle, bitter green veggies, dandelion root.

  10. I just got prescribed cipro and I took crushed fresh garlic cloves instead(3/day). Study says it has best antibacterial anti viral effects bc of its allicin
    And turmeric is a life saver for pain!

  11. Look into iodine use, it's very good for the prostate, as well as thyroid, breasts, and ovaries. Works as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial as well, also is very effective against cancer.

  12. My lotion would help Jennifer Wysocki uses it for pain management. I can give you a link if you would like.

  13. My husband has non acute Prostititus for a long time, then developed a UTI that out him in ER twice. He ended up with a Cath and diagnosed with a Resistent form of ecoli that needs iv abx. If he gets chills, fever get him into urologist fast. We have been dealing with this since 1/12. He is still on iv abx. He needed an infectious disease dr and we could not find one that would see him on outpatient basis. There is one oral med that might have worked but it was not tested for sensitivity to his culture.

  14. Join the iodine workshop on Facebook and ask there.

  15. I would try turmeric users group

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